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Teacher Posts Video of Classroom Filled With Plexiglass

By infostormer -February 13, 20213

A South Carolina teacher posted video showing what her classroom looks like after the local school board decided to spend millions of dollars on installing plexiglass barriers in between desks throughout classrooms. She rightly asked how she’d be able to properly communicate with and teach students in such an environment while everybody is forced to wear masks.

This is pure insanity. Forcing kids into such an environment is child abuse.

There is no data indicating that putting up plexiglass barriers or making people wear masks prevents the spread of the coronavirus and even if there was proof that these things helped, why would you spend millions of dollars on installing these barriers in a school? The chances of a child dying from the coronavirus is basically zero.

We are witnessing madness and I have no reason to expect that things are going to improve anytime soon.

Comment: Over a HOAX called the Covid Virus Plandemic to institute the deranged Zionist Insanity.

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