COVID VAXX KILLS Sponsored by Kill Bill & His Depopulation Agenda (FYI Kill Gates is a Psychopath!) Kill Gates ONLY Answers to His ZIONIST Tribe & Yes They Controlled the Nazi’s.

Wow!! MUST WATCH AND READ BELOW!!!! Listen to Dr. Sherri! She’s done her homework on the covid vaccine! Her info is shocking! This is already showing to be devastating. Healthy Victims from 26 years old to a early 50 year old Dr. From Florida. The Covid-Vaccine is Rush-in-Roulette!!! And no flu fatalities since winter 2018-2019. There is a war on the Immune System! Hmmmm 1,000mg of Vitamin C a day, Vitamin D, and Zinc, just for starters. Hush hush.Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months.Just because President Trump advocated a Covid Vaccine, does not mean you should get one! You must pay attention to the first thing he advocated in early 2020. Not later 2020. You need to read between the lines! Anyone who can read between the lines and who was watching how 2020 was playing out, knew that he had a gun held to his head. Trump had to comply and it was very hard to experience this! The Covid-vaccine deaths are piling up, well, at least the ones that are getting leaked before they quickly get covered up. The great Hank Aaron, a 26 year old single Mom, the 52 year old Dr. from Florida. They all passed away 2-14 days after the shot. They were all perfectly healthy before getting the 1-2 Covid-vaccines. And this is just leaked reports from the USA! I cannot imagine other countries! OMG! 🙁 I hope everyone who got the shot, understands their immune system! How powerful your body is compared to social fear! I hope the ones who got the shot, understand how important Vitamin C 1,000mg is, and how important Vitamin D and Zinc is! I can only hope! The ones who are still wearing a mask outside in fresh air, will probably most likely get the shot. Because if you are programmed enough to even wear a mask outside in fresh air, only God knows what you will do next. Which is quit sad! How many Flu fatalities were there in 2020?!?! I can look at data online all day long from the 90’s all the way until 2019, and there are 10’s of thousands of flu fatalities annually nationwide. Oh, but nothing for 2020. And the News will try to cover that explanation up too, by saying that this is normal. BS!!!! All lies!!! I will be waiting for the Flu Fatality number for 2020, about as long as I will be waiting for the full clear video footage of the object that slammed into the pentagon on 9-11-01. Which will never happen. They are covered up! Choose wisely the information you gather! We truly are heading into a NEW WORLD ORDER! …..UNLESS HUMANITY SAYS NO! IF WE SAY NOTHING, THEY WIN! IF WE SAY NO TO THIS DIRECTION, WE WIN! Have a great day!!!! MUST WATCH AND READ BELOW!!!!

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