Biden, Criminal Cabal Representative, Fails to Deliver on Promises Immediately

Comment: Part of Chester the Molestor Cabal called Pedophile Satanists & their Minions aka British Empire/Rothschild Zionists/ British Monarchy & Associated Pedophiles, Khazarians, etc.

Biden Fails to Deliver $15 Minimum Wage and $2K Checks

By infostormer -February 6, 20211

The useful idiots who actually voted for the Harris-Biden ticket are no doubt going to be disappointed that this $1.9 trillion coronavirus “stimulus” package going through Congress won’t include $2,000 checks or a $15 minimum wage increase.

A minimum wage increase would only serve to destroy more small businesses and eliminate more jobs. But the average dumbass who voted for Biden doesn’t get that so they’ll no doubt be angry that this isn’t going through.

Plus, old Joe promised $2,000 checks but is somehow claiming that the $600 previously sent out by Donald Trump plus this new round of $1,400 checks fulfills the $2,000 promise.

What I’d like to know is where this $1.9 trillion is really going. The vast majority of it will not be going to the American people that’s for sure. If it was, every American would be getting around $6,000.

We can only assume that most of this “stimulus” money will go to billionaires, corporations and other stupid projects that the criminals in Congress have a vested interest in.

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