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8 July 2016

Poseidon Media interviews THE UNHIVED MIND

Who do you think the powers-at-be want as their Prime Minister of Great Britain and President of the U.S.?

Well first of all, right now and most obviously the Jews (spiritual elite) and their sabbos goy want two feminines to lead the way giving an illusion of change. In the United States they’ve chosen to throne a pro-Israel Jewess who’s a fifth-degree witch, war criminal, felon, psychopath, traitor, drug trafficker, blackmailer and murderer by proxy going under the name of Hillary Clinton. The Clinton’s both serve under former Nazi SS agent, George H.W Scherff along with his wife Barbara Scherff and their backward son Jeb Scherff (known to most as the Bushfrauds aka the Kennebunk Hillbillies). All of these characters are mastered by the minds and funds of the Jews such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. Why is Hillary so special? Well Hillary has served her fellow Jews well in the past and she’s also a warmonger who’ll do the bidding of AIPAC and the Neoconservatives thus aiding Israel. Hillary also has a lot of sway because she has the goods on many people and thus she can easily blackmail individuals. Hillary believes her own delusions of grandeur where she thinks she can match up or even better Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation. It’s things like these I’ve just mentioned which will always be the clues as to who’re the chosen ones as puppets for the Jew power.

Who else have we seen today who has already started mouthing off against Vladimir Putin whilst spewing the same old backward propaganda? Why it’s this Andrea Leadsom who’s now become one of two women who will become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. If these candidates were of any worth and/or part of the Promethean side then they would be attempting to build bridges with the Russia President rather than break them down even further based on lies, deceit and jealousy of old. How dare Andrea Leadsom try to make out that Vladimir Putin goes against International Law when in fact he’s one of the only few true leaders in the world that follows International Law to the fullest as proven numerous times. Once you hear propaganda spew like this from the likes of Leadsom, Clinton and others then you’ll know which side of the fence they’re working for and it’s most definitely the Zeusian Aristotelian network. Who controls U.S. politics? AIPAC! Who controls U.K. politics? Lets just call them Friends of Israel! Both nations (now corporations) are dominated by the Jewish spiritual elite through the Jewish lobbies in their region. Right now the choice of words from Leadsom just proves what I said in my last BREXIT interview where I warned you to listen for any anti-Russian stance as a guide to seeing if Britain was truly changing for the better. Right on queue we now see see further proof that you’re miles off becoming a truly sovereign nation guided by sane leadership. How can one have sane leadership when the puppet masters are a people of psychosis?  Now make note of how Obama sent an olive branch out to Putin over Syria only to have it undermined within just twenty-four hours.  Where did the undermining take place?  New Venice when a warmongering Zeusian U.S. Army General decided to say “to deter and if necessary defeat Russia in a war”.  Britain hasn’t changed its spots in the slightest.

What should happen next in the U.K. and U.S.

Leadsom’s actions today should be more proof of what I said where we need a new UK Government made up of people who know how to run a real sovereign nation such as people like Roger Hayes and Brain Gerrish of the British Constitutional Group. You cannot have a part revolution and then still play the Jewish games otherwise the Jews will always win as they’ve got the majority power from an economical, business and energy angle. The Jews have infiltrated and set up this system for centuries and it has to be completely undone and rebuilt in order for a nation to survive. So for example it’s no good using a currency and economic system the Jews can manipulate. Why do you think Putin and Xi have now made an entirely new system which even utilizes its own software and electronic payment transactions (China International Payments System) outside of a system like SWIFT? Russia and China also clamp down on the Internet not through fear of the general population as such but in order to block out foreign interference which brings about hybrid warfare and color revolution as seen with social media. In order for true sovereignty you have to completely remove all the Jew media and Internet services (Jewish bait and traps). Just look at how the Jews utilize Facebook against their enemies in order to aid color revolutions, riots and fake-argument protests. Now go and look at the Chairman of Facebook and make sure you realize that Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew.

Whilst the goy children are indoctrinated into being free-love, soma-happy, dumbed downed slaves, you have the Jews training their children to run the corporations and be part of the spiritual elite just like the Aristocracy has always achieved. Your child’s education will be dominated by these Jews and even hindered by their poisons (MMR vaccine) designed to purposely stunt the goy child’s mind development. If anybody wants to argue my last fact then please read Bertrand Russell’s ‘The Impact of Science on Society’ and correct yourself from the horses mouth. Both the U.S. and U.K. corporations must become real nations again and in order to do so they must remove all traces of the Kabbalah-led spiritual elite infiltration and takeover system. In truth we need a world-wide event where multiple nations all at the same time take back their resources and economics etc from the Jews. The Jew should be banished from all nations as in times of old but making sure this time they can never again infiltrate and destroy our nations and cultures.

What would need to be the plan of action to remove the Jews?

Well if we’re expelling all the Jews then they’ll need a piece of land to do with what they want and no I wouldn’t let them keep Palestine. Instead the Jews would be punished and another piece of land would be found outside of the Middle East. The people of Palestine would be freed once and for all from the evils of the Jewish occupation. On top of being freed the Palestinians would receive yearly reparations from the Jews for all the hardship and suffering in the region. The Jews would no longer be given reparations from Germany for the so-called Holocaust! The idea of Pre-traumatic Stress Disorder would be wiped out of the Jews or at least not given any credibility. Many of the Jewish elite would be placed in jail prior to sentencing for crimes against humanity and treason with many being executed by death penalties under various laws set by nations. Older Treason laws must be upheld in order to prevent any Jewish changes hindering true justice. So for example Britain should utilize laws prior to the 1990s due to Jew puppet Tony Blair and the New Doge (QEII) removing the death penalty for treason.

The Jews in their new land will no longer be able to communicate with the outside world and will have to fend for themselves. We can never ever trust that they’ll change their ways because this will never be so and they’ll always be the hidden ones who continue with this ‘chosen’ nonsense also known as exceptionalism. So we could never believe a Jew even it they claim they’ve given up their Jewishness aka ‘chosen’ nonsense. We’re dealing with a people of psychosis who’ll never change their paws for fingers and instead they’ll be sharpening their claws behind veils. Just go back throughout history and it’s all in plain sight for everyone to see. Look back at how the Marranos Jews pretended to be Catholic but still practiced their Satanic cult known as Judaism. You just cannot trust these types of depraved and psychotic people. The Jews and their unholy books need to be shunned by the people’s of the worth after a mass exposure of their sickness and psychosis. Why is it okay for the Jew media to regularly attack passages of the Christian Bible and Islamic Qu’ran but you’re not allowed to hear or expose the evils of the Talmud, Zohar or the Torat Hamelech?

Who would you choose to lead Britain out of the candidates so far?

I wouldn’t choose any candidate and right now I certainly wouldn’t choose Andrea Leadsom. I believe someone like Roger Hayes would be perfect to lead a truly sovereign Great Britain. It’ll be interesting to see where Andrea Leadsom goes with the HS2 rail project because right now it’s looking rather bleak. I doubt Leadsom will show any promise when it comes to high-speed infrastructure whether it’s the HS2 prject or something else. The Zeusians detest progression and thus development and infrastructure projects are canceled out. Britain doesn’t need HS2 and instead we should be utilizing a more modern system from China who now have some of the most superior high-speed trains in the world. We don’t need HS2 but we do need high-speed rail to compete and work with the development based BRICS nations which we should be joining not shunning. The way these Zeusians try to worm their way out of development is by using the excuse of the environment. I have no doubt Andrea Leadsom will soon start the environment deception games and we all know that the end-goal of that deceit is mass global genocide. Isn’t it interesting how it’ll be so bad to lay a train track across a patch of land that will progress mankind for centuries to come but on the other hand dangerous and polluting use of fracking is totally acceptable?


For a nation to succeed and be prosperous then it needs to be part of a mass development and infrastructure project like the BRICS whilst utilizing its own space program or being part of someone else’s. To really strengthen the nation you’ll also need to develop a strong culture that uplifts mankind not lowers it. If I had to really choose between Theresa May and Leadsom then right now I’d have to say its best to go with Theresa May. Why? Well you know what you’re getting with Theresa May and let me remind you she’s a Daughter of Light aka Freemason being part of the Lodge known as the Worshipful Company of Marketors. This Andrea Leadsom plays the big ‘change’ game and makes out she’s everyone’s friend but I suspect she’s worse than the lot of them before her. If Leadsom isn’t fully under the thumb of the Labour Friends of Israel then she soon will be when she becomes Prime Minister and yes she attends their meetings. Who do you think was the front man used to back Andrea Leadsom? The same front man called Boris Johnson who the Jews used along with Jewish David Cameron (Crooked Nose Clan) to take the limelight away from Nigel Farage of UKIP. Anyone who insults Vladimir Putin and Russia in the way Leadsom attempted to do and so early in the game can only mean one thing and that’s they’re insane & psychopathic and thus not worthy to govern for the people of the nation. May I ask who selected her for the position of running for Prime Minister? It certainly wasn’t the people of the Blessed Isles of Albion! You can bet your bottom pound that she was selected by the Jewish lobby known as the Conservative Friends of Israel who with its other branches all dominate British Politics. This is why I cannot stress enough how important it is to remove the Jewish threat from the nation states. Britons should be demanding a General Election rather than allowing the continuation of Zionist psychotic policies via an unelected Conservative leadership change.

Who would you choose to lead United States out of the candidates so far?

The United States serves the Jews under AIPAC and until those Jews are removed then once again no candidate is worth bothering with. If I had to choose out of Jewess Clinton and Donald Trump then I’d have to at force call for Donald Trump. What the U.S. needs is the same as Britain, it needs true patriotic leaders who will act as a proper government that works for the people’s interests. A true government is meant to protect the DNA and culture of its people so you want somebody that brings back nations of a singular race and culture. Donald Trump has shown that he may work with Vladimir Putin so I will give him a thumbs up in that area. We see how so many have turned against Trump which could be a good sign but I’m afraid he’s also part of the problem. I believe the Jews may be once again playing the old two-sides of the same coin trick.

You have to understand that New Venice really went to town on the United States after Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. The biggest problem in the United States then came from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Nazi pink triangle boys continuum) who’s roots go back to the Bonaparte family of the World Revolutionary Movement. You need to understand that the roots of the FBI are firmly underneath the Trump plant and then the one side of the coin becomes clear. We’ve seen over the years that the Jewish entertainment has often predictively programmed the goyim into the mind frame that Donald Trump would run and even become President. We’ve also seen the Jewish entertainment do exactly the same with Hillary but more so from a feminine subliminal point of view. Both the daughters of Trump and Clinton are married to Jews. Only recently we’ve seen Donald Trump playing golf with a Jew known as Rupert Murdoch (a Marrano style Jew masquerading as a fake catholic).

At the beginning of this political farce in the U.S. I’ve always said the only man for the job at the time was Martin O’Malley. Why? He was the only candidate who was properly calling for the ending of Wall Street and bringing forth the Glass Steagall Act. No other candidate was doing such a thing and Wall Street was most definitely not impressed. Now you can see why Martin O’Malley got no where in the running of this rigged farce. So why has Trump? Trump has never spoken about how he’d tackle Wall Street and he’s never spoke about the Glass Steagall Act or anything on those lines. Under Donald Trump it will almost be business as usual on Wall Street. How do the Jews control the United States? They achieve this through Wall Street which is mastered by the king of the thieves The City of London over in New Venice! What did we witness happen with the Glass Steagall Act talk? Well as usual a Jew marginally took it on baord in his campaign and that Jew was none other than Bernie Sanders. Bernie was used in exactly the same way David Cameron was against the limelight and competition of Nigel Farage except this time it was done against Martin O’Malley. I’ve highlighted before how the Jews will always take on the debate amongst their own people and then ignore the real people and cause. The Jew has to have all the limelight and control.

It would be hard to find anyone of worth in the U.S. to lead the nation because all the patriotic groups have been infiltrated by the Jews utilizing the FBI and especially Division Five headed over in Denver, Colorado. Do I have to remind you of how FBID5 dominates much of the alternative media? Haven’t you even noticed how many of the biggest names in the conspiracy arena are actually Jewish? You have outright Jews fronting so-called truth-telling radio and websites. As I’ve said before it’s all simply the Jews controlling both sides of the coin but in this case it’s not only to divert but also to cause self-helplessness and a lack of solutions. Look at how this same FBI Director James Comey has now let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email crimes during her time in the State Department. Pink triangle James Comey won’t dare cross Jewess Clinton because he’s also both controlled and blackmailed by the same Jews of New Venice. If Comey makes a stand then he knows they may let slip about some of the drug money laundering deals for the Los Zeta and Sinoloas cartels of Mexico whilst he was on the board of directors of New Venice’s own HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

What do you think will be the ultimate outcome of a Clinton and Leadsom leadership of the Trans-Atlantic power?

There is no Trans-Atlantic power! The TA is irreversibly bankrupt and has been collapsed for seven years now. If all the U.S. weapons were destroyed then it wouldn’t be able to afford to make new ones as its struggling right now in a full blown economic depression. Whilst we can see more signs of the economic depression than before, there are still veils helping hide the true extent of the damage and one of these veils is the EBT food stamp welfare program. The U.S military is around a decade or more behind Russia in weapons technology etc and a lot of this is because of the lack of innovation due to suppression of mankind’s progression in West thanks to Aristotelian Bertrand Russell. It doesn’t even matter about having wealth if one doesn’t have knowledge and this is why technology is grinding to a halt and others are taking over. This is what happens when you create a dysfunctional culture, stagnate innovation and a people who believe they’re exceptional. Nations need high-levels of education as well as Classical music played in the Verdi tuning to help raise culture and mankind. Go and watch a bunch of cows listening to real musical instruments and then watch what those same cows do when the negative tuning and modern instruments get used (they run for their lives).

By stunting innovation a nation and Empire can only fail as we’ve now seen with the New Venice Empire of the Jews. Take a look at the differences between the nations of China and the United States. Please don’t listen to the negative anti-China propaganda. If you do the comparison between China and the U.S. then you’ll soon see what I’m saying as China dramatically raises its game and now becomes the leadership that the whole world is in desperate need of utilizing with immediate effect. China was sailing the oceans of the world and visiting the Americas a long time before the Knights Templar and the Europeans. We have a lot to learn from the Chinese!

If Clinton and Leadsom get their insane way then we’ll very soon be in a World War for the third time and which will result in the destruction of Europe within less than three days of any such war breaking out. The rest of the world will be destroyed not long after Europe and you can bet your bottom pound that very quickly this global event from hell will end up nuclear and non-conventional. Please don’t expect hundreds of nuclear weapons to fly off and land on their targets like something out of the Jewish Hollywood programming such as ‘Wargames’ or ‘The Day After’. I believe it’s impossible for that scenario to take place due to the harmonics of Solar orb. Instead what you’ll get will be specific events in single regions at specific times based on these harmonics of sun in the chosen target regions. In truth nuclear weapons are redundant as the covert exotic scalar interferometer weapons make nukes look like a child’s toy. Whilst it’s true that nuclear weapons can destroy all the top surface of the Earth, you have to understand that these exotic covert weapons of today can actually split the Earth into two or more pieces. This technology is based on the work of the back-engineering genius known as Nikola Tesla. The reason Americans have been plagued by the Scherff’s (Bushfraud, Kennebunk hillbillies) is because the Nazi Schutzstaffel used George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud 41) to spy on Tesla in the United States. Let me remind you that the Scherff’s are part of the leadership makeup of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. Let me also remind you that Jewish Heinz Kissinger was the American leader of the DVD prior to George H.W Scherff.

So if the two whores of Babylon the Great (Clinton and Leadsom) get placed onto the thrones of the Kikedom then rest assured we’re quickly heading for World War III. Understand that the New Venice Empire has collapsed and the only thing left that New Venice can do in order to attempt to keep control over its slave planet is to go to war. The problem is that this war won’t be like any other conventional war and it could even lead to the extinction of mankind. Rest assured the people of psychosis known as the Jews will go to these insane lengths even though it’s not winnable! I should point out that the Jews love large scale blood ritual genocide through war and they would love their population reduction quotas to be filled up by mass war. You do have some of the Aristocracy who prefer the quotas were mostly made up from slow-kill genocides like vaccines, sustainable development (UN Agenda 21) etc. At this moment in time you can witness the insanity of the UK Ministry of Defence as it sends UK Plc (British) troops over to Poland in an attempt to rattle the Russian Bear. Let’s face facts, what will British troops do against Russian forces in its own backyard or anywhere else for that matter? The whole idea of a major World War being land based is a complete and utter farce. It reminds me of the U.S and U.K. still spending debt instruments on all these aircraft carriers when they’ve been made redundant since the capabilities of the French Exocet missile let alone the most advanced weapons from Russia like the Granit (Shipwreck) missile. If World War III occurs it’ll be won by missiles and covert technology. Russia proved that the U.S. isn’t a match for its military power when it completely shut down the U.S. and NATO military forces over in Syria using its advanced Iranian originated KRET Richag-AV electronic jamming systems creating a complete A2/AD bubble over a large distance. These systems are also being using over the Baltic Sea as well as the Crimea and they scare the hell out of war criminal/terrorist NATO commander Philip Breedlove. Russia has shown that it’s the true world’s superpower especially since the Jewish coup on Ukraine.

Why do the Jews hide this psychopathic mind-set from the majority of the Goyim?

Well wouldn’t you? If everyone understood the mind of the Jew then it would be ever so easy for the gentiles to see through what is happening and realize who’s exactly to blame. Right now some of the gentiles may think to themselves about how crazy and insane some of these world affairs have been lately. Without the knowledge of the psychosis of the Jew these gentiles cannot put together all the pieces of the conspiracy puzzle. The Jew will also put up diversions in order to steer you away from their actions. For example many gentiles will be fooled into thinking the attack on the Russian Czar and the Red Revolution on Russia were all about the Russian Orthodox Church vs Catholicism issue. On top of the religion diversion they’ll also hide their actions to suppress progression. So Russia was a great power and the Russian Czar was looking at using the American model just like Bizmarck of Germany. The Jews attacked their economic and power competitors whilst also attacking both Christian based nations. It wasn’t the Catholics who attacked Russia, it was the Jews! Please don’t fall for the Jewish trickery any longer and come away from their games of diversion no matter how convincing they may at first seem.


Does Tony Blair work for the Pope or the Jews?

First of all there is no pope only anti-popes ever since 1962 and the Jesuit renewal aka Second Vatican Council (Jew trap). All these anti-popes serve the Jewish power! So obviously Tony Blair serves the Jews not the Vatican! Tony Blair wears his Yarmulke skull cap just like the rest of them but he masquerades as a Catholic (a bit like the Maranno) which suits his wife Cherie Booth. Who else do we know who was a Booth? Why it’s none other than John Wilkes Booth the front man for John Surrat’s execution of President Lincoln paid for by Privy Councilor Edward John Stanley via the Bank of Montreal who also funded the executioners (Permanent Industrial Expositions) of Promethean John F. Kennedy. The Booth family have always played a large role in the Illuminati Jewish conspiracy. Tony Blair is a fraud, liar and a murderer by proxy! Tony Blair’s rise to power came by way of the Labour Friends of Israel just like the rest of this British Jewry led UK Government. It’s the Blairites in the Labour Party who’re out to remove Jeremy Corbyn simply because Corbyn wants to put Blair on trial for his crimes over the Iraq War. Now that the Chilcot report has been released you can expect a high level of desperate attacks against the Corbyn camp in order to make sure he has very little say in the future. Jeremy Corbyn was always a Jewish front and I said so from the start but only now are some people starting to see what I was saying all along.

What should happen to Tony Blair?

Well he could be immediately sentenced to jail without the help of the Chilcot Inquiry. How? Well he’s committed treason on Britain like Privy Councilor John Major and Gordon Brown by all signing a European Union treaty co-signed by their master the New Doge of New Venice aka Queen Elizabeth II. We don’t need the Chilcot Inquiry to remove Tony Blair so even if the filth still claim he hasn’t committed any war crimes then we shouldn’t care because we can still bring him to justice via his treason on the nation of Great Britain. If the Royal prerogative continues to protect Blair over the Iraq war then we can get around this by bringing Treason charges up against the New Doge herself and thus voiding her Royal prerogative by going back to her very first treaty signing date.

Didn’t George W. Bush force Blair into the Iraq War?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, don’t fall for Jewish and New Venice diversion trickery. The U.S Government utilized which intelligence services for its so-called data on Iraq? It was the British Intelligence network as usual fronted by the Hill & Knowlton con men commanded by the British controlled Wire and Plastic Products. New Venice was the heart of Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) which later was renamed Operation Iraqi Freedom. George W. Scherff (Bushfraud) told Blair there was no need for mass British forces participation in the Iraq war as the United States could manage it all by themselves. Tony Blair decided to be the big shot and add British forces ignoring the Pentagon. Tony Blair wanted himself to go down in history as the man who helped remove Saddam Hussein and bring about the Zeusian New World Order. Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon both played a major role in the attacks on 9/11 aided by the North Atlantic Treaty Union with the U.K Ministry of Defence grabbing complete control over the U.S. Continuity of Government and Public Key Infrastructure programs.

Don’t you believe that Tony Blair was the puppet of George W. Bush?

No! Yet again you’re repeating Jewish diversions! Tony Blair was always more powerful than George W. Scherff (Bushfraud 43) whilst Blair was working directly for the New Doge and the City of London. No U.S. President is above the British Prime Minister regardless of what nonsense the Zionist media may portray. Do you think George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud 41) controlled Margaret Thatcher? Why don’t you ask him how Margaret Thatcher seriously pissballed him for not following previous orders from New Venice via the normal command chain protocols. Things got so bad with the delays from Scherff that Thatcher was ordered by her New Venice masters to meet with him in Aspen, Colorado and give him his orders direct. After that meeting Scherff realized he was in serious trouble and the Iraq War (Operation Desertstorm) drums started beating. So please don’t talk about Prime Ministers being poodles of Presidents because that is a total farce. The United States is a plantation of New Venice that was decided upon to be the proxy front-man for the New Venice Empire whilst the real powers are based in Britain (New Venice) and Israel. The U.S. is used by the Jew just as a cash-cow via frauds such as the Federal Reserve majority run by the Rothschild family (Guardians of the Vatican Treasury since the 1820s) as well as the evils of the Dope Inc empire through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Ask the Great Master of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, Prince Charles about his cash-cow called the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and its ties to his concubine, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Once again thank you for your contribution in helping the truth get out to the masses.

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