Activism…Stop the D.C. ZIONIST Swamp Witch Hunt Against President Trump!

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Reader —

I am sending this urgent request for your strong financial support for our fight to legally remove so-called Special Counsel Robert Muellerbefore he destroys President Donald Trump, his family and associates and kills our last chance to make the nation great again!

As you can see, Freedom Watch has named Mueller and his crooked friend, former FBI Director James Comeythe most corrupt prosecutors of 2017. 

This title was well-earnedas these two Siamese prosecutorial twins of government corruption are working together to deny the results of the historic Trump victory in 2016, when we elected Donald J. Trump as our 45th President of the United States.

But while other public interest groups just boast about the documents they have uncovered on Fox News, it is your Freedom Watch that does the heavy lifting.

Reader, I am the only lawyer ever to have a court of law rule that a President of the United States committed a crime — you guessed it, “Slick” Willy Clinton.

STOP the D.C. Swamp Witch Hunt Against President Trump! → HELP Freedom Watch Remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller NOW!!!

Today, while the Clintons — coupled with the ever-present Barack Obama, who out of his $8 million mansion in the ultra rich Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. (not coincidentally Hillary Clinton is a neighbor) — has been collaborating with the Clintons, leftist Democrats and George Soros who funds much of this, to harm President Trump and his White House — it is Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is the biggest threat to our nation.

Mueller is not a “man of integrity” as both the Democrat and Republican establishments wrongly call him to further their own dastardly ends; its no secret that the “Never Trump Republicans” also want to see the president impeached and thrown out of office so they can run one of their lackeys like Governor John Kasich, Senator Jeff Flake, Mitch Romney or Speaker Paul Ryan against him in 2020.

Mueller instead is an evil political hack, masquerading as a man of integrity, who will do the bidding of the Establishments to further his own nefarious ends.

Importantly a recent report in the New York Post, of a witness to Mueller’s on-going grand jury in Washington, D.C. reveals that he has rigged it against President Trump, his family and associates.

STOP the D.C. Swamp Witch Hunt Against President Trump! → HELP Freedom Watch Remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller NOW!!!

Much is at stake for the likes of Mueller, his friend Comey and the other despicable swamp creatures in Washington, D.C. The establishments of both parties have been stuffing money into their own pockets for the last decades at the expense of you and your loved ones.

President Trump threatened to break up their money train and their sleazy cabal in the nation’s capital. And, in his first year he did just that, but has much more to do in the next 7 years of his hoped for continued presidency.

And that is why I have, on behalf of you and other patriotic Americans, actually filed lawsuits to have Mueller and his corrupt band of ultra-leftist Democrat prosecutors, those who donated to the Clintons and Obama and in the case of Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissman actually attended on invitation Hillary Clinton’s hoped for presidential victory party on election eve, removed and replaced by honest ethical lawyers and investigators. 

While Freedom Watch also files document requests, we DO NOT STOP THERE — we also take REAL ACTION.

WE do not leave it to our moribund and compromised Justice Department, now run by the cowardly Attorney General Jeff Sessions,who is too timid to come out of his legal cave since he too is under investigation by Mueller for alleged Russian collusion and obviously must fear that he will be indicted if he pushes too hard.

STOP the D.C. Swamp Witch Hunt Against President Trump! → HELP Freedom Watch Remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller NOW!!!

In this regard, just in the last weeks I have filed a “pro active” lawsuit to force AG Sessions and his so-called Justice Department to fire Mueller over the incessant and criminally illegal leaks of grand jury information which is designed to fatally damage the president and his family and colleagues, even short of any indictments and/or impeachment proceedings.

I have also filed complaints with relevant bar associations where Mueller and his band of equally corrupt leftist prosecutors are licensed to practice law. The goal: to have them disbarred and prevented from the further practice of law.

In addition, I have filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain the evidence of the illegal criminal leaks and conflicts of interest of Mueller and his despicable ultra-leftist prosecutorial staff and the FBI agents who have assisted him, such as the discredited and now infamous Peter Strzok who with his mistress sent text messages to each other admitting that they, Comey and his deputy Andrew McCabewere out to destroy Trump as an “insurance policy” should The Donald win the presidency.

The purpose of this FOIA is to uncover more hard evidence of Mueller’s criminal enterprise to depose President Trump and bring down the Trump White House. This evidence will be used in yet more legal complaints and actions to remove Mueller and his conflicted prosecutorial staff before they can do more harm to the nation.

STOP the D.C. Swamp Witch Hunt Against President Trump! → HELP Freedom Watch Remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller NOW!!!

Activist, I can tell you this — like our Founding Fathers I am not afraid to take on the tyrannical forces of evil that threaten to bring down all that our nation has achieved in the 242 and counting years since we declared a new nation at Independence Hall in my native city of Philadelphia. I am prepared to risk all that I have, including my life, to protect, defend and preserve our Republic!

But Freedom Watch and I need your most generous financial support and prayers to save the country from the evil forces of the D.C. Establishment of both political parties, as well as the ultra-left elitist criminals that infest not just our body politic, but its slavish Fake News media such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other subversive media outlets.

So please make an URGENT contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more as we work TOGETHER to preserve the Republic and our Liberty for ourselves, our loved ones, and our future!

May God bless you and your family this new 2018 year!

Yours in Freedom,


Larry Klayman

My Comment:  Soros, ZIONIST, of the Rothschild ZIONIST (Khazar) Mafia are the Deep Swamp Trying to take Trump down as are Hillary Clinton, ZIONIST, and Obama, Zionist Puppet and brainwashed Communist/Muslim, etc.

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