Americans Are HATED By the Zionists Running This Country. That is Why They PUSH The COVID Vaccine. They Want You to DIE!

Biden Working With Big Tech to Fight Vaccine Skeptics

By infostormer -February 21, 20212

The Jewish puppet and senile traitor to America Joe Biden is working with Silicon Valley to fight people who have questions about the coronavirus vaccine.


The White House has been reaching out to social media companies including Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc’s Google about clamping down on COVID misinformation and getting their help to stop it from going viral, a senior administration official said.

President Joe Biden, who has raced to curb the pandemic since taking office, has made inoculating Americans one of his top priorities and called the move “a wartime effort.” But tackling public fear about taking the vaccine has emerged as a major impediment for the administration.

Since the onset of the pandemic, calls from lawmakers asking the companies to tackle the spread of COVID misinformation on their platforms have grown.

The White House’s direct engagement with the companies to mitigate the challenge has not been previously reported. Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain has previously said the administration will try to work with Silicon Valley on the issue.

“Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy is going to be a huge obstacle to getting everyone vaccinated and there are no larger players in that than the social media platforms,” said the source, who has direct knowledge of the White House’s efforts.

Ron Klain is a Jew just in case you weren’t aware. He’s the Jewish usurper who is really running the White House. Here’s a picture of the kike. You can tell just by looking at him that he has the soul of a demon.

Look, people have a right to be skeptical about these coronavirus vaccines. These are vaccines that were rushed out to market that do weird shit to your DNA. There are all sorts of reports about people dying after taking them. We even saw a nurse collapse on television after taking it.

The coronavirus is no different than the flu. It has a survivability rate well over 99 percent. The vaccine is far more dangerous than the coronavirus itself. This is proven.

But no, the Jews that run the Biden regime are demanding that any skepticism about these vaccines get deleted off the Internet.

If these people are willing to go this far to make you take the vaccine, you should not take it. These people do not like you. In fact they hate you and want you dead.

Comment: These vile Satanic ZIONISTS want you Dead. If you don’t believe me just take the COVID vaccine. I am sure you won’t be around in 6 months. They just view Americans as Dumb Goyim, Useless eaters and don’t want to pay Social Security or Medicare or basically ANYTHING. They just like stealing from you.

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