Big Hypocrite & Racist Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria Or Cabal Member Reflects Racism of the Cabal That Owns Him

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria

By infostormer -February 25, 20213

When the senile Jewish puppet Joe Biden was installed as President of the United States, myself and many others predicted that we would see a return to conflict and war in the Middle East. The Jews that control Biden have taken that first step today by conducting military strikes inside of Syria.

JUST IN – U.S. has carried out airstrikes against Iran-backed militia in #Syria in an operation approved by Joe Biden (Reuters)

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) February 25, 2021

Here’s a pretty good summary of what’s been happening as far as the ZOG war machine goes. Everything Donald Trump did to scale back this machine is being reversed.

Joe Biden in his first month:

– Bombed Syria and Somalia

– Is maintaining the wars on Yemen and Afghanistan

– Is sending more troops to Iraq

– Approved hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons deals for Raytheon

But won’t give $2,000 checks to Americans during a pandemic.

— Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) February 26, 2021

This guy just wants his $2,000 fucking dollars and doesn’t understand why Biden is bombing Syria.




— JAKE FLORES (@feraljokes) February 26, 2021

It is a valid point. The United States economy is in a major depression so common sense would dictate that we should focus in on fixing things at home before bombing brown desert dwellers thousands upon thousands of miles away for the benefit of Israel.

The thing that he doesn’t get is that Biden is a puppet for Jews who don’t give a shit about America or the American people. That’s why they’d rather bomb people in Syria and ramp up the ZOG war machine before giving Americans $2,000.

Comment: Joe Biden does as the Secret Society CABAL orders him to do. That is why he was installed in a political coup.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'Joe Biden @JoeBiden United States government official Trump's erratic, impulsive action are the last thing we need as Commander-in-Chief. No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences. We don't need another war in the Middle East, but Trump's actions toward Iran only make that more likely. 6:30 PM Jun 22, 2019 TweetDeck'

Joe Biden Said “Nigger” in Speech

By infostormer -February 23, 20212

Breaking news folks. Joe Biden said “nigger” his most recent speech.


— Ethan Ralph (@TheRalphRetort) February 22, 2021

This was confirmed by closed caption. He did indeed say “nigger.”

Hi @Joebiden why did you say the N word ?

— Jess Turnr 🇺🇸 (@JessTurnr) February 22, 2021

Since saying the “nigger” word is the worst possible crime imaginable, Biden needs to be immediately removed from office. Articles of impeachment need to be drafted proclaiming that he is being impeached for saying “nigger.”

Remember, in America it is perfectly fine to rape and kill babies at pizza parties, kill millions of brown people in the Middle East for the benefit of Jews and commit massive amounts of election fraud. But saying “nigger” can’t be tolerated because it is not who we are. It is against our values.

I have no doubt that old Joe will be removed from office by a 100-0 vote in the Senate for saying “nigger.”

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