Zionist Owner of United States Bomb Syria While Americans Watch Capitol Riots

Zionist Scum Bomb Syria While US Capitol is Stormed

By infostormer -January 7, 20210

The Zionist pieces of shit over in Israel bombed Syria as the world was distracted with the events taking place in the United States.


Assuming Joe Biden usurps the presidency on January 20th, you can pretty much be assured that the Zionist war agenda is going to ramp up in the Middle East. Lebanon, Syria and Iran stand in the way of these evil Jews pushing ahead their Greater Israel agenda.

These Jews want to rule the planet with a global government system run out of Israel but they’ve yet to fully complete this project. More wars, lies, economic collapses, coups and other Jewish tricks will be required in order for these rats to complete this.

I pray that these satanic blood-drinking demons are unable to achieve their goals and are all condemned to an eternity in hell.SHAREFacebookTwitter

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