Twitter (Run By Pinpoint Pupiled Heroin Addict?) Permanently Suspends President Trump’s Twitter Account

Twitter Permanently Suspends the President of the United States

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Twitter Permanently Suspends the President of the United States

As I told you would happen, President Trump, whose reelection was stolen, now has no way of communicating with his supporters as the Establishment prepares to prosecute him on false charges like Russiagate.

Is America any longer our country?

Comment: Jack Dorsey APPEARS SOOOOO Heroin Addicted! He has scraggly long hair like Rumpelstilskin and Pinpoint Pupils…he looks like a MESS!

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, Appears to Be a Heroin Addict With Pinpoint Pupils-Looks High During This Meeting With Republican Senator

 November 26th, 2020  Awake Goyim

Comment: Facebook actively collaborates with the CIA and I believe Twitter does the same. These CEOs are psychopaths who only care about the money which the CIA has loads of. CIA makes money drug running, gun smuggling, child prostitution, snuff pornography, marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin in short, in any way they can and they don’t care about the consequences to the child drug mules they use nor to communities. CIA should be shattered into a thousand pieces!00

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