The Rothschild Owned Establishment Leading America Into Tyranny Just As Commie China Was Led

Down the Path Into Tyranny

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Down the Path Into Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

Presstitute propaganda of a white supremacist insurrection on inauguration day caused 26,000 national guardsmen to be sent by states to D.C. to put down the Trump sedition.  Of course, there was no insurrection.  It was all just another media hoax, and the National Guardsmen experienced no security incidents.

But now that the propaganda show is over, the Guardsmen are not allowed to go home.  They, or many of them, are being kept on the streets in D.C. until mid-March.  Why?

Perhaps the answer is that a militarized city is a good background for pushing through a domestic terrorism bill that criminalizes use of the First Amendment.  A city awash in troops creates a threat image and an atmosphere conducive to passage of a domestic terrorism bill. The Establishment wants this bill.

The only domestic terrorism is that of Antifa and BLM, the Democrat’s militias that were unleashed on business sections in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and other cities.  It is not these Democrat militias that are the target of Biden’s domestic terrorism bill.  The target is the approximately 90 million Americans who reelected Trump president.  They have to be shut up and prevented from organizing into a political party to replace the Republicans, who although useless to the people are very useful to the Establishment. McConnell is worth as much to the Establishment as Pelosi, Biden, or Hillary.

Shutting down alternative narratives to the Establishment’s narrative is the purpose of the domestic terrorism bill. The function of the Guardsmen, kept from family and job, is to protect Washington from make-believe violence by Trump voters until the Democrats and their media whores can push through the destruction of the First Amendment.  To be followed by destruction of the Second Amendment. 

Think back.  Do you remember the original war on terror?  This war was supposed to have been against “Muslim extremists” who allegedly gave us 9/11 and had more domestic terror coming.  But the war on terror was not against Muslim terrorists.  It was a war against the Constitutional protections of the American people.  It was the US Constitution and our civil liberty that took the hit.  The PATRIOT Act applies to Americans, not to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. It was President George W. Bush who declared his right to detain Americans indefinitely without due process of law.  It was President Obama who declared his right to execute Americans on suspicion alone without due process of law.  

Now that the Establishment and their media whores have morphed the war on Muslim terrorists into the war on Trump voters, they will use the domestic terrorism bill to add to their armory of weapons for arresting dissenters.

Having acquiesced to a stolen election, Americans are now being led into tyranny.  

Comment: Same Tyranny, Same Owner: Rothschilds. Guess who owns Central Banks in USSA and China? Rothschild Pukes. Pictured are our Puke Rulers-Rockefellers & Rothshilds (Along With British Monarchy & Empire)

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