The Real Hollyweird-Black Pit of EVIL Predators “I Like it When Little Boys Touch Me in My Silly Place”





By Cory Daniel  

Kappy  September 7, 2019

From Shirley Temple to Corey Haim, Hollywood has been a primary progenitor of pedophilia, sex abuse, and child sex trafficking since its inception. Even though the stories of abuse are legion America somehow looks past the darkness of this elite cesspool in exchange for the entertainment it provides. The promise of money, fame, and red carpet have caused many to sell not only their bodies but their souls, and allegiance to those who run this depraved institution. But that is free will. Hollywood also predates upon those who cannot defend themselves. The child actors of Hollywood.

Complete list of known Hollywood Sex Offenders

Brad Pitt Reveals: Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America

It seems that whenever a new story breaks exposing some Hollywood director or producer it’s quickly covered up or spun off in a different direction. One thing is a fact, Hollywood protects its own. From the writer’s, directors, and producers to the actors, financiers, and tabloid writers, there is a tightknit bond between those who wish to minimize fallout and sweep the dirt under the rug. When the story is too big or America has had enough they offer up a sacrifice. Last year it was Harvey Weinstein. America had to be appeased. #MeToo was formed and those who cared enough participated and felt like they made a difference.

It was a spell, a grand public participation ritual which harnessed the legitimate collective anger, focused it on an obvious devil allowed to burn itself out in a controlled manner. 68 accusers were brought forth, and the mainstream media and Hollywood tabloids covered this and nothing but this for months. We were told that this kind of behavior only involved the infamous couch interview and other illegal but run-of-the-mill sexual misconduct. What was missing from the outrage and what America will never come to know publicly are the stories of ritual abuse, Satanic offerings, and child murder.

This is what Isaac Kappy was fighting against. This is what Isaac knew to be true.

We got a glimpse of it again when the NXIVM scandal broke and we learned that Hollywood stars and members of the elite were participating in a nationally organized sex cult which carried all the hallmarks and behavior of ancient pagan sex cults, including branding their members with the initials of the leaders. Now, this is completely legal, however, they discovered that the key figures of this cult were recruiting minors and purchasing child daycare centers wherein they were grooming children for a life of sex slavery.

Even though the stories abound and there are thousands of witnesses, victims, and whistleblowers, Hollywood is still protected by the mainstream media. But sicker than that even is the fact that America does not want to do without its stars and entertainment.

If you’re reading this you are most likely already aware that Hollywood was named for the wood of the Holly tree which is the traditional wood used in magic wands. YES, Hollywood weaves magic and hypnotizes the world with ancient spells and occulted sorcery. And in many ways is far more powerful and greater magic than was practiced before the invention of the technology which is currently facilitating it.

If you wish to learn about all that there are copious documentaries and researchers who spent a lifetime de-occulting this evil…

Hollywood and the CIA

Ever since its inception in 1947, the CIA has been covertly working with Hollywood. But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the agency formally hired an entertainment industry liaison and began openly courting favorable treatment in films and television. 

Psychological operations were assigned to the pre-CIA Office of Policy Coordination, with oversight by the Department of State. The OPC was later consolidated into the CIA, and the psychological operations staff placed under the Deputy Directorate of Plans, the Directorate of Operations, or the National Clandestine Service.

Operation Mockingbird (from Wikipedia)

The following article is fascinating and explains how in 1977 after this systematic media manipulation was publicly exposed by congressional investigations, the CIA created an Office of Public Affairs that was tasked with guiding press coverage of intelligence matters in a more transparent fashion. And since then has established an active spin machine in Hollywood which works to make sure the cloak-and-dagger world is presented in heroic terms. Since the mid-1990s, but especially after 9/11, American screenwriters, directors, and producers have traded positive portrayal of the spy profession in film or television projects for special access and favors at CIA headquarters.

How the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood

Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

Moby Claims the CIA Told Him About Russia and Trump Because He Has Clout

Isaac Spoke About James Gunn in His First Video

James Gunn Endorses Pedophilia in 10,000 Deleted Tweets

Disney’s James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) went on a mass-deleting spree earlier yesterday as people uncovered Tweets where he advocated for and seemingly admitted to being a pedophile. He deleted over 10,000 tweets and also took down his personal blog, which told the story of a monkey masturbating on a child.

  • Email Disney to ask about this –

James Gunn talks openly about pedophilia.

“RT @peteralton I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place. Shhh!” (Archive)

“The Expendables was so manly I f-cked the shit out of the little pussy boy next to me! The boys ARE back in town!” (Archive)

“I should have invited you – @cwotd was in your movie (Richard Christy). He said you had him castrate a little boy.” (Archive)

 “Eagle Snatches Kid” is what I call it when I get lucky. (Archive)

James Gunn and his friend Lloyd Kaufman joked about masturbating to a then-underage Justin Bieber.

This Tweet was posted on September 2, 2010 Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. This puts Bieber’s age at 16 years old. (Archive)

James Gunn likes to imagine story books with a pedophile theme.

“I’m doing a big Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending – the tree grows back and gives the kid a blowjob.” (Archive)

“The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of What It Feels Like When Uncle Bernie Fists Me #SadChildrensBooks” (Archive)

In a blog post, he told the story about how a monkey masturbated on a young child. He said this story made him “extremely happy.” (Archive)

James Gunn deleted his blog after his animal-child rape fantasy was revealed.

James Gunn claims he watched Child P-rnography.

“Watching Trapped in the Closet, R Kelly’s second best video after the one where he urinates on a child.” (Archive)

James Gunn also suggests Louie Anderson may have an interest in “little boys.”

About to vomit as I’m stuffed with etouffe and eggplant. I’m Louie Andersoning my ass out (just the fat, not the little boys). (Archive)

James Gunn may have linked to child pornography.

Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note “I thought you’d appreciate this.” My response: “Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my face!!”

I won’t click on that link, as Huston Huddleston was convicted of child pornography charges.

Huston Huddleston, CEO of New Starship Foundation LLC and the man behind the rescue and restoration of the exhibitor’s version of Enterprise bridge set from Star Trek: The Next Generation, has been arrested on three counts related to child pornography. The accusation arise from an alleged series of encounters with an underage girl on or around September 1, 2013.

Huddleston was arrested March 24, 2018 on three charges, all related to possession of child pornography, enticing a minor to participate in it, and intent to commit a felony with a minor. His first court date was on June 12, 2018, where bail was set at $750,000. A second court date is set for June 20, at which the jury trial will commence. Huddleston has plead “not guilty” to all three charges.

At worst Gunn shared child pornography. At “best,” he is close friends with pedophiles.

James Gunn works for Disney.

Isaac and Hollywood

View image on Twitter

Tyler Shields, Isaac Kappy, Marilyn Manson and Chris Hardwick.

Isaac first went to Hollywood when he was 21 years old with a handful of his good friends. The group of friends decided to collectively look for acting jobs, but things didn’t work out as a way so they went back to Albuquerque soon after. Shortly after their return Hollywood came to Albuquerque. There is a nine-year period where Hollywood began building sets and working to produce movies and Albuquerque but the wishes of the governor outweighed that of Hollywood. Apparently the governor did not like the influence in his state. We appear however that Hollywood is making a push towards Albuquerque again.

Netflix Buys New Mexico Production Hub: Why Hollywood Is Sinking Billions Into Albuquerque

One of the most glaring contrasts in Isaac’s life is between that of his art and his politics. One generally assumes most Hollywood actors and those in the liberal arts to be left on the political spectrum, with most being extremely left. This is not the case with Isaac. Isaac was a Trump supporter to the end, and a Q patriot. While the same time he understood that the pedophilia he was actively working to put a stop to had infiltrated both political parties. Although he was immersed in the filth of Hollywood for almost a decade he never let it corrupt as morals.

Instead, he did what most never would. He blacklisted himself, burning his Hollywood card forever when he began exposing the elite Hollywood pedophiles. Isaac spoke of the many evils he witnessed in Hollywood during his time there and called out those whom he knew to be responsible. Not just individuals but the institutionalized networks which are rampant there today. No doubt this was part of a greater plan to move forward from Hollywood into music which was his first love.

According to Isaacs friends, the Famalam, scopes, and online postings Isaac had discovered a darkness in Hollywood that he not only could not ignore but will not be able to live with himself if he took no action. He knew firsthand what so many of us only know through social media and documentaries. He was there.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to achieve your dreams and realize it for what it is, a black pit of evil predators.

Cory Daniel / About AuthorCory Daniel is a professional certified interpretive guide and writer/researcher who currently lives in the Valley of the Sun.More posts by Cory Daniel

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