Secret Society Pedophilia, Satanism and Mind Control

But the pedophilia and hidden Illuminati agenda have also become increasingly evident, starting with the inordinate number of steadily employed pedophiles that Disney hires who keep getting busted in record numbers. 35 Disney workers have been arrested in Florida alone for various pedophilia crimes.[184] A prominent Disney executive and longtime director of Disney music publishing, 58-year old Jon Heely, was arrested in December 2017 on three counts of child abuse.[185] One of the victims abused for four years was first molested at age 11, another at age 15. And just like his Uncle Walt, the pedophile’s lives the lie, claiming on his Twitter bio that he is all about “Disney concerts and living to glorify God in all things.” Still another eye-opening fact that belies the fake wholesome image is that one of Disney Company’s subsidiaries happens to be America’s largest producer of adult porn films.[186]

It is also no accident that from its Mouseketeer factory The Mickey Mouse Club (starting with the 1950s Annette Funicello),[187] Disney’s been cranking out an endless parade of CIA mind controlled superstars, particularly since the 1990s delivered the bumper crop of Illuminati puppet favorites such as singers Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and on a lesser scale heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling and actress Keri Russell.[188] Meanwhile, from the Disney Channel comes a prolific stable that’s spawned the likes of good girl Hannah Montana turned bad girl Miley Cyrus[189] followed by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Other notable Disney child star alumni gone bonkers, drugged and MK’d are Lindsay Lohan[190] and Shia LaBeouf.[191]

The standard Disney formula covertly grooms Illuminati sex kitten operatives starting as aspiring showbiz kids eager to project the Disney brand of squeaky clean, God-fearing goodness, only to morph overnight into Illuminati sex nymphos perennially in heat just as their adult careers get catapulted to new heights of fame and notoriety. The Disney assembly line machine manufacturing this ongoing stream of wayward pied pipers first hooking then leading the multitudes of impressionable young children as gushing loyal fans around the world into NWO’s hedonistic underworld is achieved through Hollywood (and CIA’s) magic wand of mass mind control. After all, success of the Luciferian controllers’ endgame is essentially contingent upon breeding a docile, dumbed down, celeb worshipping, pleasure seeking human species devoid of intelligence, and especially devoid of any spiritual foundation or moral compass. In the New World Order, only dehumanized, controllable robots are allowed; humans who still think critically will be the first to be purged.[192]

Comment: Note the name Lada Gaga to imply brainless Twits of fans Gaga over this Satanist Fake.

And from the opposite end of the Illuminati spectrum comes the king of soft porn, another dark side occult magician and NWO designated pied piper granted the Luciferian mission to lead America’s (and world’s) descent into deeper sexual decadence and pedophilic perversions – Playboy entrepreneur Hugh Hefner.[193] From his orgy-stained Playboy Mansion nestled in the hills a stone’s throw from Hollywood, for well over a half century Hugh Hefner has been a sex icon entertaining celebrities, Hollywood pedophile moguls, politicians and finance titans, peddling through his media empire promiscuity, hedonism galore, pedophilia and all the debauchery of ancient Rome and Sodom and Gomorrah combined.

A brief look at Hefner’s pedophilia past will shed further light. Hugh Hefner in the 1970s published a lesser known magazine called Sugar and Spice. In 1975 when Brooke Shields was just 10 years old Hefner featured nude photos of her in his pedophile magazine.[194] Hef was also personally present for a nude photo session with 11-year old French actress Eva Ionesco. Sexualizing prepubescent girls in photos and distributing child pornography are pedophile crimes. Yet no legal consequence ever took place. These facts reveals that from way back, over 40 years ago, Hugh Hefner exposed himself by his own unlawful actions that he is a pedophile.

As if that’s not revealing enough, Hefner’s 1953 launching of his Playboy Magazine was financed by the CIA (similar to Gloria Steinem’s Ms. Magazine nearly two decades later).[195] From Chapter 9 we learned that the CIA through both its MK Mind Control operations and its systematic child raping as an integral component to manufacturing a multigenerational army of dissociated child sex slaves and its pimping role as chief handlers in the global child sex trafficking trade, and Hefner’s lofty Hollywood perch as a pedophile and “free sex” guru for over six decades, and it all begins to make a lot more sense.

Comment: CIA Ass-ets Like Hugh Hefner never go to jail nor stay in jail. CIA always arm twists Judge, etc. to get their Ass-ets out or charges dropped.

A valet that worked for the Playboy entrepreneur for a couple years in 1978-79 stated that Hefner always had cameras installed in his mansion for potential blackmail purposes.[196] And with all the orgies that were so commonplace over the years inviting so many celebrities and VIPs, Hefner got the dirty goods on countless high profile individuals captured on film in debaucherously compromising situations with not only hookers but mind controlled child sex slaves. In this regard, his Hollywood Playboy Mansion became a West Coast version for the CIA as Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” was for the Mossad.

Since the CIA helped Hefner found Playboy Enterprises, MK Ultra sex slaves were part of the Mansion agenda and blackmail operation as well. As an MK slave handler, the perverted pedophile got involved in deep shit with lots of heinous activities. While performing research on the Hef and his mansion’s history, Playboy publishing staff stumbled upon some blueprints and photo archives. It turns out that “the Rape Mansion” as it came to be called, has an entire underground tunnel system built in the 1970s running underneath the property to other famous actors’ homes such as Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, James Caan and Kirk Douglas among others.[197] A staff member stated that Hefner sealed the tunnels in 1985 after marrying Playmate Kimberly Conrad. The CIA, Hefner and his famous Hollywood pals like Nicholson and Beatty are alleged to have trafficked young women and underage girls, many of whom over the years disappeared, likely sold into slavery or snuffed in snuff films.[198] Other higher profile Hefner commodities like Playmates Dorothy Stratton and Paige Young and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith were MK sex slaves who were either murdered or suicided for becoming unruly threats.[199] But once again with the Illuminati-Freemason-Luciferian network long in place in Hollywood, owning and controlling all levels of law enforcement both local and national, police serve to provide the necessary cover for their murderous operations.

Former-CIA operative and whistleblower Laurel Aston stated that Hefner was very much connected to the CIA:

Hefner is a CIA programmer, CIA sex slave handler and pimp. Hefner was also a part of running MK Ultra super assassins and ops.[200]

Also a number of Hef’s women have admitted he was homosexual and regularly had sex with men and rarely with women.[201] Hefner could only relate to women as exploited sex objects that bolstered his playboy image but was closer to men. Often the world’s most famous sexually liberated playboy would watch others have sex.

Implicating the hedonist prince of darkness further, like the traceable genealogy of most US presidents, Hugh Hefner’s family also links back to one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. It turns out that Hefner directly traces his lineage back to the ancient Dionysian Cult from the Aryan-Anglo-Saxon Dragon Illuminati bloodline.[202] Moreover, Playboy Mansion murals have openly displayed his close association with his Dionysian Cult. The Playboy Mansion’s biggest yearly shindig celebrates “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” (linked to the pagan satanic summer solstice holiday) that evolved straight from the elite’s Royal Luciferian Circle that includes Hefner’s Archdruid Dragon bloodline. Like Uncle Walt, Hefner also partook in the secret Rosicrucian doctrine fashioning himself as the modern day Puck, a mythological medieval demon figure. The Rosicrucian cult has an ancient tradition of heavy involvement in mind control and trance inducement akin to the CIA MK Ultra mind control methodology. Since 1953 Hefner has covertly used his Playboy Empire as a CIA mind control base of operations.

That Hefner died last fall at the age of 91 just as law enforcement was purportedly closing in to arrest him while he frantically sought immunity in exchange for singing like a songbird naming big name pedophiles for a plea bargain deal raised speculation he may have been murdered.[203] It’s also been reported by a number of sources that a plaintiff named Sheri Denise Allred back in 2009 filed a lawsuit accusing Hefner of sexually molesting her when she was only 5 years old.[204] Sheri alleged that Hugh Hefner was deep into a Hollywood pedophile sex ring. It’s recently been reported that in August 2017 (the month before Hefner’s death) that the case was reopened due to other complaints against the late playboy. Sheri’s garbled Los Angeles Superior Court complaint for damages is poorly drafted and contains seemingly off the wall, at times unintelligible references.[205]

Sheri Allred repeatedly mentions a hat covering her head “where everyone in the world can hear her thoughts and transfer thoughts to her hat from god.” MK Ultra have EEG skull caps that do in fact detect one’s brainwaves. Considering she is most likely an MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave victim subjected to powerful drugs like LSD, systematic torture and sexual abuse, resulting in dissociative disorder, her accurately identifying Hefner as the leader of the Dionysian Cult and referencing herself as Venus de Milo from Greek mythology, doesn’t seem so farfetched.[206] Additionally, given the context that she was indoctrinated with MK’s standard Walt Disney themes and occult dogma, undergoing recovery of repressed memories with the typical amnesic gaps, all trademark indicators of the Illuminati MK brand of programming, her bizarre written account may not be so bizarre after all. Recall also that the MK torturer-abusers purposely count on a child or adult victim’s seemingly wild-eyed nightmarish claims to be misconstrued as purely fabricated fantasy or delusional psychosis. And with the CIA False Memory Foundation and the “Satanic Panic” label well in place since the 1990s, the Deep State criminal denial machine has easily deflected and dismissed the ramblings of seemingly non-credible accounts as pure fictional imagination (See Chapter 2).

Yet the more we learn of the diabolical Luciferian plot and the very real mind control apparatchik operating on a global scale, together with the worldwide child sex trafficking network orchestrated largely by the CIA using front companies involving human rights charities, State Department, USAID, Red Cross, UN, US military and private contractors, all the Luciferian secret societies, the Catholic Church, the mafia, family adoptions, the broken child welfare, educational and legal systems… and how global war zones provide both the cover and resources for international trafficking of illegal weapons, drugs, money laundering, body parts, and small children, the more tangibly real this massive level of evildoing manifests. The notion that “benign” Uncle Walt and perennial playboy Hef were occultist pedo-ringleaders in a global system gone rotten centuries ago suddenly seems highly plausible.

The fact that Hugh Hefner has been deceased since late September 2017 no doubt provided sufficient cause to suspend an apparent police investigation, particularly in view that the Hollywood pedo-elite historically owns and controls all Southern Californian as well as federal law enforcement agencies. Rather than inquire into an ultra-messy murderous affair implicating their own complicity and the international crime cabal perpetrators, once again in the interests of protecting the elite, predictably it appears authorities have chosen to let sleeping dogs lie.

Incidentally, according to rock journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody among others, last year’s suicided rockers and close friends – Chris Cornell and Chester Pennington – were both assassinated as celebrity ritual sacrifices by the satanic MK Ultra killing cabal for daring to expose the cabal’s pedophilia trafficking network headquartered in Washington and Hollywood.[207] [208]

Even world renowned director Steven Spielberg has shown telling signs that he too may be part of this sinister Hollywood pedophile cabal. Spielberg’s original “Raider of the Lost Ark” screenplay had his Indiana Jones character raping an 11-year old girl with the final film cut modifying their age difference to Jones’ 24 and his rape victim 15.[209] Actor Crispin Glover has directly accused Spielberg of being a pedophile with a penchant for little boys, even winning a lawsuit against the director. The notorious pedo organization North American Man Boy Love Association NAMBLA has posted numerous links to Spielberg, particularly in connection with the famous director’s Peter Pan version called “Hook.” By age 21 Spielberg was given finances to write and direct his first movie, a 27-minute short without dialogue filled with a homosexual pedophilic theme called “Ambin’,” later the name of his first production company, jumpstarting Spielberg’s career with an unprecedented 7-year television contract, making boy wonder the youngest director ever given a long term Hollywood contract. Since Tinsel-Town has been taken over by Luciferian homosexual pedophiles,[210] it might explain his meteoric rise at that tender young age.

The ruling elite’s obvious agenda is to keep the citizen masses uniformed and ignorant while its Hollywood media machine continues polluting, warping and contaminating the minds of younger generations in order to completely obscure right from wrong, embrace and spread perversions as diabolically manufactured social engineering, relentlessly pushing the in-our-face LGBT agenda[211] promoting mass gender bending, blurred gender confusion and massive sexual identity chaos amongst our children as young as toddlers.[212] At the same time, the planetary controllers’ concerted efforts through their political and media puppets working to lower children’s legal age for sexual consent is another blatant ploy to make pedophilia a legalized lifestyle choice and societal norm (See Chapter 2). And in that same vein, the pedo-elite through movies, TV, music and mandatory sex-ed disinfo propaganda are fiendishly toiling overtime to satanically sexualize and pervert our youth.[213] Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, documented evidence in Obama’s Attorney General Lynch’s Justice Department confirms that pedophilia and bestiality were set to be made legal on the heels of gay marriage after the first known gay president.[214] [215]

Meanwhile, also by Illuminati design, the Luciferian elite has been insidiously undermining and relentlessly attacking, with the ultimate aim of destroying, the nuclear family along with parental rights, Christianity as America’s dominant religion, the freedoms guaranteed under our no longer upheld Constitution and our sovereignty as a strong independent nation, replacing them with a fascist one world government and one world Luciferian religion as their longtime agenda.[216] To accomplish this dire sinister end, a false flag intended to ignite World War III[217] (like the recent failed missile attack on Hawaii[218]) and collapsing the global economy are in the works.[219] In wag the dog fashion, the Illuminati are then counting on the pedophilia epidemic necessarily take a backseat when humanity is forced into a 24/7 war crisis survival mode, thereby permitting the international pedo-crime cabal to retain its power and control. We must continue to expose to dispose the pedophilia empire.

Through his vast research and meticulous preparation for his final film “Eyes Wide Shut,”[220] the late great Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick caught the true essence of the planetary overlords’ destructive agenda,[221] and by revealing their inner secrets like never publicly displayed before, it may have cost him his life.[222] Just four days after the writer-director’s final cut, a full hour longer than the film’s eventual theatrical release, an otherwise very healthy 70-year old Kubrick suddenly died mysteriously of an alleged heart attack.[223] The bold Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman just recently opened up about the renowned director, disclosing in her revealing words that while working on the 1999 film, Stanley Kubrick taught her:

… How the world works and who is really in control behind the scenes. Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles. He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia. They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s how Stanley explained it.[224]

Nicole Kidman gave even more reason for a Kubrick assassination:

Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.[225]

So nearly two decades before the Pizza-turned PedoGate phenomenon, the world public learning about the pedo-elites via the filmmaking genius of our time had to be stopped… not unlike the abrupt end of another genius from comedy George Carlin whose dark revelations may have gotten too close for elitist comfort.[226]

No doubt an essential component to the “psychopathic pedophiles”’ “driving the world to ruin” is through man’s rapid descent into utter moral degradation. The elite’s grand scale mind control strategy is manipulating the world population to degenerate into living a Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle guided by no moral or ethical standards, compass or conscience at all. Then not a single soul will bother objecting to Luciferian adults’ ritualistic torturing, drugging, sodomizing and sacrificing our youth on a massive scale. Owned and controlled by powerful pedophile kingpins as the world entertainment epicenter for portraying and peddling such extreme levels of sexual debauchery and Luciferian sleaze,[227] Hollywood has long been the ruling elite’s most potent propaganda weapon for decriminalizing sodomy against small children. And as much as the DC swamp needs draining, so does this entire filthy cesspool known as Hollywood, free from the parasitic maggots bent on bringing us all down sooner than later.

Applying the pedophilia epidemic to yet another branch of escapist entertainment – the multibillion dollar sports industry – the next chapter examines how child sexual abuse and global sex trafficking permeate the field of sports at all levels, and how links between Hollywood, the sports industry, governments, Fortune 500 corporations, banking and religion all work hand-in-hand in interlocking criminality of the highest order.

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