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It Looks Like Newsweek is Finished

By infostormer -February 5, 20183

Newsweek’s staff was in full revolt against management after key editors and writers were fired for covering the parent company’s legal troubles.

It looks like this could be the end for Newsweek. Some of its top editors were fired and writers who were working on stories related to the legal troubles of its parent company also got sacked.

USA Today:

Newsweek, whose iconic history as a news organization has spanned eight decades, is making headlines of a different sort this week: Its top editors have been fired amid a maelstrom of controversy in the newsroom.

Some of its staffers are wondering whether the magazine will survive. Writers and editors at the publication’s New York offices were told they could go home for the day on Monday afternoon, although they were notified that a new editor would be in place Tuesday.

Former Editor-in-Chief Bob Roe confirmed his firing in an email to CNN, saying, “Can confirm I was fired. I know nothing else. Can say nothing else yet.” Executive Editor Ken Li was also fired, CNN reported.

In a memo to staff on Monday afternoon, Newsweek said the company would not comment on the staff changes, but confirmed that Roe and Li were “leaving the business,” the Daily Beast reported.

Others abruptly resigned.

Morale was already terrible, but now management has alienated the entire staff. There were reportedly payroll problems which further exacerbated the situation. The office was basically in revolt with many boozing it up during peak business hours throughout the day today.

Despite all the chaos, the official Newsweek Twitter account is still operating and sharing very important stories that help society. Take this one for example that talks about a chemical in McDonald’s french fries that may cure baldness.

Newsweek previously had its offices raided by police where they seized several servers. Management was apparently involved in a scheme to defraud advertisers by artificially boosting the traffic they were getting.

The operation might limp along for a little while longer, but none of this looks good. All the legal troubles, sacking your top editors and many of your writers resigning are signs of the end.

Good riddance to Newsweek. Their cringe inducing clickbait fuckery will not be missed.

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