Lying Expert Colonel Deborah Birx Forced to Resign

Deborah Birx Resigns After Hypocritical Thanksgiving Trip

By infostormer -December 26, 20201

A few days back, Deborah Birx resigned. She was one of the top government bureaucrats who pushed all these insane coronavirus lockdown rules. She resigned after she took a trip to see her parents even though she told people not to travel for the holiday.

The crazy part about this is that she is claiming that her parents got depressed and stopped eating. But their depression was unquestionably the result of the rules that she helped draft.

Talk about a terrible bitch.

The amount of lives that she ruined promoting hysterical doomsday predictions that never came true is incalculable. It is only fitting that she is now forced to face the consequences of her actions.

I believe that she like all these other virus hoaxers will go to hell when they die.

Comment: She is a Colonel which is proof of how deeply corrupted the Military BRASS at the top ARE!

Deborah Birx – › wiki › Deborah_Birx

Deborah Leah Birx (born April 4, 1956) is an American physician and diplomat who has served … Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Eastern.Children: 2Rank: ColonelEducation: Houghton College (‎BS‎); ‎Pennsylva…Years of service: 1980–1994 (reserve); 1994–…‎Donald Birx · ‎Houghton College · ‎Plymouth State University · ‎Eric Goosby

Comment: Deceitful psychopaths like this one would look the other way while pedophile Colleagues rape and sadistically abuse Monarch children and YES it DOES go on!

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