Installed Biden & Harris Unattended Inauguration Event-Rothschild ZIONIST Crime Syndicate Won This Election!

Comment: Of course our 1st “Woman” Vice President is the worst gutter rat imaginable. Scum! Total Psychopath. Likely a Baby Raper as at the top you have to be to get there. The compromising videos on this “woman” VP would have to be REALLY BAD for “her ” to ascend this high-same with Biden who is always seen making obscene comments to teenagers and fondling them. DIS-GUS-TING! Who really won this election? Rothschild ZIONIST Crime Syndicate. All they do is place the Race Card & Sex Card. Vomit. Vomit.

Harris-Biden “America United” Event Had Almost No Whites In It

By infostormer -January 17, 20210

The Harris-Biden regime just put out this retarded virtual inauguration welcome event called “America United.” The video featured mostly brown and black women. The few White males the video appeared to be homosexuals or faggots. It ended with the brown c—————g whore Kamala Harris making some retarded and meaningless bullshit statement. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in my life.

As I write this, the video only has received around 26,000 views. Considering that 81 million people allegedly voted for the Harris-Biden ticket, it is odd that such an anticipated video would have such a low view count. This leads me to believe that they did not actually win the election and that the 2020 election was a fraudulent hoax. Many others have come to this conclusion based on the fact that we have tens of thousands of soldiers in Washington DC to defend the installation of this regime.

But seriously, this is a scary video. The Harris-Biden regime will be the most Jewish thing imaginable. It will be filled with Jews and disgusting subhuman creatures who will implement policies that are extremely damaging to normal White people. The policies they’ve already announced are terrible policies and ones I would personally implement if I sought to further damage the country.

We must stand up and fight this illegitimate and criminal regime that is on the precipice of seizing power. There is no alternative. We must fight to the death if necessary.

Comment: Above Video is a Waste of Valuable Time to Listen to. Obviously the Puppeteers want a Civil War.

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