COVID Vaccine Death Sentence

Miami Doctor Dies After Getting Coroanvirus Vaccine

By infostormer -January 8, 20211

A Miami doctor who was reportedly in great health has died after getting the coronavirus vaccine.

You would think that him being a doctor would mean that he would be smart enough to realize that these vaccines are bad news. Unfortunately, just because you are a smart enough to be a doctor doesn’t mean you have common sense and that appears to be the case with this guy.

These vaccines were rushed to market and they seem to do weird shit to your DNA. Nobody even knows the long term consequences of these vaccines and we have people dropping dead, passing out and suffering ill effects after taking them. Yet because of an enormous propaganda and fear campaign over the coronavirus from the Jewish media and corrupt government bureaucrats, people are willfully lining up and taking this vaccine.

Whatever you do, do not take the vaccine. You’d be insane to do so.

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