America’s Day of Reckoning Arrives: Mass Betrayal From the “Establishment”

America’s day of reckoning arrives: Expect mass betrayals from the establishmentMike AdamsAmerica’s day of reckoning has arrived, and today we expect to see total betrayals from VP Mike Pence and the US Congress, who will cede the election to Joe Biden even though they are fully aware of the overwhelming evidence of widespread election fraud.In today’s Situation Update, I cover the possible outcomes for today and lay out the remaining options for President Trump and the nation. We are watching the total corruption and final surrender of our republic.Now, only Trump and We the People can save the nation. The DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, Congress, courts and everyone else has proven to be criminal traitors who all need to be arrested and tried for treason.See the full article and podcast here.

Comment: Trump is owned by the Zionists as I have been saying all along. I liked many of his decisions and hated his Tax Law giving billionaires no taxes FOR LIFE pretty much all “Jews” as he is OwNeD by Sheldon Adelson ZIONIST “Jew.” I call them fake Ashkenazi “Jews.” If I were in the National Guard I would STAND DOWN and let the protestors take over. That would be a patriotic act. Hope the Babylon Whore Nancy Pelosi gets hers.

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