US Votes Against Condemning Nazi’s at UN (R We the 4th Reich?)

US Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazis, Labels It “Russian Disinformation”

US Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazis, Labels It “Russian Disinformation”Posted: 18 Dec 2020 10:35 AM PSTThe United States and Ukraine were the only two nations to vote against a United Nations resolution Wednesday on, “Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” The resolution passed 130-2.The resolution featured 70 fairly bland statements condemning the crimes of Adolf Hitler, while also expressing concern at the rise of contemporary Neo-Nazi groups.“Neo-Nazism is more than just the glorification of a past movement, it is a contemporary phenomenon with strong vested interests in racial inequality and an investment in gaining broad support for its false claims of racial superiority,” the document warned, expressing its alarm that, in many parts of the world, it is on the rise. “Even where neo-Nazis or extremists do not formally participate in government, the presence therein of extreme right-wing ideologues can have the effect of injecting into governance and political discourse the same ideologies that make neo-Nazism and extremism so dangerous,” it added.Just two countries voted against the Russian resolution on “Combating the glorification of Nazism & neo-nazism” at today’s #UNGA75.: Ukraine and the US.Whatever about Ukraine. But America? It now hates Russia so much that it refuses to condemn Nazism just to spite Moscow?— Bryan MacDonald (@27khv) December 16, 2020This is far from the first time the U.S. has voted against resolutions like this one. Indeed, every year since 2014, it has done so. In its justification for doing so, it labeled the resolution nothing more than a “thinly veiled attempt to legitimize longstanding Russian disinformation narratives smearing neighboring nations under the cynical guise of halting Nazi glorification.” The resolution does not, however, name any states, only speaking in generalities.Russia was indeed one of 24 countries sponsoring the document this time around, a move the U.S. sees as an effort to use the U.N. to delegitimize the U.S.-sponsored government of Ukraine, as well as a number of pro-U.S., anti-Russia Baltic governments, all of which have ties to the modern far-right.One of the many dirty secrets from the Second World War is that great numbers of Ukrainians and other ethnic nationalist groups in the USSR rose up to work with Nazi Germany in order to rid themselves of Moscow’s rule. Much of their work included rounding up millions of Jews, gypsies, leftists, homosexuals, and other groups, sending them to concentration camps. With the fall of the USSR in 1991, many of these groups came to the fore again, rewriting their own history to present themselves not as collaborators, but nationalist heroes, struggling under a dual occupation from Germany and Russia, rebranding themselves as respectable conservatives.Perhaps the most prominent example of Neo-Nazi power is Ukraine, where the U.S. helped engineer an uprising that brought about a pro-Washington government. In 2015, that new government banned Soviet iconography, made sympathy for communism illegal, and began officially rehabilitating Neo-Nazi groups who participated in genocide in World War II, honoring their supposed sacrifice and patriotism.While this could be seen as another example of Donald Trump refusing to condemn the far-right, it is highly doubtful that the incoming Biden administration would have voted any differently. Indeed, in 2014, Biden himself traveled to Ukraine to participate in the revolution, helping to unite the opposition to pro-Russian President Yanukovych, forcing him to flee the country.Displaying a level of interference in foreign politics even the most strident of Russiagate proponents could only dream of, Biden later boasted that he personally ordered Yanukovych to resign. Just months later, Biden’s son, Hunter, was placed onto the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, earning $50,000 per month, despite having no background in energy, nor any knowledge of the region or its languages.Since Yanukovych’s overthrow, Ukraine’s government has been relentlessly pro-European; one reason, perhaps, why virtually every European nation (including Germany) decided to abstain from voting “yes” earlier this week.While in Ukraine, the future President-elect of the United States also met publicly with neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok, head of the Freedom Party, a man who had previously called for a war on the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia” and on the “Jewish oligarchs who control Ukraine.” While the Freedom Party holds limited political power, other ultranationalists have been appointed to key positions in the government, and the far-right wields considerable influence over the public discourse inside the country and is able to draw huge crowds to their rallies.The U.S. government paid for the training of much of the new Ukrainian military, including the now semi-official Azov Batallion, a Nazi paramilitary group that uses iconography from the Waffen SS. In 2018, the FBI found that many of the leaders of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, had, in turn, been trained by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.There appears to have been zero coverage of the vote in the mainstream corporate press, with no mention of the resolution in the New York Times, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, or MSNBC, and no relevant results on Google News either. Considering Biden’s questionable connections to the country, the less news about Ukraine, for him, the better.Republished from under Creative CommonsThe post US Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazis, Labels It “Russian Disinformation” appeared first on We Are Change.
Pentagon Abruptly Halts Biden Transition Briefings, Leaving Officials “Stunned”Posted: 18 Dec 2020 10:26 AM PSTAxios’ Jonathan Swan reports a bombshell potential major disruption in a key part of the presidential transition before President-Elect Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20: the Pentagon has without warning or explanation halted Biden’s intelligence transition briefings.Reports Swan: “Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department, senior administration officials tell Axios.”Biden’s team has so far maintained that it’s unaware of the directive while Pentagon officials are said to be stunned and in the dark: “Administration officials left open the possibility cooperation would resume after a holiday pause,” the breaking Axios report notes. “The officials were unsure what prompted Miller’s action, or whether President Trump approved.”Miller’s move, which stunned officials throughout the Pentagon, was the biggest eruption yet of animus and mistrust toward the Biden team from the top level of the Trump administration,” Axios details.However at least one senior Defense Department official downplayed the halt in Pentagon cooperation with President-Elect Biden, calling it “a simple delay of the last few scheduled meetings until after the new year.”But Jonathan Swan in a follow-up tweet noted this is all spin, saying “there was NOTHING routine about this decision” and appears part of an emerging information and intelligence war between the White House and president-elect Biden’s team.Contrary to this Pentagon spin, there was NOTHING routine about this decision. Senior Trump officials have been furious at the Biden team, privately blaming them for leaks, and this decision was discussed last night with the White House.— Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) December 18, 2020Previously scheduled Pentagon meetings with the Biden transition team have been canceled, according to senior national security correspondent for Defense One, Katie Bo Williams.Acting SecDef Miller informed people of his decision last night, White House was involved in the conversations.— Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) December 18, 2020For now it appears that the sudden halt or pause is being blamed ostensibly on the holidays.It remains unclear the degree to which the Biden team has been informed or is cooperative in the change, which appears to have involved at least today’s briefing being unexpectedly canceled “without notice”.I can now confirm that this two-week break was agreed to by the Biden team. Today’s meetings, however, were canceled without notice. Definitely fair to say Trump officials frustrated with the Biden transition team and blame them for leaks, but FWIW…— Katie Bo Williams (@KatieBoWill) December 18, 2020“These same senior leaders needed to do their day jobs and were being consumed by transition activities… With the holidays we are taking a knee for two weeks. We are still committed to a productive transition,” the DoD source told Swan.Republished from with permissionThe post Pentagon Abruptly Halts Biden Transition Briefings, Leaving Officials “Stunned” appeared first on We Are Change.
WATCH: Tennessee Nurse Collapses Minutes After Taking COVID-19 VaccinePosted: 18 Dec 2020 09:51 AM PSTA Tennessee nurse passed out on camera ten minutes after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.Critical care nurse Tiffany Dover at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga was having a lucid discussion with WRCBtv following her vaccination, when she became visibly impaired – holding her hand to her head and swaying. She then apologized to the news crew, turned away from the camera, and fainted.“Ten minutes after the shot, Dover became light-headed and passed out while speaking with us,” the outlet reported.Watch:Dover took the vaccine on camera beforehand (h/t).She told WRCBtv that this is ‘not an uncommon reaction for her,’ explaining “I have a history of having an over-reactive vagal response, and so with that if I have pain from anything, hangnail or if I stub my toe, I can just pass out.”The rest of the vaccinations reportedly went off without a hitch after the hospital received 975 doses.The Vagal response occurs when the vagus nerve is stimulated, setting off a chain of events within the body involving the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and the cardiovascular system.If triggered, it causes an abrupt drop in blood pressure and a decreased heart rate, which can cause blood to pool in the legs – which in some cases can result in brief loss of consciousness known as vasovagal syncope.Examples:Republished from with permissionThe post WATCH: Tennessee Nurse Collapses Minutes After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine appeared first on We Are Change.
Secret, Invisible Evidence of Russian Hacking is Not Actually EvidencePosted: 17 Dec 2020 08:25 PM PSTThe Communist Party of China has been covertly sending arms to extremist Antifa militants in the United States in preparation for the civil war which is expected to take place after Joe Biden declares himself President for Life and institutes a Marxist dictatorship. The weapons shipments include rocket launchers, directed energy weapons, nunchucks and ninja throwing stars.Unfortunately I cannot provide evidence for this shocking revelation as doing so would compromise my sources and methods, but trust me it’s definitely true and must be acted upon immediately. I recommend President Trump declare martial law without a moment’s hesitation and begin planning a military response to these Chinese aggressions.How does this make you feel? Was your first impulse to begin scanning for evidence of the incendiary claim I made in my opening paragraph?It would be perfectly reasonable if it was. I am after all some random person on the internet whom you have probably never met, and you’ve no reason to accept any bold claim I might make on blind faith. It would make sense for you to want to see some verification of my claim, and then dismiss my claim as baseless hogwash when I failed to provide that verification.If you’re a more regular reader, it would have also been reasonable for you to guess that I was doing a bit. But imagine if I wasn’t? Imagine if I really was claiming that the Chinese government is arming Antifa ninja warriors to kill patriotic Americans in the coming Biden Wars. How crazy would you have to be to believe what I was saying without my providing hard, verifiable evidence for my claims?Now imagine further that this is something I’ve made false claims about many times in the past. If every few years I make a new claim about some naughty government arming Antifa super soldiers in a great communist uprising, which turns out later to have been bogus.Well you’d dismiss me as a crackpot, wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t blame you. That would be the only reasonable response to such a ridiculous spectacle.And yet if I were an employee of a US government agency making unproven incendiary claims about a government that isn’t aligned with the US-centralized power alliance, the entire political/media class would be parroting what I said as though it’s an established fact. Even though US government agencies have an extensive and well-documented history of lying about such things.Trump’s former homeland security adviser: “The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate…The Russians have had access to a number of important networks for 6 to 9 months…The access they now enjoy could be used for far more than spying.”— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) December 17, 2020Today we’re all expected to be freaking out about Russia again because Russia hacked the United States again right before a new president took office again, so now it’s very important that we support new cold war escalations from both the outgoing president and the incoming president again. We’re not allowed to see the evidence that this actually happened again, but it’s of utmost importance that we trust and support new aggressions against Russia anyway. Again.The New York Times has a viral op-ed going around titled “I Was the Homeland Security Adviser to Trump. We’re Being Hacked.” The article’s author Thomas P Bossert warns ominously that “the networks of the federal government and much of corporate America are compromised by a foreign nation” perpetrated by “the Russian intelligence agency known as the S.V.R., whose tradecraft is among the most advanced in the world.”Rather than using its supreme tradecraft to interfere in the November election ensuring the victory of the president we’ve been told for years is a Russian asset by outlets like The New York Times, Bossert informs us that the SVR instead opted to hack a private American IT company called SolarWinds whose software is widely used by the US government.“Unsuspecting customers then downloaded a corrupted version of the software, which included a hidden back door that gave hackers access to the victim’s network,” Bossert explains, saying that “The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate.” Its magnitude is so great that Bossert says Trump must “severely punish the Russians” for perpetrating it, and cooperate with the incoming Biden team in helping to ensure that that punishment continues seamlessly between administrations.New on MoA:
Media Blame Russia For Cyber Intrusions Without Providing Evidence— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) December 16, 2020The problem is that, as usual, we’ve been given exactly zero evidence for any of this. As Moon of Alabama explains, the only technical analysis we’ve seen of the alleged hack (courtesy of cybersecurity firm FireEye) makes no claim that Russia was responsible for it, yet the mass media are flagrantly asserting as objective, verified fact that Russia is behind this far-reaching intrusion into US government networks, citing only anonymous sources if they cite anything at all.And of course where the media class goes so too does the barely-separate political class. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told CNN in a recent interview that this invisible, completely unproven cyberattack constitutes “virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States.” Which is always soothing language to hear as the Russian government announces the development of new hypersonic missiles as part of a new nuclear arms race it attributes to US cold war escalations.Journalist Glenn Greenwald is one of the few high-profile voices who’ve had the temerity to stick his head above the parapet and point out the fact that we have seen exactly zero evidence for these incendiary claims, for which he is of course currently being raked over the coals on Twitter.“I know it doesn’t matter. I know it’s wrong to ask the question. I know asking the question raises grave doubts about one’s loyalties and patriotism,” Greenwald sarcastically tweeted. “But has there been any evidence publicly presented, let alone dispositive proof, that Russia is responsible for this hack?”I know it doesn’t matter. I know it’s wrong to ask the question. I know asking the question raises grave doubts about one’s loyalties and patriotism.But has there been *any* evidence publicly presented, let alone dispositive proof, that Russia is responsible for this hack?— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) December 17, 2020Perhaps they have information sources they can’t describe without compromising sources and methods?— Timothy B. Lee (@binarybits) December 17, 2020“Perhaps they have information sources they can’t describe without compromising sources and methods?” chimed inArs Technica‘s Timothy B Lee in response to Greenwald’s query, a textbook reply from establishment narrative managers whenever anyone questions where the evidence is for any of these invisible attacks on US sovereignty.“Of course they can’t show us the evidence!” proponents of establishment Russia hysteria always say. “They’d compromise their sources and methods if they did!”US spook agencies always say this about evidence for US spook agency claims about governments long targeted for destruction by US spook agencies. We can’t share the evidence with you because the evidence is classified. It’s secret evidence. The evidence is invisible.Which always works out very nicely for the US spook agencies, I must say.Hmm… America Keeps Getting Attacked By Nations It Hates In Ways Only The CIA Can SeeI’d like to tell you a folktale. It’s called “The Emperor’s New 9/11”.— Caitlin Johnstone ? (@caitoz) October 24, 2020Secret, invisible evidence is not evidence. If the public cannot see the evidence behind the claims being made by the powerful, then those claims are unproven. It would never be acceptable for anyone in power to say “This important thing with potentially world-altering consequences definitely happened, but you’ll just have to trust us because the evidence is secret.” In a post-Iraq invasion world it is orders of magnitude more unacceptable, and should therefore be dismissed until hard, verifiable evidence is provided.Isn’t it interesting how all the Pearl Harbors and 9/11s of our day are completely invisible to the public? We can’t see cyber-intrusions for ourselves like we could see fallen buildings and smoking naval bases; they’re entirely hidden from our view. Not only are they entirely hidden from our view, the evidence that they happened is kept secret from us as well. And the mass media just treat this as normal and fine. Government agencies with an extensive history of lying are allowed to make completely unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims about governments long targeted by those same government agencies, and the institutions responsible for informing the public about what’s going on in the world simply repeat it as fact.Sure it’s possible that Russia hacked the US. It’s possible that the US government has been in contact with extraterrestrials, too. It’s possible that the Chinese government is covertly arming Antifa samurai in preparation for a civil war. But we do not imbue these things with the power of belief until we are provided with an amount of evidence that rises to the level required in a post-Iraq invasion world.These people have not earned our trust, they have earned our pointed and aggressive skepticism. We must act accordingly.Republished from with permissionThe post Secret, Invisible Evidence of Russian Hacking is Not Actually Evidence appeared first on We Are Change.
“Who Wants to Be a Guinea Pig?”: Health Workers Balk at Vaccine; 40% of Chicago Hospital Staff Refuse ShotPosted: 17 Dec 2020 03:19 PM PSTAs tens of thousands of doses of the new Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine make their way across the country, some health workers – first on the list to receive the two-stage jab – are leery of the emerging treatment which mainstream pundits warned would take a ‘miracle‘ to produce before the end of the year.And while public concerns over the vaccine have eased compared to polling conducted before the November election, a not-insignificant number of health workers are unwilling to take the shot. Perhaps they’re concerned about taking the fastest vaccine developed in Western history, developed to treat a mysterious new virus which primarily kills the elderly (though can have lasting effects on people of all ages save for children).As Bloomberg notes, the initial vaccines have few serious side effects (aside from a handful of serious allergic reactions), though nobody knows what long-term effects it has, if any. For example, nobody can possibly know what it does to a gestating fetus for nine months, or whether it affects fertility – yet, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that pregnant women take the vaccine.At one Chicago hospital where the city’s first COVID-19 vaccine was administered on Tuesday, 40% of the staff said in a survey earlier this month that they would not take it.Sherrie Burch, 56, a ward clerk at Loretto, is baffled by how quickly the Covid-19 vaccine was developed, given how long medical developments typically take. And that makes her nervous. “It just happened too fast for me,” Burch said, adding that her children, grandchildren and 76-year-old mother aren’t planning to get it either. “It’s the fear of the unknown.”Burch wants more details about the vaccine’s research and longer-term side effects. She plans to wait at least a couple of months to see how co-workers respond to the shot. Until then, she’ll keep masking, distancing and hand washing.Some nurses, respiratory therapists and technicians at Loretto also are opting out, said Nikhila Juvvadi, the hospital’s chief clinical officer who was the first person to administer the vaccine in Chicago. At a staff town-hall meeting on Wednesday, she explained the science of how the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine works. –BloombergIn Maine, 40% of staff and 30% of residents at the state’s larger nursing homes won’t take the jab, according to an “informal discussion” conducted by the Maine Health Care Association.“Without official polling, it’s hard to know how accurate a picture this paints, and we fully expect these percentages to increase with greater education and awareness,” said the organization’s director of communications, Nadine Grosso. “Ultimately, we know that vaccination is key to safely reopening our long term care facilities.”And if these are all the people who will admit to refusing the vaccine, how many lied and said they will?EMTs are also at the front of the line for the vaccine, yet approximately 30% of those who travel with New York firefighters are resistant to getting it, according to Annthony Almojera, a lieutenant paramedic who’s vice president of FDNY’s EMS Officers Union Local 3631.“Who wants to be a guinea pig?” Almojera says is the biggest concern, with many citing the speed of the vaccine as a major hurdle.  He says he tries to calm fears by telling them “It’s been worked on 24 hours a day for six or seven months with almost unlimited resources.”Still, some remain unpersuaded. Jonathan Damato, 41, a New York City paramedic for 21 years, is not an anti-vaxxer. He gets an annual flu shot, and he trusts the life-saving potential of vaccines against measles, mumps, polio. His station does about 50 or 60 Covid ambulance runs a week — people presenting high fevers and shortness of breath.“I know the virus is real,” said Damato, who has a 4-year-old son with health issues. But “until I see that it’s actually safe for myself or my kids to take, I’m not going to take it.” –BloombergIn short, nobody wants to be a guinea pig.Republished from with permissionThe post “Who Wants to Be a Guinea Pig?”: Health Workers Balk at Vaccine; 40% of Chicago Hospital Staff Refuse Shot appeared first on We Are Change.
Fauci’s Crazy WarningPosted: 17 Dec 2020 12:56 PM PSTIn today’s video, we reveal a very scary warning from Dr. Fauci.Follow us on Telegram: up for our newsletter: on LBRY: your gut health: your water: food for emergencies: best source of Collagen: best VPN to use: members-only content:
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