Take Vaccines At Your Own Risk; They Are Dangerous & Vaccine For Profit Companies Have ZERO Liability For Your Child’s Lifetime Disability

The Enigma Files posted a video to playlist Documentary.

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A Shot in the Dark Documentary (Do This in the Search)

The Enigma Files posted a video to playlist Documentary.

August 10  · A Shot in the Dark – (2020 Documentary)This documentary is creatit by youtube channel : #HibbelerProductions…See More

This video is too important not to pass along. This is what is killing our children in many ways and affected the critical logical thinking of adults today who received childhood vaccines. This (vaccine) is what is being forced on every person in the world by demonic Bill Gates. For those who support President Trump on forced vaccination because of COVID-19… just know the blood of every human being who parishes will be on your hands including your children’s children! It’s time for the gloves to come off and say NO!!

Comment: Zionist Bill Gates (Pedophile) is part of the Pedophile ZIONIST Mafia running our U.S. owning our politicians, Media, and Medical System.

August 10  · This documentary is creatit by youtube channel : #HibbelerProductionsThe truth about vaccines. Please share so the world can wake up. They hide videos like the… See More

Comment: Rothschild/Rockefeller ZIONISTS & Bill Gates, ZIONIST TOO, make a fortune off of vaccines about $100 a shot or more.

There needs to be a law to protect people by giving them a choice to taking vaccines and not to FORCE Vaccines onto the people.

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