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Lin Wood Calls for Trump to Declare Martial Law

By infostormer -December 2, 20200

Lin Wood the attorney who represented the Covington students and a figure who has been closely associated with Donald Trump’s legal team, just called for Trump to declare martial law due to the election fraud fiasco.

Michael Flynn joined Wood in this call for martial law.

Wood also held an event with Sidney Powell in Georgia to help draw attention to all the election fraud.

This is hugely significant. Previously, the only people calling for martial law to be declared were people on the fringe like myself. We now have people who are close to Trump calling for the same thing. What this means is that Trump is at least considering this as a potential option.

The fact of the matter is that the system is so horribly corrupt, there is no guarantee that Trump will get relief via the state legislatures or the court system. If he receives no such relief, he should absolutely refuse to leave the White House. He is the rightful winner of the election and should use the military and whatever resources necessary to thwart what is nothing but a fraudulent coup.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Finally Calls Out Bill Barr

By infostormer -December 6, 20201

Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show last night finally called out Bill Barr for his total lack of action on all the election

While I give her credit for calling Barr out, her criticism of Barr is a little late to say the least.

How the hell is it that I was able to see what Barr was up to well over a year ago and all these professional commentators on Fox News and other networks couldn’t? I’m only able to do this shit part time due to my life situation. If I was able to see it, there is no excuse for people who get paid hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year to not see it.

Either they are stupid, willfully ignorant or they are flat out lying to their audience.

Barr has done nothing substantive about the Russia hoax conspiracy, anti-fascists destroying cities, unconstitutional coronavirus lockdown orders by state governments, big tech censorship, the election fraud and many other things that would have normally been dealt with if we had a real Department of Justice. All he has done is give interviews and send out stern letters acting as if he is really concerned about these problems while he does nothing about them.

He is literally the number one person keeping this entire insane conspiracy together by sitting on hands and doing nothing. There should have been hundreds if not thousands of people arrested by now.SHAREFacebookTwitter

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