Representing the ZIONIST British Empire

Jew Jennifer Rubin Calls for Retribution Against Trump Supporters

By infostormer -November 11, 20204

There’s been lots of talk from Jews and their political allies about making lists and punishing supporters of Donald Trump following the election. They’re even threatening members of Congress and judges.

Take for instance what the horrible Jewish propagandist Jennifer Rubin tweeted the other day.

She’s literally calling for Trump supporters who believe that the election was a fraud to be ostracized from society.

This tweet from Rubin encapsulates perfectly why we need to purge all Jews from our country.

I mean, who the hell is she to define what polite society is and isn’t? She belongs to a demonic race involved in all sorts of criminality that represents 2 percent of America’s population. With comments like this, it further proves my belief that the percentage of Jews in America should be zero. They’re the ones who need to be purged from polite society because they’re not polite and they’re incredibly evil.

Rubin and all of her Jewish tribesmen need to be rounded up and deported to Israel. If Rubin was smart she’d take a trip there right now.

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