Marisol Olmeda started this petition to UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL and 5 others

Psychotronic technology has long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least sixty to seventy years ago and started experiments with unwitting people. 

Psychotronics is the ability, using extremely low frequency (ELF) waves and other means to manipulate a person emotions, thoughts, bodily functions, will etc all from a remote location. Using this technology a person or possibly an entire population can literally be controlled like a robot with a remote control. 

Psychotronic weapons can cause a person to hear words in their head, cause mental and physical illness or even end his or her life.Gang-stalking is a form of harassment by a group of people against an individual for the purpose of harass or demean them constantly and permanently over an extended period of time. 

These people who use this equipment to send energy waves to the human body destroy and weaken the body’s immune system,can  cause damage to the internal organs, damage to the skin and physical body from the head to toe of every person , including the brain, causing the deterioration of the physical and mental health of the human being, also changing the emotions and feelings, and the desire to live.

The most complete list of symptoms of Direct Energy Waves:


Skin Cooling / Instant Cold – Generalized or Localized.

Thermal heating during the night, severe night sweats, thermal heating during the day, “microwave hot spots” on the skull.

They weaken and destroy the immune system to cause diseases, infections, benign or malignant tumors.

Neurological problems: sudden seizures for no apparent reason and can be mild and transient or severe and long-term. (Possibly diagnosed as “epilepsy”), other sudden and unexplained neurological problems that can range from mild numbness to various parts of the body. . . up to sudden brain damage with aggravated motor and speech skills, and death and death.

Body manipulation, numbness, pain in the body, muscles, head like migraine, bones, joints, etc., without apparent cause, is often diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Jaw or tooth pain.

Induction of seizures and loss of sense or consciousness, feeling of trauma to the head.

Nasal congestion, induction of foreign or out-of-place odors, cough with or without blood.

Sensation of electric current running through the body or electric shocks such as static sensation or a tingling sensation in the head, static sensation around your body.

They cause pain to any nerve in the body, remote manipulation of human behavior, stress symptoms and hair loss for no reason.

Sudden dehydration, intense itching on body and skin.

Appearance of asthma and attacks of chronic fatigue.

Irregular heartbeats and heart attacks to death, also false heart attacks – the left hand and arm seem to radiate pain but no heart attack is occurring.

Fluttering and heart attacks: This is common and can range from mild heart attacks and feeling the heartbeat vibrating through the entire body to the lethal heart attack, which (according to General Microwave expert Barrie Trower) can be inflicted with just push a button.

Overactive bladder, sudden incontinence.

Severe facial and glandular swelling. Sudden swelling of the body: This is very common with microwave attacks and can range from mild to severe.

Internal organ injury, sudden skin rash, sudden appearance of large burn marks, or internal and external bruising.

Sudden changes in vision, impaired or blurred vision, irritation of the eyes, or sensation on eyes. Pain or pressure on eyes, pain on the back of the head, muscle or nerve spasms on eyes or other parts of the face.

Metallic taste on mouth, thyroid problems, nausea from mild short episodes to severe vomiting, skin tingling, extreme fatigue, topical and internal nosebleeds. Burning sensation on mouth, tooth pain and swollen gums

Burning or genital manipulation (sexual harassment and abuse). Sexual stimulation that doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t match genuine desires

Feeling that objects are being inserted into different areas of the body.

Allergy types of symptoms: constant sinus problems and dark circles under the eyes. It also feels like a stuffy head, although there is no cold or illness.

Endocrine problems and stunted growth.

Ripple in fingers and toenails. The ridges that form on the fingernails and toenails: mild to severe.

Sun sensitivity: Sudden onset of headaches or skin rashes during sun exposure. Lupus symptoms as well as other autoimmune diseases are caused by overdose of microwave energy. “Flares” occur when our bodies react to severe levels of microwaves, which are intentionally directed at us. Skin burns, skin blisters.

The sudden onset of medical problems: from minor things like hair loss, gum inflammation, reflux, skin rashes, cataracts at an unusually young age, the drop in temperature to 96-97 degrees F, the weight gain or sudden loss, detachment of the retina and lung, heart, liver or other organs complications or failures, as well as aneurysms, effusions … etc, the sudden appearance of unusual physical injuries: the injuries seem to occur suddenly, almost on your own, and things like ankle sprains, joint problems, and herniated discs can be remotely inflicted.


Morgellons Disease: This and many other diseases that we think are natural are actually being caused by microwaves.

Leukemia and other cancers: Tumor cancers are also often inflicted on microwave attacks.

Birth Defects: A pregnant pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defect (as happened to me in 1985).

Sudden death that seems natural, suicidal, or accidental, but does not sit well with the loved ones of victims of this type. FYI: Deaths that are intentionally inflicted by other humans are not “intended to be.” These murders often leave a feeling of lingering unease in the victim’s loved ones.


Impaired cognitive abilities.

Induction of images in thoughts while the person is asleep or awake.

Unexplained feelings of disgust, restlessness, impatience and distraction from memory.

They make you see images of things or people that are not true (holograms), transmission of specific commands in the subconscious, visual disorders, visual hallucinations as if it were real.

Altered sleep patterns, sleep deprivation, you need to take sleep aids, or sleep induction.

Depression problems, unexplained anxiety patterns, ADD symptoms, or bipolar disorder.

Sudden episodes of fainting or fainting, dizziness or loss of balance, and blackouts or loss of consciousness, most likely severe disorientation while driving.

Memory loss: This can range from short episodes of memory loss to severe complete and permanent memory loss. It can also be in the form of mental blocks in certain areas or in regards to certain topics.

Monitoring people, they lead to kidnappings, rapes, abuse and problems, crimes, often ending in the death of people.

Inject words and numbers into the brain through electromagnetic waves, send radiation waves, manipulate emotions, read thoughts remotely.

Projected sound attacks, voices in the head from an external source, but that no one else can hear the voices except the affected individual, such as hearing strange noises, motor noises and people speaking, ringing in the ears.

Complete control and communication of the brain such as retrieving memories and implantation of personalities, send waves to the brain to steal the information that people see through their eyes.

Humor changes:. Uncommon episodes of depression, anger, anxiety, crying, laughter … etc (possibly misdiagnosed as “disorder …”)

Mental numbness: Difficulty making decisions and thinking clearly. Intrusions in our brain can cause interrupted thoughts, interrupt speech, dizziness, forgetfulness, mental fatigue, etc.

They create situations to alienate family members and friends from victims so that these people feel alone, always have problems and commit suicide, violations, pedophile, abuse, homicides, assasinations.

They make children disrespect their parents, hit and beat their parents, and many kill their parents (grandparents, uncles, etc.), and parents abuse and kid their kids, causing problems between family members.

Forced speech: Saying things and … not knowing why they have been told .a “where did that come from” kind of feeling sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk – nonsense (weird).

Sudden unusual obsessions (either for or against someone or something).

Personality change : Sudden or altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, moral, etc.

Unusual thoughts and dreams with unusual messages.

Victims may experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious. They and/or their loved ones can easily assume that it is a “mental illness” due to a lack of knowledge of remote mind control technologies. And, unfortunately, some doctors are more than willing to prescribe medications that help the total success of such technologies.

Blocked Hearts: In the long term, unconscious mind control victims tend to be disconnected from their hearts and their natural instincts, which is perhaps the worst symptom of all, (though not immediately noticeable) due to this blocking of our hearts – they block our ability to feel and heal. . . it is a serious obstacle in our natural process of growth and evolution in healthy and functional human beings.


Accidents (many times cause death), harassment at work.

Manipulation of electronic systems such as cell phones and computers, harassment on the internet and using e-mail, radars and satellites.

Malfunction of household electrical appliances and malfunction of vehicles, planes, trains, etc.

Orientation of domestic animals and insects such as bees, causing tragedies and deaths.

Theft of belongings and personal documents of the victims, identity theft.

Unauthorized surveillance : Feeling like we’re being watched when no one seems to be there

They induce corruption, abuse by and towards rulers and leaders.

They steal information from government agencies and private organizations.

They help  terrorisms by mentally inducing ideas to people.

They cause catastrophes like demolitions of buildings like 911, they cause terrorist acts like bombing and causing explosions.

They cause gas leakage and fires, Manipulation to electrical system of houses, buildings and companies. Manipulation of power plants, solar systems and power plants of large companies that supply electricity to cities and countries. Cause changes in water pressure in residences.

They cause explosions in petrochemicals, electric and gas plants.

They harass and bully on social media using people as puppets. They make threats towards the victim’s relatives and abuse the children of the victim”s family and other relatives, they take away the victim”s educational, work and professional opportunities, in addition to that when the victim surpasses him or herself or achieves achievements, they denigrate him/her and making lose his/her achievements.

They cause problems between governments causing wars, and sending the energy waves to kilometers under the earth creating pressure on the earth’s capable causing earthquakes, something that is not being caused by nature in some places.


An experience: In a conversation about a topic in which the affected individual is only listening to the conversation, people are talking about the same topic that people who are sending electromagnetic waves to their brain are talking about. A pattern emerges over and over as victims begin to wonder if someone is listening to them.

An interesting illusion. The target is instructed to “think” about these things through a subliminal voice in communications to his brain.

The symptoms of psychotronic torture presented here are a description of the set of symptoms common to most victims. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years, victims are subjected to all kinds of harassment and torture. Most agree that technology can remotely target and control all the nerves in the body. Heart rate can speed up and slow down, bowel movements can be regulated, diseases can be turned on and off in an instant. Victims denounce microwave hearing or voices in the head and sleep deprivation. Thoughts can be read, and are reproduced to the victim, instantly. People around the victim can repeat word for word, immediate thoughts of the victim. sleep is manipulated, behavior and emotions are literally controlled, all types of pain can start and stop in all parts of the body, physical, sexual and moral harassment and abuse occurs, in addition to remote pedophilia, microwave burns are frequent and manipulation of electrical equipment, telephone and communication equipment, also manipulation of motor vehicles. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and compare it to mental rape, prison, or the total destruction of the quality of life as a human being. Most are labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin, loss of health, social and professional life. It is like a slow death. Unfortunately, the victims who are being used as guinea pigs for this harassment were left defenseless as authorities and government agencies refuse to cooperate with them and psychiatrists label them as “mentally ill” in order to keep this on secret or because they don’t believe them.

Perhaps the worst symptom is one that is not immediately noticeable – the blocking of our hearts – the blocking of our ability to feel, of our feelings. . ., and consequently a serious obstacle in our natural process of growth and evolution as healthy and functional human beings. Primary targeting individuals may also experience extremely painful and blatant electronic distance torture, which may include projecting voices to either confuse or confuse people close to them – what listeners think is all that is said. it comes from affected individuals. The targets are being “harassed from a distance”, the chains of trust in the jobs are also sabotaged the relationships, as well as destroyed vehicles and homes. Our computers are often overrun and our writing altered in ways that make us look crazy and / or stupid. sometimes they choose one of the female victims of the harassed family to direct the harassment more strongly towards her. This individual will probably be intelligent, independent, and attractive. The manipulations can be configured to completely separate her from her family or from anyone who can help her. (This can include massive levels of mind control that she’s closest to.) Then she will be surrounded with serious chains of hardship and psychological / physical torture, which is apt to also include being repeatedly drugged and raped. When we start to realize that we are being bullied, and start talking about it, we become inflicted with more severe levels of psychological harassment from organized stalking groups, in efforts to make our testimonies sound like we only have “paranoid schizophrenia” or some mental illness so that no person believes the truth of what is happening, so that criminals can freely continue the abuse and harassment of humanity. Even masses of families and individuals begin to understand what is happening and begin to take action, although criminals will likely continue their success with this and all of humanity will suffer indescribably.

In short, those who undergo these psychological operations know how to recognize when someone is suffering from a mental disorder, or if they are being subjected to a standard script or protocol to weaken them. It is very easy to recognize. It can rarely be stopped completely, but can often be “disturbed” electronically by signal interference.

This is happening every day to many people, to me, for example, it is happening to me for a long time, to my children, my family, friends, and everyone around me, this is not a joke, this is serious, this is happening here in the United States of America and people are making believe that it is the government or governments of other countries.

More information:

That is why I have created this petition to the President of the United States, to the United Nations, to the United States Congress, to the European Commission for Human Rights and to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights that says: “The government of the United States, the United Nations and other international governments, please investigate and arrest those who are using psychotronic (energy wave) weapons to harm humanity causing destruction, hatred, problems, disease, crime and death.”

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