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NOVEMBER 7, 2020

NY Times:Biden Wins Presidency
NY Times: Kamala Harris Makes History as First Woman and Woman of Color as Vice President


Hear ye! Hear ye! The trumpets high atop 620 8th Avenue in Manhattan are summoning all normies to obedient attention. It is now “official,” boys and girls — Creepy Pedo Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. And if the decree of Sulzberger Slimes is not enough to convince you to lay down and be sheared like a good little sheep, know that the rest of the Judenpresse Armada — including “conservative” FOX News of the Trump-hating, p-whipping daughters-in-law of Rupert Murdoch — have all declared likewise. Oh the despondency of it all — as manifested by one of our readers who wrote:

Mike, I love your work but your wrong. The coup is on and Trump failed to have any remedial measures in place.

The “Editorial Board” feels your pain, dear reader — and we definitely agree that a “Color Revolution” coup is on. But if anyone thinks Trump wasn’t ready for this, well, you just don’t know Trump or his  ancient Chinese instructor, Sun Tzu — who wrote in “The Art of War“:

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Before anyone jumps off of a ledge — or in the case of another justifiably angry reader that we talked out of doing something foolish — does anything rash — let’s break down the Trump Tzu strategy.

1. “The great and powerful Sulzberger of Manhattan has spoken. Joe Biden will be president.” // 2. And if “conservative” FOX News agrees, well then — it really must be true! // 3. Trump has quoted Sun Tzu on many occasions. The title of his own book, “The Art of the Deal” sounds much like “The Art of War,” by Sun Tzu.


1. Show me the books a man reads and I’ll show you the man. –Trump – as evidenced by numerous tweets dating back as far as 2012 – seems to have a man-crush on the Chinese warrior / philosopher / tactician known for saying, “All war is based on deception.”

First of all, for Trump not to already have made extensive preparations for this event would have been so uncharacteristically and extremely negligent for him as to border on deliberate treason. It would be akin to a night watchman — knowing in advance that a gang of thieves is coming to loot the warehouse —  “looking the other way” as the crooks plunder the joint clean. Trump the traitorous “psyop?” Oh please! Trump wants to go out a loser — and a sore loser at that, mocked by the media on his way out? No way! — Let’s not get silly. Of course Trump had a plan and right now, we remain “realistically optimistic” (but not 100% certain) that the blockchain / watermark trap lies at the core of such a plan.

Now, getting back to Sun Tzu and “bait” — Ask yourself, if you are in Trump’s shoes, and you know that the Demonrats are falsifying millions of ballots, would you stop them before Biden can overtake you and is declared “the winner?” Or after? Think about it. — You see, if you “prevent the steal” or “stop the steal” and win; how then can you alert and inform the country of massive voter fraud? Normies will just shrug it off and say: “What does he care. He won anyway?” No, that won’t work. The only way to catch and prosecute these Satanic sons-of-bitches — and win whatever is left of the “hearts and minds” ™ of the dumb-as-dirt normies — is to allow the larcenists to succeed with the brazen theft as the Fake News “calls a winner” — and then unexpectedly flip the table on all of them. Let’s break down the ancient war proverb and translate it into the events currently unfolding:

Sun Tzu: “Hold out baits to entice the enemy.”
Translation: Allow the Demonrats to easily steal the 2018 Congressional Elections and the 2020 Presidential Election. Don’t attack Biden too hard in TV ads because then it becomes impossible for the Demonrat’s to cheat enough to overtake your lead.

Sun Tzu: “Feign disorder… “
Translation: Act helpless and whine as the Biden vote totals go up and up and up day after dayThreaten “lawsuits” as the Fake News portrays you as a sore loser.

Sun Tzu: “and crush him. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”
Translation: Drop the evidence bombs and deploy the Emergency Broadcast System to bypass and discredit the media. Game over!

1. If Trump had ample advance notice that a gang of looters were coming to ransack one of his hotels, don’t you think he’d be ready for them? // 2. Houston, 2018: Store owner / employees quietly got up and left after an armed gunman came in to rob the place. Little did he know that the doors could be locked from outside. On their way out, the workers locked him in — trapping the panicked villain until police arrived to apprehend him.  (here) // 3. This man is neither stupid nor weak.

Let the journalistic jackals of the Judenpresse gloat and laugh all they want. That’s all part of the trap too. Do not allow them to get into your head and demoralize you. The powers of the presidency, the evidence and the Emergency Broadcast System all remain Trump’s hands until January 20, 2021.

Our role in this historic drama is to provide the spirited public support needed to open the eyes of the political normies of the mushy middle  so that they can finally see the Marxist writing on the wall (and some of them already are.) Find a “Stop the Steal” rally in your home state (their Facebook page was just taken down). If your Congressman or Senator or local official is a Republican’t, demand that he grow a pair of balls and support the president. In due time, we believe that Trump will make a bold move. It’s important that we have the information and activist infrastructure set up before that — which seems to already be happening.

1 & 2. It’s not over! // 3. Trump’s secret weapon to kill the Fake News? He has it in his hands.

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