Democrats Caught in Trump’s Sting Operation

Wieczorek Independent For Congress


The Election.

CIA Homeland Security launched the largest election sting operation 6 hours ago. Over 500 elite units moved into all ballot counting depots nationwide to stand guard over all the printed ballots. They were ALL printed with QFS-BLOCKCHAIN (unbreakable code) Watermarks.So far 14 million ballots have been put through a laser scanner in 5 different states and 78% have failed [NO watermarks] and 100% of these failed ballots all had Biden on them. Interesting next few days ahead. This is the brilliance of Donald Trump and his team. They placed an ‘invisible watermark’ on ballots and told no one. Now the National Guard are going in with ‘infra red’ equipment and can easily read which ballots are real and which are fake, and they are doing a recount. The Full Story !from James Sheets: THE WATERMARK on the official election ballots !! The original ballots are also registered on a “QFS blockchain” to prevent fraud. 12 states were “targeted !”The National Guard has been deployed to 12 states 🙂 Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois and Kentucky and they are now counting the official ballots!!!! The DEMS fell right into the trap of this sting operation and TRUMP has it all !! This FRAUD will be exposed for the whole world to see !👁And isn’t it fancy how the amazing 😉 new Supreme Court Justice ‘Amy’ was appointed / confirmed by right before this election …so that she can rightfully take care of the business of … election fraud…. Oh and this is only the beginning of the EPIC times that lie ahead !!So, did Trump win by a landslide !?! You will soon SEE 👀 that he did !

My Comment: I am happy to see these crooks and criminals go down. That is a good thing! I also think Both sides including Trump are Owned by the ZIONISTS who finance them. Sheldon Adelson financed Trump’s 2016 win to the tune of about $75 million in TV ads. Zionists always expect return favors for massive financing and Sheldon Adelson is no exception. Well, everyone would wouldn’t they?

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