THE INSIDER on the Seth Rich Murder

According to the source Seth was not a target at all and that he met with the target earlier at a bar and was seen walking with the target when they were jumped by men in a white van. Seth helped fight off the men with the target and was shot in the process, then they forced the target into the van.

Comment: This makes sense considering nothing was taken from Seth Rich because it wasn’t a robbery. Seeing that FBI’s Crooked Comey and Crooked Hillary are in bed together an FBI report would go nowhere.

More From the Insider:

Witness to Seth rich murder afraid to come forward described what they witnessed. According to this witness Seth was not alone but walking with somebody and talking to him when a white van pulled up and three men jump out. Two of them run towards the man with Seth and the third man runs at Seth. The other two men try to grab the man with Seth and one is flipped over the mans shoulder hitting the ground on his back. He then starts to fight with the second man. Meanwhile Seth was fighting and beating the third man in the ground. Seth jumps up and runs towards the man he was walking with who is fighting off the other two men. Just before he reaches these men shots are fired from the man Seth had just beat up who got up from the ground. The man who was fighting with the other two men then placed his hands up and the two men grabbed each arm and forced him to the van placing him inside then the van drove off. This witness will not come forward in fear for their own life and family being targeted which is understandable considering the publicity and stories surrounding Seth and the DNC. It could be a made up but why make up the story? They do not want to be identified so it is not for attention. They did not ask for money or anything in exchange for the story. They claim they just want the truth to be known about how things happened. They claim that they gave this information to the FBI. 1. The story this witness tells makes a lot of sense as to why Seth was shot in the back and had injuries on his hands, knees and bruised on his face from fighting. 2. Seth was not searched and all his belongings were on his person = no robbery. 3. Seth was seen talking to a man at the bar before leaving. 4. If it was Seth they were after thinking he had information then why was he not searched? If they were looking for something Seth had and found it they would have made it look like a robbery if these were professional hit men.

Comment: This could be a made up story but WHY make it up? No money in it and making yourself a target to discredit?

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