The [ZIONIST] Cabal Faction Fighting Against Trump {Zionist}

In the exercise, the governing assumption is that
the President is an unscrupulous, authoritarian wouldbe dictator seeking to consolidate his power with a
base composed of “white power” and “extremist” networks, who would need to be neutralized and eliminated post-election. The Biden forces are portrayed as
pluralist defenders of democracy whose adherence to
“norms” would result in the loss of the United States to
Trump’s fascism, unless they radically change their
As has been widely covered, there are two constants
in the results. The election outcome will not be decided
on election day because of widespread mail-in voting, a
fact that is already being brought into being on the
ground through Democratic Party efforts to promote
widespread mail-in voting and accompanying fraud. In
addition, the Harris/Biden allies in Silicon Valley and in
the media say they will refuse to call the result on election day. Secondly, whether Trump or Biden wins, according to the faux exercise, there will be widespread
street violence. The scenario in which Trump wins has
the Democrats refusing to concede, seeking to fix the
electoral college or abolish it, making demands to pack
the Supreme Court, to assure statehood for Puerto Rico
and Washington, D.C., and to allow western states to
secede from the Union.
There are two major uncertainties in the scenario according to TIP: how the military will respond, and how
much control the Democrats have over the street rioters. According to the official papers of the exercise, the
June military response in Washington, D.C., in effect a
generals’ revolt, was “reassuring.” With respect to the
rioters, it is unclear how totally they can be controlled
even if “mobilized.” The exercise counsels that the
Democrats should work earnestly now on establishing
even more direct connections with these groups to
assure their performance. As Colonel Black pointed out
in his presentation of actual coup planning, like that undertaken by the very same Pentagon and State Department actors in Ukraine, the street forces in this type of
action merely serve as cover for trained military provocateurs who kill people and steer the action.
On August 11, 2020, in the wake of the July propaganda campaign about TIP’s exercise, Defense One, a
magazine controlled by Democratic Party funder and
New America associate David Bradley, published an
article by retired colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling
blatantly calling for a military coup.
Bradley also formerly owned The Atlantic, but sold his majority share
to the Emerson Collective, an entity owned by Laureen
Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs and a major force
in Kamala Harris’ political career.

There was an immediate reflexive backlash to the
call for the coup and Defense One followed up, on
August 18, with a call to make this a matter of reasoned
debate within the military, rather than a reflexive rejection. That article, if you can believe it, was authored by
none other than Thomas Crosbie, an associate professor at the Royal Danish Defence College’s Centre for
Joint Operations, Institute for Military Operations. A
sociologist by training, his research focuses on military
politics, the military profession and the conduct of war.
So, as might be expected, NATO has entered the
fray. On September 4, 2020, The Atlantic further stoked
the flames in this seditious campaign by running the
completely fake claim, under Jeffrey Goldberg’s byline,
that Donald Trump routinely disparages the troops as
“suckers” and “losers.”

The reaction to all of this must be first and foremost
an overwhelming electoral victory for Donald Trump,
demoralizing the seditionists. This must be accompanied by a political program, based in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for economic recovery of the
United States, which puts shovels in the ground and
begins to turn on a massive economic recovery, with
major emphasis put on large-scale infrastructure and rebuilding the nation’s cities. This undertaking, as Lyndon
LaRouche specified, is not only necessary for the nation’s economic survival. It effectively separates the
armed insurrectionists from their political allies. The
cultural offensive identified by the President in his
Constitution Day speech must also be immediately implemented—mobilized and taken out to every nook and
cranny of the nation.
At the same time, the networks identified here must
be put under full-scale surveillance and law enforcement
scrutiny for the crime of sedition, including the retired
generals and their allies in the Pentagon. Colonel Black’s
warning must be circulated as if it were Paul Revere’s
warning, revisited via the viral internet. The investigation of these insurrectionists must be a facet of what Attorney General Barr and John Durham have been considering with respect to the longstanding operation against
this President. How far back does this actually go?
Nothing less will ensure the survival of not only this
Republic but, also, given the clear and present danger
posed by the perspective of the generals and chicken
hawks like Michèle Flournoy, the world as a whole.

Comment: I personally have knowledge that only CABAL members of secret societies rise to the top. Trump is a Freemason and real name is Drumpf.

He is a member of the secret societies and was funded by the ZIONISTS into presidency. This faction running the coup is the Hillary/O’bama British Intelligence factions working with the very corrupt CIA & Corrupt FBI. It isn’t right what they are doing and not even legal but these secret societies and billionaires don’t care if what they do is legal or not.

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