Kenosha Embraces Martial Law Rather Than Arrest & Prosecute George Soros [Zionist] Who Funds This Violence; All of These Political Puppets Including Trump Are Owned by the ZIONIST Cabal

martial law[ˈˌmärSHəl ˈlô]NOUN

military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.”unlike the previous military interventions, the general did not declare martial law”

What would happen if martial law was declared in America?First and foremost, declared martial law will almost certainly result in the suspension of rights. This means that the United States Constitution would be suspended, and along with it, so would the rights to free speech and freedom of the press, to keep and bear arms, to a fair and speedy trial, and everything else.

What happens during martial law?Martial law occurs when a military assumes the responsibility of governance. The rights of citizens are usually limited during martial law, and democratic processes are eliminated in favor of authoritarian power.

What is the purpose of martial law?Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory. Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public, as seen in multiple countries listed below.

Can the President alone declare martial law?It is often argued that only Congress can declare martial law, because Congress alone is granted the power to suspend the writ. The President, however, is commander-in-chief of the military, and it has been argued that the President can take it upon himself to declare martial law.

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Kenosha chaos: Gunfire rings out, vigilantes take to streets after Wisconsin governor reportedly refuses additional troops

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Follow RT onCitizens in Kenosha, Wisconsin have taken it upon themselves to protect local businesses amid ongoing riots and unrest, with armed vigilantes seen taking to rooftops and storefronts to ward off looting and vandalism.

Kenosha saw its third consecutive night of disorder on Tuesday, sparked after the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a black man, during a domestic ordeal over the weekend. Protests hours after the incident soon boiled into riots, seeing looters ransack countless businesses on Monday, while arsonists ignited some 37 fires.

The chaos in the city has yet to reach the levels seen the night prior, with armed citizens taking up positions around the city, including on rooftops, to protect local businesses.

Multiple armed men are on the roof of one of the car lots that was burned in Kenosha, WI:— Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) August 26, 2020

KENOSHA: with law enforcement incapable of defending private property Armed groups have begun protecting the city from rioters This man claimed they were friends of the business owner & were carrying only lethal roundsThey successful defended the property from the roof— ELIJAH RIOT (@ElijahSchaffer) August 26, 2020

Local business owners are armed protecting their business from rioters and vandals— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 26, 2020

A number of protesters also appeared to be armed in videos that made the rounds online. One livestream captured a shooting in which a young man was said to have been hit in the chest. He was seen being loaded into a car which soon fled the scene, but his current status, and the extent of his injuries, remain unclear. A second person was also reportedly hit in the incident, but it is unknown whether either were affiliated with the protests or merely bystanders.

🚨🚨🚨: Multiple gunshots are fired after people chased a guy with a rifle. Rifle dude tripped and fell. He fired his gun at a guy who jumped on top of him.— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) August 26, 2020

The terrorists are armed for war— Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) August 26, 2020

Protesters have ignited several small fires, though in some cases other demonstrators were seen extinguishing them. In contrast to previous nights, no major acts of arson were reported, however.

“make it bigger, make it bigger” #BLM rioters begin lighting the first fires of the night in the streets of #KENOSHAA boogaloo boy puts it out— ELIJAH RIOT (@ElijahSchaffer) August 26, 2020

NOT TODAY ANTIFA: Citizens of #Kenosha are fighting back and trying to stop criminal arson— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 26, 2020

While looting and arson appeared less widespread, clashes again erupted between protesters and police on Tuesday, seeing activists hurl fireworks, bricks and other projectiles at officers, who responded with copious tear gas.

People in the crowd are launching bricks and officers are deploying crowd control munitions. It’s a battle out here— Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) August 26, 2020

Rioters are getting mopped up quickly by Sheriffs in #Kenosha Rioters are throwing explosive projectiles at vehicles— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 26, 2020

After BLM and Antifa rioters began to throw projectiles Officers begin to deploy tear gas Rioters then flee like roaches— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 26, 2020

A major courthouse in Kenosha was the scene of many of the clashes, where police have maintained a heavier presence than elsewhere in the city, erecting a barricade around the building.

Wisconsin: #Kenosha county courthouse under siege by #Antifa#BLM, Associated group, & individuals. Laser, projectiles, Morten fireworks, shields and frontline defense tactics are being used to provoke response from National Guard.— Kalen From Scriberr (@FromKalen) August 26, 2020

Rioters are trying to tear down the fence outside the Kenosha County Courthouse…— LA America🇺🇸 (@LavinyAsocUSA) August 26, 2020

National Guard troops have also been deployed to the courthouse for a second night, after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order doubling the Guard’s presence in the city from 125 to 250 personnel and declaring a state of emergency amid the continued riots. According to Trump communications advisor Ben Williamson, local law enforcement had requested a force of 750 Guardsmen, and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows offered Evers 500 additional troops, but the governor reportedly refused. Evers has yet to address the allegation.ALSO ON RT.COMWisconsin governor says National Guard will protect STATE property after riots devastate Kenosha businesses

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Aug 16, 2016 · Later on, the document reveals the extent of Soros funding to the Black Lives Matter coalition: Recognizing the need for strategic assistance, the U.S. Programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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