Growing Up In An Insane Culture (America)

A Short Brief on My Own Experience Growing Up in an Insane Culture


I got this synchronicity on writing a book about my life.  I sure will when I get the time, but right now I am working to survive the covid hoax and saving every dime I can because I see deflation coming.  This will be the fourth time in my life I saved money intently and so let me begin at the first time I saved every dime and that was in high school when I ran a trapline.

I hated school, I literally hated getting on the bus and being indoctrinated in a detention camp called school.  I did not resonate with what they said and I longed for the end of the day when I took the school bus home and could go hunting.  So what I did was not waste one second of the dwindling afternoon light in autumn and I got to the woods as quick as I could.

This period in my life is when I learned how to resist the system.  I had my gun and hunting clothes hidden in the woods and I would get off the bus at my favorite hunting grounds near a river where the game is.  I told the bus driver I was going to my friends house, but I was not, I simply walked a few feet into the cover of the woods switched clothes and picked up my shotgun and away I went looking for a meal while I checked my traps.

I carried my Catholic school clothes in a plastic bag in my pack, when I got home I skinned out the game, and stretched the fur out on a wire.  Usually on my trapline I would get several muskrats a day, once in awhile a mink or a raccoon.  I could always tell when I had a mink as I could smell it dozens of yards before I got to the set.  Mink were more valuable, so I was glad to catch them.



So as you can imagine I don’t care if society collapses or commies take over, or if some crazy leftists burn down the cities.  Good riddance say I.  I don’t like cities and I don’t like the people that live there, so if they go at it killing each other then that is good because the way they are living is wrong.  Jews live in cities, that ought to tell you something.

But enough about urban decay in the vicinity of a synagogue, lets go back to the stillness of the woods.  In the woods there are trees, lots of trees, walking can be hard.  And the openings in the forest are marshes and ponds, rivers and lakes with lots of wildlife, ducks, and beavers.  Food, fur, fish, game and no Jews, no corruption, no cops or sirens, no cars spewing exhaust, no honking or church bells.  In the woods there is solace from an insane culture hellbent with religion.



Looking back at my life, my families religion, my schooling and studies I have to say that most “sane” people are actually insane.  But back then I didn’t know what sane was, I thought being Catholic was sane, and boy was I wrong.  I am going to tell you an observation of mine, most people are not sane and don’t even know it.  It takes a lot of courage and a lot of will to get sane and maintain sanity in a culture that is insane.

Is it sane to believe you can escape hell when you are in hell with Jews, and the escape plan is written by Jews?  Is it sane that white people support Black Lives Matter when blacks kill whites for fun?  Is it sane to be for a political party that wants to take your guns away and leave you unprotected?  Is it sane to think the Trade Towers were attacked by Muslims when they came down by a controlled demolition?  How did the muzzies plant those hundreds of charges?

"Most historians and biblical scholars agree: Jesus lived his life as a Torah-observant Jew. Jesus was Jewish. His parents were Jewish. His followers, including James and Mary and Peter and Paul, were Jewish. And, so far as we can tell, the movement of his followers remained both Jewish and Torah-observant for some time."

I am going to tell you something, the 2.2 billion Christians on this planet are patently crazy.  They think it is perfectly acceptable to believe that a man could walk on water or raise the dead when they damn well know that is impossible.  So they say Jesus was God so he could do it, except he wasn’t even real and no one can do anything like what is attributed to Jesus in the Bible.  Those reverent tales are damn lies.

The Christ insanity starts in the Torah, where we are told God made man in one day.  We are told God is all powerful, so why did he need one day for man, or a week for all of Creation when he could of done it in a blink of an eye?  Because the Bible is not logical nor is it consistent with what it claims about God’s magical powers and what it says how God did it.

Numbers 31  1The Lord said to Moses, 2“Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites.

God’s parasitical nature can be found in Numbers, God tells his tribe to go kill the non-believers.  Why didn’t God just do the killing himself?  Why did God need any help at all?  Because, of course, “god” is the tribal collective will that is killing rivals.  God is only in our heads, it is taught to us for tribal cohesion.  So if the priest wants to wipe out rival priests and their gods, he tells you that God wants you to go kill his rivals.  Having contempt for the Priest (which is a Jew tyrant) is the death sentence.  That should tell you who is really god.

Deuteronomy 17:12  Anyone who shows contempt for the judge or for the priest who stands ministering there to the Lord your God is to be put to death. 

Jews got us killing their enemies by using the god meme.  Jews manipulate the Gentiles by telling us that Muslims did 911, so we have to go bomb Muslim terrorists.  But the truth is Jews want to kill Muslim rivals, so they have us doing the killing by faking us out with false flags.  The real terrorists, of course, are the Jews who did the false flag and then directed the wars.

I was raised Catholic which gave me a sharp mind. Catholic school is absolutely superior to public, they do have some good teaching abilities. I stand as an encouragement to all those who escaped the mind control of the church. Join me in the bright light of reason and logic and do not wallow in evil Jewish superstition of the false god Yahweh. The Bible God is evil, and when you worship a warmonger tribes doings in the desert, you end up going to wars for Jews and acting out Bible script.



So what else did I learn on my schoolin’ on earth?  Catholics, like all Christians, are Jew whores.  Christians are just Jews in disguise, they believe in a Jewish savior and say the Jewish Bible is the words of Almighty God.  So can you see, dear reader, why I like the woods and not the cities?  Every town has Jewish indoctrination centers called churches, and in the big cities they may even have a Holocaust Indoctrination Museum.

So if you have half of a brain, the Jews are not holy or chosen, they are just plain evil.  And reading their book is suicide for your mind and body.  It would be better for you if you never heard of the Holy Bible or God, and you would be better off if you never watch television which is really non-stop Jewish propaganda, which is why on 4chan they call it Talmudvision.


It's a term that is used to acknowledge the fact that television is controlled and run by Jews (hence the word Talmud - the Jewish Holy Books). What it really means is that when you watch television you are really seeing a false reality that is presented mainly through the perspective of International Jewry and what they want you to see. Television is a well known propaganda machine that is extremely powerful because when you watch it, you are actually in a trance like state. When in this state it is very difficult for your mind to distinguish what is seen on television from reality (i.e. television becomes reality in your mind).

My own personal “downfall” was my sharp perception, early on I figure out that these stories were for children, not thinking adults. How could man be guilty for being born? What rubbish. Early on I knew only someone very evil would say that, and my teachers were idiots for repeating it. My teachers were pathetic, they were very immature thinkers – that was my emotional reaction to the fruitcakes that believed the Holy Bible dribble literal.

Later in my life I learned an important lesson regarding the mind spells of religion.  What the believer thinks of a “downfall” of one of their members is really ascension of that soul out of mind bondage and slavery.  Only by refusing to believe claims made in the Holy Bible can a Christian overcome their programming.  No one can raise the dead, and no one can walk on water, and no one can save your soul.



By the time of high school I was reading all those non-Catholic written books like Gulag Archipeligo, Atlas Shrugged, We the Living, the tales of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I also read Worlds in Collision, God is a Delusion, the Suns of God by Archaya S and many Sitchin books on our Origin. Obviously, these books exist because the wool was pulled over our eyes.

My mind opened up, there were controversial subjects like human origin. The Bible did not have a monopoly anymore I reasoned. It was clear to me in my teen years that I was going to elevate myself intellectually above the town folk who just accepted these ridiculous Bible stories as reality. I was on my way out of the fold with throttles to the wall, full afterburners, and never looked back.

There was a much bigger world out there than my little hometown full of superstitious believers. I was sure glad to leave. I will never get over having to kneel in some church to some pretend god. What kind of lunatic culture was I born into? Oh yeah, the same culture that now has normalized coronamasks and thinks bombing Iraq for 911 is justice.  I dare say the Amerikan Jewish run culture is patently insane and that means the Jews are insane and so are their Christian followers.

Do you know there is no science behind wearing a corona mask?  No mask stops viruses because a virus is so small, about 100 nanometers that no cloth mask can stop them.  So why are there any mask wearers?  This is the same exact question of why are there any Christians.  Belief.  Beliefs get people to act on things out of faith, not facts.



By the time DNA was identified as a double helix (1950’s) then a decade later genes the cat was out of the bag. Darwin was god. The idea of some god making us in a day was overturned by new knowledge, we evolved over millions of years was the scientific consensus. So why would I believe the Bible tale of origin when science had a far better one backed up with mountains of evidence? This so-called Holy Bible tale was mere words in a tribal book of backwards murderous hellions.

By the time I got to college to study chemical engineering the nonsense of the Bible was just an experience I went through growing up in a religious family. No one at the academic level took the Bible seriously, it is for the little people, giving them hope as the world moved on from the Dark Age of religious oppression. But now we are falling back into the Dark Age again, because of the primacy of Zionism.

The internet was the final ascension of my knowledge which put it all together. I soon started reading John Kaminski who did more to open my mind than any other, he put it all together, that the Jews were responsible for all this evil in the world and it was these Jews behind 911 and the wars for Israel. That is now an accepted fact but back in 2001 very few had a clue who actually did 911, or why.

Greater Israel is now common knowledge, but back when Joe Vialls introduced such a concept everyone was in shock, doubted that Israel wanted to takeover the entire Middle East and genocide every Arab. We all know now because of the internet, not because of the Bible. The Bible kept us confused, the Bible is a dark spell over our minds, we were taught to venerate our destroyers. That is an unforgivable sin if there ever was one.

Plain and simple the Bible is Jew evil, holding it to your heart and calling it dear is the path to extinction.  It took nearly my entire life to figure out what was wrong with America and little can be done to save it, as it is in a freefall into Jew oblivion.  Jews own Amerika and everything bad happening is from their control, but we won’t say Jews because they own our minds.  We are all completely damned and we think we can make America great again.  What a laugh, if Jews control us then being great again is not going to happen.

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2 thoughts on “A Short Brief on My Own Experience Growing Up in an Insane Culture”

  1. petergrafstrmI stopped believing in God when I was twelve but have later realised that biological life isnt explainable with current science. I think this was discussed on another of your web pages so I wont repeat it.
    But I mostly agree with you about the lack of logic in a lot of what religion preaches.I think money and power has shaped it and in so far as jews are rich an powerful it has to do with them but also with the rest of the oligarchy and those who have ‘understood the jewish problem’ usually underestimate that there is a symbiosis among all the wealthy and that the different parties need to cooperate.By singling out the jews you constitute no threat to that symbiotic power structure and things just continue unhindered while you might feel content with your model.The reason why Israel is like you say is that Israel is a british colonial project.And Nethanyau in particular is close to those british aims whether he admits it or not.Most jews were not interested until late in the game and even the bolshevik-financier Jacob Schiff was against zionism and in favor of assimilation as late as 1916 which is quite remarcable since the british elites began planning the Israel project in the 1830s.Britains elites arranged the civil war in the US and hoped to break it apart to be able to prevent america from having their own industry.Like the ones which manufactures your cartridges? Or maybe they are outsourced?Though you seem so determined that you could probably switch back to old school guns without cartridges or even bow and arrow?Anyway the british actually had the original idea when Napoleon wanted to develop Egypt according to Leibniz political economy.The british and their stooges hated Leibniz and wanted no development of poor countries.While they did want a bridgehead down there populated by an intensively patriotic race.Thats where we are today.Maybe you checked out the 24 points of the Pilgrim society brought together by americans4innovation who want to restore the constitution and bring back stolen intellectual property from the oligarchy which is closely allied to the british allies or should I say british handlers?They want the americans to be aware of the role played by Britain instead of letting americans be unwitting coconspirators with the british elites.Britain is the greatest landowner in the world and in addition through the trust-system may own much more than is officially recognised.The jews are exploited by the british elites and they want them to continue playing the role you describe.Those jews who were aware of Britains role didnt dare bring it up after nazism (supported by the wealthy classes in the west presumably including the jewish bankers) rose since such jews feared their best option was to team up with the anglosaxons.Had the jews who understood what Britain was up to protested they might not have had anywhere to go so they shut up and pretended Hitler was an independent actor and that Germany was the sole culprit.Maybe things will change since there are now stronger rivals to the empire, but the above use of the jews as middlemen for Britain has for a couple of centuries been the reality.However I dont dispute that the original development of the christian religion might have some of the traits you bring up. I dont know for sure what more there is to know about it.But I do know that the eastern christians in Kiev ousted the ‘money lenders from the temple’ following the example of Christ nomatter what his etnicity.And very shortly after that time Knights Templars rose, which may have been a symbiosis between western christians and jews. And I suggest that symbiosis still characterises the west.LikeREPLY
  2. hansone thing is good after the jewish perfidious albion under the jew churchill did not take
    hitlers several peaceoffers because the jew roosevelt pushed churchill to incite the polish
    against germany and so letting run hitler into the knife of churchill+roosevelt opening the
    war against germany , the same roosevelt did insidiously with the japanese in pearl harbour,
    that now USRAHELL stands now against the arrab world (make no mistake: UAE+SAUDIES
    are snakes!) but CHINA now will be the tongue on the balance !Like

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