The Protection of Jewish Crimes & Racism

The Monsey, NYC false-flag and the protection of Jewish crimes and racism

The Monsey, NYC false-flag and the protection of Jewish crimes and racism

By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 29th December 2019

Today we see yet another FALSE-FLAG attack this time in Monsey, New York City against a devil Rabbi’s home and a Synagogue of Satan.  This was created to supposedly justify [no-speak-title-contract] the Executive Order recently created by Donald Trump (shabbos goyim) protecting the Jews.  Trump talks about a Constitution he knows hasn’t existed since the third quarter of the 19th Century.  Trump will continue to cover this up when it suits his scam of ‘make America great again’ (America hasn’t existed since July 1st 1875 and Trump has never lived in America or even been an American.  Trump is a vessel and the chief-executive-officer [no-contract] of the United [no-citizen] States [speak-tally-contract] of America [no-mercy-for the-sheep] Corporation [dead-location-contract] and he serves the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal [small-contract] Service and their Postmaster General).  This Executive Order utilises Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act [no].  This particular Executive Order cannot hinder your freedom of thought/speech but you can bet your-bottom-dollar that in the future this is where all this will be climaxing.

U.S. President [no-simulation-contract] Donald Trump signs [simulation] an Executive Order [no-contract] combating anti-Semitism at a Hanukkah reception [no-ju/dge-contract] at the White House in Washington {Little Rome} on December 11, 2019. (Official [no-contract] White House photo)A lot of awakening employees (vessels/citizen chattel property [no-man-contract] who think they’re American people) of the U.S Postal Service (dominates all land, air and sea in the USA Corp) were in uproar about this Executive Order.  Christians who voted for Trump are now tired of him putting Jews and Israel first.  Those Christians who see through the Ziochristian scam are now tired of real Christians being milked and slaughtered by the Talmudic and Zohar Jews.  So you’ll notice that the media is claiming there has been around fourteen anti-Semitic (Semitic means Arabs not Jewish religious followers of Israel) incidents this month in New York City.  Regardless whether that figure is true or not, you have to ask why there hasn’t been any true media coverage of those events?  This is because genuine vessels (dead souls/employees of the U.S.P.S) were behind the so-called attacks.  The genuine vessels are angered by the true mindset and actions [no-contract] of these Jews.  The media will only cover well the system’s own engineered false flags designed to program the minds (super-computers) of the vessel employee slaves.  For example in Britain the media will never speak about the French yellow vest protests and the harsh police brutality even against the French fire brigade.  Now when it comes to protests and brutality in Hong Kong then it’s a different story and all the data gets broadcasted.  The constant broadcasting serves as a method to help demonise and provoke China.  The difference being that the French protests are a genuine peoples’ revolution whilst in Hong Kong this is an engineered event run by the USA Corp and the UK Plc.

Two weeks after the Trump signing (simulation of life since he’s a dead vessel/corpse) of the Executive Order we now have this attack against Jews.  This attack will now be used to help enforce in the mind the need for Trump’s recent Executive Order.  What’s at the core of all this is yet another attempt to put up a massive protection bubble around both the Sabbatean Frankist (Menes-heh) and Orthodox Jews.  Many vessels are very angry at how their illusionary rights are now taken away from them and who’s leading this police state.  The vessels are now treated as dirt just like what happened in Germany before the National Socialist Party.  The National Socialist Party of Germany saved the region and made it thrive again for twelve years until the Jewish holy war committed some horrendous acts (a real holocaust of white German Christians in Dresden etc) to win World War II utilising Rothschild-blooded Winston Churchill (crypto-Jew).  The awakened ones get angry as they start to find out the troubles stem from this racist and evil tribe who detests them and wishes them as slaves for milking before then being slaughtered.  So now the Jews are panicking and trying to protect their interests [no-earth-contract] by using censorship (communism) and a police state.  In the coming weeks and months you can expect a lot more of this type of nonsense occurring across the USA Corp where Jews are densely populated such as New York City.

This was a machete attack so the Jesuit-trained gun-grabbing (Jewish Communism) State Governor Andrew Cuomo (Communist Party of the USA aka Democratic Party) cannot blame firearms.  The next target after firearms will be the knives so expect the Jewish owned Walmart to at some point in the future start banning the sale of certain knives similar to recent actions taken out in the British (slave-land) supermarkets.  The Jews will turn the West into Communist China with everyone using chopsticks to prevent any types of weapons being used against them for all their vile actions [no-contract] and evil agendas against the mass humanity.  Once all the electronic surveillance and AI weapons are in place then the Jews will let you know there hasn’t been a Constitution.  The United Nations World Police will seize all the firearms and there wont be a damn thing you can do about it because you delayed a revolution based on both illusion and denial.

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