Oprah is a Pedophile Herself IMO Promoting Paedophilia For the Cabal Owned Media & Cabal Are ALL PEDOPHILES-They Finance Only Pedophiles Into Top Slots in Hollywood and D.C.

Comment: From two unnameable sources, both insiders, in DC and HW the bar to promotion in DC and media is that you have to be a pedophile and have sex with a minor. If you don’t do this and CIA doesn’t have you on tape (thus blackmailable) you WILL NOT be promoted. This is the Bar one source told me you have to go over to be President and it’s the same in HW. Jewish Zionist Mafia has created these stds. The same cabal that finances HW movies finances our political campaigns.


Oprah Says “Child Molesters Make Children Feel Good”


Comment: What Oprah ignores is that the children are SO damaged for life and turn to drug addiction and alcoholism. Why? If being with a Pedophile feels so good do they need to block memories with drugs & alcohol? I think she is not only a SELL Out-Political Media Prostitute but a Greedy LIAR as well. She promotes Pedophilia.

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When will humanity begin seeing these billionaire celebrities for who they really are?

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Comment: Oprah hides the fact that she sneaks over to the Satanically controlled Hornby Island in British Columbia in Bill Gates yacht claimed a resident who fled Hornby Island afraid for her safety.

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