Trump declares war on Big Pharma – and now they’re trying to kill him-Looks Like Trump Propaganda LOL-See No Evidence LOL

Mike AdamsPresident Trump has now declared war on Big Pharma and the industry’s malicious monopoly price fixing.Trump is fighting for us. And because of that, they’re desperately trying to kill him.See the full story here.Also today, we’ve issued an urgent action bulletin based on multiple intel sources. Prepare for all-out war against the “Luciferians,” which is the Satan-worshiping, child-trafficking, anti-Christian Democrat leaders who are carrying out acts of treason against this nation (and all of humanity).The time has come to prepare to fight for our future. The battle is here, and the demonic forces are willing to try anything as they are rooted out, exposed and destroyed.See the full details of the warning here.P.S. If you haven’t yet downloaded our 9-hour audio book and PDF files called the “Global Reset Survival Guide,” the direct download link is here.Get the files now and save them on your local device. In case the internet kill switch is activated, you will always have these files.
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A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico claims that a majority of Americans support forced muzzling under the penalty of fines or jail time in order to placate their own fears about catching …Seattle is set to implode in a cauldron of violence and lawlessness as lunatic Leftists seek to abolish police and jails
What’s the best way to destroy the civil society? If you answered something to the effect of, ‘Get rid of all deterrents to crime and unrest,’ you’d be correct. Humans are, by our very nature, …Being fat doubles your risk of dying from coronavirus, study claims
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One thing most Americans can agree on: Congress hasn’t done much to improve our lives of late because the vast majority of leadership in both chambers have been there for decades and have learned …Terror vax – Realistic vaccine predictions for the near future — Part III of III
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A study published in the journal Earth-Science Reviews found that lava tubes larger than those on Earth might be lurking beneath the surfaces of the Moon and Mars. According to researchers from …Williamson County Sheriff’s Office used SWAT team to raid a house for reality show
The reality show Live PD, which follows police officers around as they go on patrol, has been accused of crossing several ethical boundaries in order to get dramatic footage. In this case, …Twitter censors Trump interview on coronavirus — but not Chinese misinformation
Twitter censored a video clip of President Trump’s recent interview on Fox & Friends alleging that the clip spread misinformation about the Wuhan coronavirus — yet has consistently failed to …Tips on building pocket survival kits
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