The Scamdemic is a Power Grab and a Military Operation


I think there is enough evidence to conclude that we are not just being scammed by some fake pandemic, they are running a military operation that leads to a world wide police state.  Freedom has been lost, they are waging war on us and it is becoming doubtful that any election will take place this November.  The public is going to figure this out soon, and that is when the real panic starts.

COVID-1984: ‘A Global 9/11’ to Inaugurate a Global Security Superstate


A Scamdemic and Staged Panic

Contrived to Lock Down Planet Earth,

Divide and Conquer Nations,
and Enslave Humanity

“Just like the state-sponsored 9/11 false flag operation was used
to create the American National Security State, COVID-1984 is
being carried out to foist a Global Security Superstate on the entire planetary civilization as a precursor to a One World Government. 

Every single move made by the New World Order globalist cabal during the execution of this staged pandemic and global psyop has been planned well in advance. That’s because COVID-1984 represents the culmination of 100 years of biowarfare waged against the human race. It’s not just a depopulation bioweapon
as the 1918 Spanish flu was.

Watch every twist and turn of this classic Problem~Reaction~Solution operation, especially as it’s
falsely reported by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media. Clock every
NWO outcome, both big and small, as each piece fits perfectly
into the pre-planned COVID-1984 puzzle. That’s why it’s been
memed the “Plandemic” … as well as a “Scamdemic”.

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

Scamdemic – How a Lock Step, Authoritarian, Top Down Control System Is Being Imposed on the World

Another day in the post-corona world and more people are in lockdown than ever before.

After India went into lockdown this week, one-third of the world’s population is now officially under Covid-19 lockdown.

And in the US things are really starting to roll out swiftly with President Donald Trump just yesterday making an announcement stating that he’s considering locking down the entire state of New York as well as the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

But the craziness in New York and New England doesn’t end there…

In the small state of Rhode Island to the east of Connecticut, the state police have been ordered to begin going door-to-door “hunting down” refuge seekers from New York and making sure they obey the 14-day self-quarantine order they’re supposed to follow after traveling.

Hunting down? Sounds nice.

Based on the number of military vehicles being rolled out across the USSA, things do appear rather grim for Amerikans up ahead.

But all this has been years in the making. Just ask the “KILLanthropists” at the Rockefeller Institute.

Back in 2010, the Institute came up with a plan they called “Lockstep” in which they talk about how an influenza strain would be used to impose more “authoritarian” top-down control on governments and the world.

A quote from their ideal “lockstep” scenario goes as follows:

“[They want] a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”

Every person has trillions of these little DNA packs called viruses in their body all the time. If you tested people with no symptoms many will come up positive for coronavirus as the test is flawed. If you die in the hospital they tally the death to coronavirus as they are told to do by the staff as they get bonus money for every death.

Not just that, they raided old folks homes and took them to the NYC hospitals and executed them by lethal injection.  Factor that into your understanding of Trump’s secret plan for us.  Trump is a massive psyop, he has the public fooled, he is implementing the total overthrow of the republic while X-22 report and David Wilcock cheer him on.

Mike Pompeo said it was a drill that went live. It is a bit to coincidental that the meltdown deflationary bust is happening right when the plandemic is rolled out. In order to make this real they needed to manipulate the statistics, they need dead people stacked up like cordwood.

So if you understand the bloody insane monster called the state then it is very believable that a woman who was injected in a New York hospital sent a message to her loved ones that she was being murdered by lethal injection.  That is totally believable, because that is what the state does when it is bankrupt.

“The COVID-19 Bullshit: Absolute BOMBSHELL Report Shows That Hospitals Are Purposely Murdering Coronavirus “Victims” Just To Meet Their “COVID-19 Pandemic” Death Numbers!”

" NEW YORK.- A woman from the Dominican Republic infected with Covid-19 left a voice message before dying, in a New York hospital. She stated that they are killing the sick with an injection that they give them to get rid of them quickly.

Gertrudis Taveras, a native of Santo Domingo, lived in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with the coronavirus, so she was admitted to a hospital where she died.

Before she died, the 49-year-old woman sent a voice message to a relative of hers, who is also her compadre, in which she states that all the patients who were with her died after being injected.

In the message, in a tearful voice, Gertrudis explains that she was also injected and shows resignation, because she knew that she would die like the others who were confined with her in that hospital.

The audio was posted on social media by the victim's cousin's husband, who calls on people with relatives in New York hospitals to be vigilant about how their relatives die."

This is the audio of the Spanish speaking Gertrudis phone call:Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

We knew the stock bubble was going to burst. It did, and the virus scamdemic is cover for the bust of Fed hyperinflation of asset values. It seems to me the criminally insane political class is using this pre-planned virus Agenda 201 exercise to hide their culpability for the bust.

see this: “Bombshell: Origin of Coronavirus Exposed – Dr. Rashid Buttar Ignites a Firestorm, Gates, Fauci, Fake Pandemic Numbers, Economy Collapses”

We have a very sick society where insane people who should be in mental institutions under 24 hour guard are allowed to rule over us. Dr. Fauci is personal friends with Bill Gates, who funds WHO which runs scams to get power and money. With billions of public funds at stake if they can get the public frightened by some media induced hobgoblin virus.

Bill Gates is the madman behind the massive Polio deaths in India, he should be arrested before he kills again, and his fortune should literally be seized and paid to the victims of vaccination plans.  Bill Gates has literally ruined the lives of tens of thousands of people while he profits from his scamdemics.

Bill Gates also thinks Global Warming is real and his solution (to this non-existent problem) is to reduce carbon to zero by reducing humans to zero. He even wants to blot out the sun with high atmosphere chem trail applications – but we are always told chemtrails are a conspiracy lol.

Well if we block the sun then earth will become a big ice ball and human pop will go to zero. For some reason people do not understand that we are still in an ice age, we never left the ice age, and CO2 concentrations have nothing to do with earth’s temperature balance. If we are at the end of the Holocene and obscure the sun it could be the last thing we do.

I like what David Icke says in this next video, there is no Covid, it is all made up, it is all a scam. His videos were purged from Youtube and Vimeo., Why? Because this powerful writer is telling us stuff that goes against the official narrative.

Vital videos for those watching David Icke’s London Real interview

Facebook has purged all doubters of the scam, they say that we can’t tolerate naysaysers during a real pandemic.  But it is not real, it is a scam by the tribe to takedown Amerika as Facebook, Google, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and President Trump are all tribe members.  Make no doubt about the real situation, Trump is committing baldfaced treason along with the rest of his Jewish staff.

I think this is all made up, it is all a scam. There is proof that it’s a scam as Sweden and Belarus are not in lockdown and nothing is happening except the normal toll from the seasonal flue. What I think is really going on is that we are at the end of the Federal Reserve induced monetary boom that is going bust and the politicians are scrambling to maintain control over us.

This One Official Chart PROVES The Covid Plandemic Panic Was Created By Media and Government

No One Will Ever Be Safe From Tyranny Again

by Zapoper (Mami’s Shit)Coronavirus [Operation CoVid-19]The utmost perfect tool to make people gone, from world leaders, to the homeless —From detainment, restrictions of rights & privileges, to being targeted for death,Coronavirus is the perfect cover story — let what you have seen, heard, and experienced, guide you in, as you read these two stories from Iran & Isreal, and learn how it is easy as, 1-2-3.Remember The Skripal poisonings, allegedly carried out by The Russians?It was an event that made no sense, and for those that are aware how it played out, from beginning, to… it hasn’t ended, is still lied about and is an ongoing ordeal.What’s my point?“Coronavirus”, and or, “CoVid-19”, whichever wording they care to use for the day, is an excellent cover to carry out just about anything that government,  law enforcement,  military, agencies of any kind, or even people with a motive/ grudge to bear, to use against anyone.They can detain you. Restrict your rights. Murder (assassinate) you and say you died of Coronavirus. They can kill anyone by any manner, and say that person died of Coronavirus.With the exception of being in a physical war itself, Operation CoVid-19 (Coronavirus) is the most perfect tool to make anyone disappear, and or, ‘die’, and all they have to say is, “Coronavirus”One can be secretly poisoned, if they’re higher profile. On the lower end, any means of death will.suffice, because who will know, and who will care, as the only, and or most eyes that will be on that person, or group, are close family members,yet how will these family member be any the wiser when their loved one/s is whisked away, stating “Coronavirus infection”, without legit testing, or anything other legit, outside of an accusation!!Perhaps not perfectly written and those reading this may be thinking that could, or would never happen, but yet what the frick! do you think has been happening, up and until now!? I imagine they’ve already taken out some peeps that they had targeted, or at least tried, including world “leaders”.

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