CoronaMania is a HOAX!

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!And the survey says —-CoronaMania is a HOAX!

The Real History Channel surveyed 1,257 respondents (mostly Americans but also Europeans, Canadians and Australians)– who in turn each know at least 30 people (conservative estimate) who in turn know at least another 25 other people. That gives us a random representative sample of almost 1 MILLION people within 2 degrees of separation of the original 1,257 survey respondents — more than enough to make a truly SCIENTIFIC statistical extrapolation.

We asked just two questions:

1. Do you PERSONALLY know anyone who has died due to CV?

2. Do you PERSONALLY know anyone who PERSONALLY knows someone that has died due CV?




*Using very conservative numbers of  relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, personal and online acquaintances etc.

(Level 1 = 30 Contacts / Level 2 = 25 Contacts) –
March 28 – March 29 / Final

A – Number of Survey Respondents: 1,257

B – Est. of  acquaintances (1,257 x 30): 37,710

C -Number of Deaths Personally Known: 3

D -2nd Level Contacts (37,710 x 25): 942,750

E- Deaths believed by 3rd Party Hearsay: 15

* Final Tally (B+D):

Out of  980,460 estimated extended contacts, only 18  (15 of which reported to us as hearsay!) — know of  (or think they know of ) a CV-related death — with most comments indicating the deceased had other health problems or was over 70 years of age.

Please Take our CoronaMania Survey
 Thank you to all who participated.
by Mike King


“I don’t know anyone who has died, but I do know of a few businesses that are dying.”

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