Florida Republican Convention Cancelled-Trump Run By JEWISH ZIONIST Sheldon Adelson

Trump Cancels Republican Convention Because of the Flu

By infostormer -July 24, 20201

Donald Trump has cancelled the Republican National Convention because lots and lots of people in Florida are catching the flu.

Even though major party conventions were never cancelled before because of the flu, we live in a new era now. This is an era where all decisions are based around the fear of germs and viruses along with ensuring the feelings of Negroes are not hurt.

So based on this new paradigm, I can absolutely see why Trump would cancel the convention. The majority of the American people are a bunch of pussies who think they are going to die of the flu if they step outside of their homes. Facts, statistics and logic do not matter to these people.

Trump should use this to his advantage and declare a dictatorship in the name of public safety. He could justify it by saying that he needed to seize power in order to keep the American people safe from the flu.

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