To Beat the Coronavirus Build Up Your Immune System

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Natural immunity to viral infection can ONLY develop when our bodies encounter respiratory viruses and build immunity to them naturally. Vaccines do NOT create natural immunity, they ATTEMPT to create an “artificial immune response” by stimulating antibody production in response to injected toxins.Vaccines MAY create some antibodies or they may not. Vaccines cause injury to the immune system when the injected “artificial” immunity collapses – leading to autism, MS, diabetes, cancer etc. from all the toxins in the needles. The vaccinated person is left far more vulnerable to infection because they never build natural immunity in the first place and probably can’t now that they are artificially compromised. This is one of the many lies of vaccine fraud. It hijacks your natural health. It fools people into believing that a quick fix is a better choice than building long term natural health and natural immunity.
Thousands of immune weak people die every year because they don’t have a strong enough immune systems. It’s completely normal for 10 people to die from a virus like Corona EVERY DAY because it’s a strain of influenza. It doesn’t matter what viral infection or toxin the immune-compromised person comes across, they die because their immune system has collapsed.The real cause OF DEATH is too many pharmaceutical drugs in seniors, poor diet, toxin exposure, glyphosate in food, decades of stress, unique disorders, vaccines etc that collapse the immune system. It’s not the influenza or measles or the Corona virus that kills them, it’s the fact their immune system can’t cope with ANY challenges whatsoever and this happens in every country. That’s why seniors homes are hit hard. The residents have abused immune systems.
Don’t stay away from people. To build your immune system, stop imposing Martial Law on yourself and others. Get off the couch, walk outside in the sun for an hour, garden, wash your car, run in the forest, pick up garbage from the shoreline or whatever – but do things that strengthen and build your natural immunity because that’s what protects you.Take Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Eat clean healthy food. Get lots of rest and sleep. Ditch the booze and the energy vampires in your life. Hug your children, family, friends. Declutter your home. Investing in your mental and physical health is the #1 tool to live a long happy life. Stay away from immune weak people but don’t stay away from people. That’s how we build natural immunity. Our immune systems are like superpower sonar systems that communicate with each other. We help each other fight infection by interacting. This is why the media scare is fraudulent.The media owned monopolies are fulfilling an agenda for their owners. They terrify people into self isolation instead of educating people about natural immunity. Drugs, medical devices, tests, scans etc is huge business for the Health industry, yet we get sicker and sicker. How is it possible that we are spending more money on “health” and getting sicker? Because this money is going to medical industry investments not to investments that build natural health. There’s no profit in natural health.Turn off your TV. It’s feeding you with immune-compromising fear. Fear is your immune system’s biggest enemy. Take time to breathe, to feel the inner energy of your body and connect with the energy of everything around you. Stay in the now.
Refuse the mandatory vaccine that the PLANDEMIC PLANNERS plan to unleash on the world population.Watch this video and learn about vaccine fraud. 
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Vitamin C Works for Sepsis. Will It Work for Coronavirus? research has demonstrated an intravenous protocol of vitamin C, hydrocortisone and vitamin B1 lowers mortality in septic pediatric patients.

Essential Nutrition to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus prevention, nutrition plays crucial role and several nutrients are known for their immune-boosting properties and ability to ward against viral infections.

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