The TrySexual Child Molestor (Is the Gay Lobby Making Deviance the Normal?)

Sexually Indiscriminate This pattern of behavior is the most difficult to define. Although the previously described Morally Indiscriminate offender often is a sexual experimenter, this individual differs in that he appears to be discriminating in his behavior except when it comes to sex. He is the “trysexuaY’-willing to try anything sexuaL Much of his behavior is similar to and is most often confused with the Preferential Child Molester . While he may have clearly defined paraphilic or sexual preferences-bondage or sadomasochism, etc.-however, he has no real sexual preference for children. His basic motivation is sexual experimentation, and he appears to have sex with children out of boredom. His main criteria for such children are that they are new and different, and he involves children in previously existing sexual activity. Again, it is important to realize that these children may be his own. Although much of his sexual activity with adults may not be criminal, such an individual may also provide his children to other adults as part of group sex, spouse-swapping activity, or even as part of some bizarre ritual. Of all Situational Child Molesters, he is by far the most likely to have multiple victims, be from a higher socioeconomic background, and collect pornography and erotica. Child pornography will only be a small portion of his potentially large and varied collection, however.

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