The Truth About China

Ron Wieczorek

18 mars kl. 08:05 ·

It’s time for a reality check – time to stop blowing BS -time for a NEW PARADIGM

As I see it: The West is quick to label China as “authoritarian”, a “human rights abuser,” an enemy of “peace and freedom,” and an opponent of “liberal democracy.”

But, who has the interests of its own people and the people of the world at heart?

In the US the poverty rate has hovered around 15% since LBJ’s “Great Society” reforms in the 1960s. In China the foremost national goal has been poverty alleviation which has reduced poverty from 85% to 5% in the same time.

In the US healthy life span is decreasing while in China it now surpasses the US where homelessness, opiate abuse and suicide are endemic.

In the US, UK and EU government leaders blithely predict hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to give their populations “herd immunity.” In China a whole society response defeated the virus with a relatively small lose of life.

The West will not acknowledge China’s success, no matter what. It will not give credit where credit is due. Its success is not because China is “authoritarian,” it is because China is a socialist nation that honors its millennia old culture. China is not a “human rights abuser,” in fact it has guaranteed the fundamental human rights of food, clothing, shelter, education, work and healthcare for its entire population of 1.4 billion, something the US with a fraction of the population and
resources cannot achieve.

China is not an “enemy of peace and freedom.” It supplies the world with face masks and medical supplies even while recovering from a major epidemic, while the US supplies the world with bombs and germ warfare.

And China is not an opponent of “liberal democracy,” it is a critic of a system that does not deliver the goods that China’s socialist system gives its people.

Simply put, the current world situation shows the superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics over capitalism with American characteristics. IT’S TIME TO RETURN TO THE AMERICAN SYSTEM.

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