Quantitative Easing Virus Threatens Millions of Lives!!! Federal Reserve is Enemy of American People!


Novel QE Virus Strikes Fed Governors, Threatens Hundreds of Millions

March 16 (EIRNS)—The Federal Reserve’s announcement of its new $700 billion “quantitative easing” (QE) bank bailout included the claim: “We are prepared to use our full range of tools to support the flow of credit to households and businesses.” That is exactly what the zero-rate, zero-bank-reserves, $40 billion-a-day QE will not do. As with what the Bush Administration wanted to do after the British pulled the plug on Lehman Brothers, the combined central banks’ wild dollar-printing will go exclusively to support collapsing financial speculation of all kinds in the American and European financial systems. The financial system is being pushed toward a hyperinflationary explosion.

Admin Comment: I have to make a comment here. The Bush’s were agents of the British Monarchy & Empire and represented them not us. Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush was even knighted by the Queen. Only Traitors are knighted by the queen. This overprinting of dollar will make our goods explode in price and our standard of living plunk like the Titanic but it does serve the interests of these Financial Scoundrels: City of London & Wall Street and does serve the interests of the British Monarchy & Empire who ALWAYS exploit others. After all, they were the original slave traders. British Monarchy are Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German Jewish bloodline and are descended from pirates. They murdered and schemed their way into the Monarchy and do not belong there.

Bush Is Knighted in Queen Elizabeth’s Court – Los Angeles …www.latimes.com › archives › la-xpm-1993-12-01-mn-62855-story

Dec 1, 1993 – Former President George Bush, a Texas Yankee in Queen Elizabeth’s court, was knighted at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. Bush joined a select group of American presidents, all Republicans, who have been knighted. … Like Ronald Reagan, Bush was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Most …

A serious deflationary shock has hit speculative financial assets throughout the trans-Atlantic and Japan, and many other locations, resulting in losses which are cascading because of reverse leverage, and a global dollar margin-call of immense size. The Fed’s response? Its Board of Governors evidently thinks it will stop this by buying every financial asset in the world. Beyond its novel QE and pouring hundreds of billions into the interbank lending market every day, it set up an agreement on large dollar swap-lines with other central banks, as in October 2008, because these collapsing assets require settling in dollars. These newly printed dollars are intended for banks and nonbanks all over Europe as well. As with a hundred such programs by central banks since 2008, the banks will still say there is a lack of demand for commercial loans. Businesses which do come in for loan largesse will either a) use it exclusively to pay off toxic debt or b) not have any use for it because of lack of demand for their production.

As of Monday, the manufacturing index of the New York Federal Reserve Banks’ General Business Conditions Survey for its district was typical. This “Empire manufacturing survey” fell from 12.9 positive in mid-February to −21.1 negative in mid-March, its lowest level since the start of 2009 after the 2008 global financial crash. The oil price has fallen by $3, or 10%, since the Fed’s latest eruption, more than undoing the effect of President Trump’s attempt to provide oil demand. Among the big airlines, Alitalia, which is bankrupt, was nationalized by Italy today, and will cost the government $600 million. Delta and Lufthansa Airlines have both asked for government aid. A general bailout of U.S. airlines appears to be on the agenda of Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Former FDIC head Sheila Bair said, in a MarketWatch interview yesterday, “They are throwing money in the wrong place…. Lowering interest rates to zero doesn’t help if businesses can’t pay their loans back and they don’t have cash flow…. We need to get help out there, especially to small businesses and people already losing their jobs.” As for demand, to “help businesses and households,” President Trump will create more anti-deflationary economic demand with his order to the Treasury to buy just $2-3 billion of oil for the Strategic Reserve, than the Fed with its $700 billion QE and trillions in liquidity.

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