Our Congress Discriminates Against the Poor; Attitude Seems to Be ‘Hurry Up and DIE’

Comment: Sabbatean Frankists/Zionists/British Empire & Minions bribe and control Congress. The policies are of killing us off. Billionaires and Trillionaires get the BIG Breaks in Taxes and Hand Outs while we who actually pay taxes get the crumbs. It is upside down.

Hillary Clinton Famously Said No One Liked Trump and Only Deplorables Voted For Him; Now States Same About Sanders


Comment: Look at the DONORS to these politicians and you will see who REALLY runs the show and look at donor’s agenda and the politician’s agenda…It is one and the same. Politicians represent their donors not you or I. We are Controlled by the ZIONIST MAFIA EMPIRE which includes British Monarchy, Rothschild Zionists, Dutch Monarchy, Zionist Wall Street, Zionist City of London and Secret Societies created and controlled by Zionists.

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