1 Million Illegal Aliens Expected: German Style Invasion


About Those “Caravans”: They’re Not Caravans

Camel caravan carrying salt in Africa’s Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Over 1M Illegal Aliens Expected to Arrive in U.S.: ‘Merkel-Style Disaster’

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The Central and South American “caravans” get a lot of press, but the reality is, they’re not “caravans”. These armies are trucked and bused in. It is indeed an “invasion” in every sense of the word and that is why President Trump states it, and why he is doing whatever is necessary to secure the southern border.

So much is massaged and manipulated by the media. The Human trafficking aspect alone is monumental and must be stopped.

The caravans of “dreamers” are a strategic effort by the New World Order to destroy Western civilization with arms, drugs, violence, and millions of new residents to bleed the system dry. They’re not dreamers, they’re invading armies and they’ve been coached as to what to say if asked by the media. Some are terrorists.

The latest figures reveal that in the United States currently, 23 million children live in poverty, and 46 million families are on food stamps. Veterans are not cared for and thousands live on the streets. There are people camped out in the desert near my home; some in trailers and campers, some in pup tents.

The mere mention of the impact on our supply of avocados is ludicrous. We’re talking about Human lives here. America is under attack. Avocados and other produce come from California, and other states, not only Mexico. We musn’t allow the media to spin the rhetoric and distract from the real issues.

How does anyone figure America is going to be home to millions of immigrants who don’t speak English, are sick, uneducated, and unemployed? Who is going to feed them?

They want a better life? They aren’t going to get it stateside and neither will Americans. The American people are not even looked after and it’s a huge problem that will take time to remedy.

The photo above of the camels is a caravan. This is NOT a caravan.

This isn’t rocket science, either. In the countries where the New World Order has forced migration there is terror and unrest. Many of the migrants bused in and dumped at America’s door are trained terrorists from Europe, the Middle East, Africa; Mexican cartel drug runners, arms dealers, murderers, and coyotes with Human cargo. Children. There is a special purpose for children we won’t get into here but it involves the sex trade—and worse.

The democrats are supporting the same plan in America and that is obvious to anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see. The propaganda opposing Trump’s mission to protect the country shows whose side everyone is on. Either you’re for America or against her.

The Clinton/Holder/Obama “Fast & Furious” initiative provided arms for the Mexican drug cartels. Who knows where all those guns wound up? Some no doubt found their way to the MS13 gangs in Central and South America.

The New World Order contingent hopes that if they send enough people all at once it will overwhelm the border security and the “invasion” will be successful. We had better hope they are not, or all manner of criminals will scatter like cockroaches into American society; undocumented, ticking time bombs.

Jim Stone‘s take:

Mother of all caravans on the way?

NOPE. It is not a caravan. If you want to know why I have never put pictures of these caravans on the site, it is because they do not exist. All that ever happens is they get a mob of hoaxters to storm the southern Mexican border, they walk for about 50 miles and then get on buses and trucks. Caravan?? MY @. These are fully transported invasions, not caravans.

The following video provides an overview of the border crisis as well as exploring possibilities for a long term “lights out” event with a burgeoning population of unprepared people. It’s an extreme view, but the illegal immigration aspect is spot on.  ~ BP

Breitbart News: Over 1M Illegal Aliens Expected To Arrive in U.S.: ‘Merkel-Style Disaster’

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