Time to Prepare For Highly Infectious Coronavirus (2% Death Rate But Higher Mortality in Asians)


By MsSophie | February 22, 2020 | Comments1 Comment

YOU HAVE 96 HOURS TO FINISH PREPARING. This Coming Week Will Be the LAST Normal Week on Earth -CoronavirusWorldNews Desk 22 February 2020 Hits: 11364

YOU HAVE 96 HOURS TO FINISH PREPARING.  This Coming Week Will Be the LAST Normal Week on Earth -Coronavirus


As of 2:00 PM Saturday, 22 February, 2020, you have ninety-six (96) hours left to get yourself and your family prepared for the panic, civil disorder, Quarantines, and God-only-knows what havoc, which is coming because of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus.   Beyond 96 Hours, things will get very bad, very fast.  Panic will set-in and life as most of us know it, will be drastically changed forever.


87 more cases announced in South Korea.

142 announced earlier, for a daily total of 229 new cases.

South Korea had 51 cases THREE DAYS AGO. Now they have 433.

This confirms the R0 > 6, and not the super-spreader theory.

There are NO super-spreaders. The virus is just off the roof contagious, and spreads extremely easily, with maximum efficiency, regardless of the incubation period, symptoms or not.

Every infected person spreads the virus in mere hours after contracting it.

The pandemic is out of control. It always was. Probably the reason why W.H.O. downplayed it, and all governments not doing anything to stop it…because IT CANNOT BE STOPPED.

We are approaching the end of the month, when hundreds of thousands of people will start presenting SERIOUS symptoms, and hospitals will be assaulted by patients.

It’s game over. Next week will be the last “normal” week on Earth.

Things will speed up this week, A LOT. Panic will start next week, in many places.

You have 96 Hours left to prepare . . . here’s why:


pparently, from Hal’s words below, we should expect a significant announcement Thursday afternoon. Kinda suspect this relates to UN “assistance” of our military/martial law. They announced a couple weeks back they were readying and coming…and then went silent. Doubt they changed their mind…Kathy

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