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Bernie Would be bad for the Banks & Oil Companies but Entirely Into Bad Green New Deal

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2.4.20 – Gold’s Next Rally to Target $1,900Gold last traded at $1,556 an ounce. Silver at $17.61 an ounce.NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices fell back Tuesday on profit-taking and a firmer dollar. U.S. stocks rebounded as the market recovered from a steep sell-off sparked by worries over the coronavirus.Gold prices have formed a bottom; expect the next rally to target $1,900 –Kitco
“Gold prices have been consolidating for a few months already, and the next breakout could take prices to 2011 highs of $1,923, this according to Peter Reznicek, head trader at shadowtrader.net. ‘For me, the target just has to be the prior all-time high in 2011. I’m just looking at the $1,923 level, that would be fine, and then reassess the situation from there,’ Reznicek told Kitco News. Gold prices have been trading between $1,500 and $1,600 for quite some time, but Reznicek said that this consolidating movement is a very bullish sign. ‘I like gold, I’m a long-term bull, I have been a long-term bull for quite some time. The way that I like to look at gold is simply to keep the technicals on as long of a time frame as possible, so for me, I always go out to the monthly and I trade gold contracts, ETFs, and options as well according to those monthlies,’ he said. He added that since 2000, the market has been in a long-term uptrend that has just developed a bottom.”U.S. dollar could be dethroned internationally by digital currency –Washington Times
“Why is the USD used as the primary reserve currency by most countries – including non-allies such as China and Russia? The USD is the primary clearing currency for international transactions and investment. The answer is simple: The USD is a better store of value, unit of account, and medium of exchange (that is, money) than any other major country’s currency….This gives the U.S. government enormous power to control the actions of other governments, businesses and individuals….The global market is what decides which currency is the best international currency. The Chinese have been particularly keen to make their currency a global currency and have set up banks in foreign countries where China has aid or investment programs to operate with the Chinese yuan rather than the USD….There is a growing belief that cryptocurrencies are going to serve as the money of the future, and, in fact, some governments like Singapore are experimenting with the idea. But government-sponsored cryptocurrencies will suffer the same problem that existing government currencies have, and that is because governments have proven that over time they debase the money and overregulate its use. Private cryptocurrencies with commodity backing are the wave of the future now that the invention of the blockchain has solved the double-spending (counterfeiting) problem….King dollar is unlikely to be killed by another competing government money, but most likely by digital technology – which should make the world both freer and more prosperous.”China’s Economic Contagion –Wall Street Journal
“Some of President Trump’s advisers may want to wall off the U.S. and China into separate spheres of influence, but the novel coronavirus is showing the futility of economic quarantines. Like it or not, the Chinese and world economies sniffle and cough together. Commodities prices sank on Monday amid news that the coronavirus and resulting economic contagion are spreading. U.S. crude oil prices have fallen 20% over the last three weeks as Chinese oil demand is expected to fall by two million barrels a day and global economic growth forecasts have plunged. Copper is down 13%, and iron and steel prices have tumbled. More than 20,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide – an eight-fold increase over the last week – and experts say hundreds of thousands may not yet have been diagnosed. Two dozen or so countries have reported cases, and many have restricted travel from China to limit the contagion. Companies are evacuating employees from China. U.S. manufacturers such as Ford, Apple and Tesla have temporarily halted production. One-sixth of Apple sales and nearly half of chip-maker Qualcomm’s revenues come from China. So do 80% of active ingredients used by drug-makers to produce finished medicines. Because China is the world’s largest manufacturer and an enormous consumer market, the economic freeze will disrupt supply chains and reduce corporate earnings. China’s GDP growth was already almost certainly lower than the official figure of 6%, and it is likely to fall by a third or more.”Bracing for Bernie: Why Sanders could be a nightmare for Wall Street –Egan/CNN
“Bernie Sanders winning the White House would be Wall Street’s worst political nightmare. Investors famously hate uncertainty. And it’s hard to imagine something that would cause more uncertainty to the capitalist system than electing a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who is calling for a political revolution. Sanders wants to ban oil and gas fracking, break up big banks and institute a wealth tax. That’s why Wall Street could feel the Bern – and not in a good way – if Sanders wins big in the Iowa caucuses and continues that momentum through Super Tuesday. Investors would be forced to confront the reality that Sanders, once seen as a long-shot candidate, could win the 2020 election….Jeff Gundlach, the billionaire investor who correctly predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, similarly warned Wall Street last month of a looming Sanders ‘scare’ for markets. Sanders has surged in the polls throughout January and is now viewed as the odds-on favorite to win the nomination by users on prediction market PredictIt. Sanders now has a 46% chance of winning the nomination, up from 18% in early December. The next closest Democrat is Joe Biden, with 27%, according to PredictIt….’The billionaire class is scared and they should be scared,’ Sanders wrote on his Instagram page last month. Sanders vowed to ‘end the greed’ of various industries, including Wall Street, insurance and fossil fuels. ‘We’re prepared to be their worst nightmare and stand up for the working families of this country,’ he wrote….Trump is viewed as the best-case scenario for Wall Street in 2020.”

Friend of We Are Change,

The system failed.

Can you believe that?

Just as Bernie Sanders was going to win…

And pick up momentum and a bump in the polls…

Two of the vote counting systems failed.

And because of “quality control” we don’t know who won the Iowa Caucus.

In today’s important video, I break down this screw job for you.

Who among the Democrats had the most to win?

Who had the most to lose?

And why was the media playing along with Pete Buttigieg’s victory proclamation… when there were no results?

Plus I give you the latest Jeffrey Epstein and Coronavirus news.

And finally reveal to you my take on the probable cause of the virus.
 As another rigged Democratic selection process unfolds, now is the time tostylishly represent your discontent with the political system.

There is no better way to do so than by being like the guy below…

And getting our “Nobody 2020” shirt

A Little After 5 Minutes About Bernie

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