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  • NATO in Death Throes, as UN COP25 Declares War on Sole Means for Survival, LaRouche’s Four Powers
  • Democrats Just Can’t Get It Straight on Impeachment
  • Climate Death Cult COP25 Gathers in Madrid; UN’s Guterres Tells Four Powers To Embrace Genocide
  • Physicist Happer Dubs COP25 an ‘Environmental Cult’ To Discuss ‘Nonexistent Climate Emergency’
  • Congress Accelerates Drive To Stop Trump’s China Negotiations, Provoke War With China
  • Four Leading Ukrainian Nazis Are Now in Hong Kong To Support Their Fellow Terrorists
  • U.S. and Chinese Generals Emphasize the Necessity To Maintain Stable Military Ties
  • German Industry Meets Putin, Wants End to Anti-Russia Sanctions
  • Macron Seeks End to ‘Frozen Conflicts,’ Argues for NATO Partnership With Russia
  • Groundbreaking Inland Railway Project Geared To Boost Queensland’s Economy
  • Parker Solar Probe’s New Discoveries


NATO in Death Throes, as UN COP25 Declares War on Sole Means for Survival, LaRouche’s Four Powers

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—The crumbling NATO alliance showed its true colors over the past two days in London. The closing press conference of the heads of state was cancelled when President Donald Trump said he would not attend. Knowledgeable sources in the U.K. report that French President Emmanuel Macron left the meeting enraged. The heads of state spent most of the time attacking each other, while Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a “final communiqué” which tried to cover up the disintegration with platitudes, while blaming Russia for the breakdown in dialogue with NATO, and warned, for the first time, that China’s rise must be countered by a united NATO.

The only important action to come out of the meetings was President Trump’s declaration that he and the American people firmly support establishing friendly relations with Russia, and that he supported the efforts of Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. This statement was carried Wednesday in the EIR Alert Service, but a search of the internet today shows that the only other location to find this historic assertion was the White House transcript of the press conference where it was said. The American people are subject to a level of censorship that cannot be overstated. This is further demonstrated by the fact that the social media platforms are taking down any report including the name of the fake whistleblower who was put up to launch the current “Phase Three” of the attempted coup against the President of the United States, even though there is no law that whistleblowers are assured anonymity.

In Spain, where the Satanic COP25 (UN Convention on Climate Change) is taking place, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Opening Ceremony that there must be no new coal power plants in the world, and that existing plants must be quickly closed—a prescription for genocide in Africa and elsewhere. But what he said next captures both the insanity and the extreme danger of the ruling elite: “I’m convinced that Europe will be in a position to negotiate with China, with India, with the United States, with Russia in a way that will allow all to understand that this must be a collective effort and that they all will have to correct their policies in order to be able to drastically reduce the emissions.”

This is a declaration of economic warfare against the very world powers which Lyndon LaRouche identified as the minimum necessary combination, the “Four Powers,” capable of replacing the bankrupt British Empire, and to launch the necessary new credit system required to fuel a global economic transformation, in the spirit of the New Silk Road. Guterres is essentially declaring that the “international community” (their euphemism for the dying British Empire) will go to war to prevent these four great nations and cultures from leading the world out of the current road to Hell, and to create a world which restores the dignity of Mankind.

The current acting Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez told the COP25 that “only a handful of fanatics deny the evidence” of catastrophic climate change threatening civilization. Meanwhile, a large number of these “fanatics”—in fact some of the leading scientists in the world—were meeting in Madrid to counter the actual fanatics at COP25. William Happer, the renowned physicist who once headed the Princeton physics department and now promotes the CO2 Coalition, told the gathered scientists that COP25 was a “cult” meeting, not a scientific forum. “We have a climate crusade,” he said. “This is not science, this is religion. Crusades have a bad way of ending. Typically many, many people are hurt, no good is done, a few cynical opportunists profit and most people pay the price, and the same thing will happen with the climate crusade if we permit it to go forward, and I pray that we can stop it before it does too much damage.”

The U.S. Congress, meanwhile, is hell-bent on sabotaging President Trump’s intention to forge world peace and development together with Russia and China. After passing the provocative Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act last week, openly aligning the U.S. Congress with the violent Jacobin gangs burning down the city and killing those in their way, the House on Dec. 3 passed the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act, demanding that Trump name Chinese leaders, for sanctions, who are responsible for the camps in Xinjiang which are providing a year of vocational training and education to the youth who are otherwise being subjected to terrorist propaganda. These are the same Members of Congress, voting 407-1, who dealt with the terrorist threats to the U.S. in a very different manner than education—i.e., bombing several nations back to the stone age, killing millions and driving millions more into refugee camps. The education method works—there have been no terrorist incidents in China in three years, and the Xinjiang economy is growing rapidly—while the “bomb and kill” method does not, as witnessed by the utter chaos in Iraq and Libya.

Stopping the coup against the President; ending the endless wars; restoring peace through development; restoring Hamiltonian credit and banking policies; and establishing a New Bretton Woods financial system: these are all one process, as LaRouche demonstrated through his statecraft. Now is the moment of truth for our civilization.


Democrats Just Can’t Get It Straight on Impeachment

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—Yesterday, in a press conference following release of the Democrats’ 300-page report motivating impeachment proceedings, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) coyly announced that he hasn’t yet decided whether he supports impeaching President Donald Trump, the Daily Caller reported today.

He told CNN’s Manu Raju that he’s “going to reserve any kind of a public judgment on that until I have a chance to consult with my colleagues, with our leadership, and I think this really needs to be a decision that we all make as a body.” Could it be that Democrats “as a body” don’t all agree that impeachment is wise, or that it will produce Schiff’s desired result?

In short order, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN that she hasn’t yet decided, either, whether House Democrats will impeach Trump, and won’t do so until the Judiciary Committee holds its hearings. “Sources” told the Washington Examiner that she won’t commit to any timeframe. One of her senior staffers, Chad Pergram, told Fox News that it’s not likely the House can vote on impeachment before Christmas, because “it’s too complex” to do it so quickly.

The Gateway Pundit maintains that many Democrats are panicking, and are now quietly debating expanding impeachment articles beyond the Ukraine issue, going back to the discredited Mueller report, because they realize their narrative isn’t selling the public on impeachment. Gateway Pundit also states, as has been reported elsewhere, there is internal debate, “as red-state Dems push back against impeachment and want to keep the investigation focused only on Ukraine rather than roll out the stale Mueller report.” Pelosi reportedly doesn’t have the votes right now to move forward with a full impeachment vote, and that’s why she’ll drag the whole process into 2020.

Signalling this nervousness, Rep. Eric Swallwell (D-CA), the former presidential pre-candidate, who had loudly proclaimed his support for impeachment a few months ago, is now singing a different tune. After Schiff made his “undecided” comment, above, Swallwell yesterday answered “no” to a question on whether he’s decided that the President should be impeached.

Climate Death Cult COP25 Gathers in Madrid; UN’s Guterres Tells Four Powers To Embrace Genocide

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—Former Trump Administration climate science adviserWilliam Happer has appropriately referred to the COP25 summit currently meeting in Madrid as an “environmental cult,” gathered to discuss a “nonexistent climate emergency,” as we report in this issue. Representatives of 200 nations attending the Dec. 2-13 conference, kicked off the first session by pledging to carry out a “green revolution.” Child-abuse victim Greta Thunberg has just arrived in Lisbon from her trans-Atlantic sailing voyage, and is expected to arrive in Madrid shortly.

But it was UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who set the tone for this macabre event when he announced how very disappointed he was in efforts made to cut greenhouse emissions, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

“Do we really want to be remembered as the generation that buried its head in the sand?” He urged country delegates not to take “the path of surrender” in dealing with climate change.

Guterres went on to attack countries for their reliance on coal production. “Our strong recommendation is for countries to think seriously before building new coal power plants and for those that can do it to start phasing out the old ones,” he said. After expressing optimism that Europe can lead the way for climate reform, because it had just taken the bold move of declaring a climate emergency, Guterres zeroed in on the four main powers—Russia, China, the United States, and India—which Lyndon LaRouche said should form the basis for a New Bretton Woods system.

Guterres said, “I’m convinced that Europe will be in a position to negotiate with China, with India, with the United States, with Russia in a way that will allow all to understand that this must be a collective effort and that they all will have to correct their policies in order to be able to drastically reduce the emissions” (emphasis added).

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a spectacle of herself, telling reporters that she agreed with Guterres’ sentiments, and that leaders should “stick with the science” when it comes to climate change. Voice of America News reported her boasting that several Democrat-led congressional committees are working on separate parts of what would be a broad climate-change plan.

“This climate action plan will be an extraordinary opportunity to really invest in the clean energy economy,” Pelosi said. “For future generations. This is a mission, this is a passion, this is a scientifically-based approach, to all. We are here to say to you, on behalf of the House of Representatives to the Congress of the United States, we are still in it. We are still in it,” said Pelosi.

Other leaders who chose to drink the Kool Aid were Poland’s new climate minister—recall that Poland is one of Europe’s major coal producers and depends on fossil fuels for 80% of its energy—who said his goal is to redouble efforts to cut carbon gas emissions and develop new clean energy sources. Spain’s interim Prime Minister Socialist Pedro Sanchez, attacked the so-called climate deniers, saying that “only a handful of fanatics deny the evidence.”

Physicist Happer Dubs COP25 an ‘Environmental Cult’ To Discuss ‘Nonexistent Climate Emergency’

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—William Happer, former Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Emerging Technologies on the National Security Council and former head of the Physics Department at Princeton, was the keynote speaker at the Heartland Institute’s conference in Madrid, Dec. 2, “Rebutting the UN’s Climate Delusion.” He wasted no words at the outset, stating that those attending the COP25 summit in the same city were members of an “environmental cult” gathered to debate a “nonexistent climate emergency.”

“It’s hard to understand how much further the shrillness can go, as this started out as global warming, then it was climate change or global weirding, climate crisis, climate emergency—what next? But stick around; it will happen. I hope sooner or later enough people recognize the holiness of this bizarre environmental cult and bring it to an end.” Happer said, “We have a climate crusade … this is not science. It’s a religion.” And remember, he said, “crusades have a bad way of ending. Typically many, many people are hurt, no good is done, but a few cynical opportunists profit and most people pay the price. The same thing will happen with the climate crusade if we permit it to go forward, and I pray that we can stop it before it does too much damage.”

As reported by E&ENews, Happer also discussed why he left his NSC position, observing that President Trump was very open to getting “some more rationality into climate policies…. Personally, he feels very strongly that way,” but “many of the people in the White House who advise him are nervous about the political implications of that.” At the NSC, Happer had intended to set up two opposing teams—a red team and a blue team—to review the accuracy of climate science, but his proposal was rejected, he said, by “brainwashed” White House officials. These same advisers refused to alter, or were too frightened to question, the alarmist 2018 National Climate Assessment which gave credence to climate pseudo-science.

Happer said that if President Trump is re-elected, it’s possible that the “red team idea” could resurface. And, he added, that, were Trump re-elected, he’d advise him to slash funding for climate science. There’s too much government funding going into this area, he said, “with the understanding that the results of the search have to reinforce the narrative that there is a crisis.”

Congress Accelerates Drive To Stop Trump’s China Negotiations, Provoke War with China

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—A week after passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act almost unanimously, which forced President Donald Trump to sign it or face an almost certain override to his veto (although he also include “signing statements” which made it clear he would not act on it), the House has escalated the war drive by passing, 407-1, the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019, which condemns China for the camps established in Xinjiang to provide vocational training and education for the Uighur youth who have been subjected to terrorist propaganda. The bill forces Trump to come up with the names of Chinese officials responsible for the program, to then impose sanctions. The Party Secretary of Xinjiang Chen Quanguo, a member of the Politburo, is specifically named in the bill to be sanctioned. The Senate passed a similar bill in September. After reconciling the two bills it will go to the President’s desk, where Trump will once again face either signing it (probably with signing statements), or vetoing it with a nearly certain override in the Congress, or not signing, in which case it would usually become law after 10 days.

Rep. Chris Smith called the camps “cultural genocide,” while Sen. Bob Menendez called them “barbaric and abhorrent.” Nancy Pelosi called them an “outrage to the collective conscience of the world.” What do these upstanding citizens call the wars on Iraq, Libya and Syria?

China has responded with mounting anger at these provocations. The Foreign Ministry today condemned the move saying the bill “wantonly smears China’s efforts to eliminate and combat extremism…. We urge the U.S. to immediately correct its mistake, to stop the above bill on Xinjiang from becoming law, to stop using Xinjiang as a way to interfere in China’s domestic affairs.”

As EIR has repeatedly shown, including a report on a visit to the facilities by EIR representative Christine Bierre from France, the camps have served the dual purpose of providing education on Chinese language and civics, while Muslim scholars correct the terrorists’ subversion of Islamic teachings which many of them have been subjected to. Vocation training prepares them for jobs in the rapidly expanding economy, where Xinjiang has become the hub for the Silk Road Economic Belt.

There have been no new terrorist incidents in Xinjiang for three years. Compare that to the British methods of counter-terror implemented by Bush and Obama—mass murder of mostly civilians in countries which were in fact anti-terrorism, leaving the targetted nations more under the control of terrorists than before the destruction, as seen in Iraq and Libya, and attempted in Syria until Russia stepped in.


Four Leading Ukrainian Nazis Are Now in Hong Kong To Support Their Fellow Terrorists

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—The world press is full of pictures posted by four infamous Ukrainian Nazis which they posted on their social media accounts, posing with black-clad Chinese rioters in front of the PLA building in Hong Kong, the Polytech University, and riot police. The pictures display their multiple Nazi swastika tattoos and other white-supremacist symbols. Ben Norton of Grayzone, an associate of founder Max Blumenthal, published a detailed report on these characters’ sordid background.

All of them fought with the overtly-fascist Azov Battalion in the early years after the 2014 Obama-backed coup against the elected government. Their special roles:

 Serhii Filimonov, former head of the National Corps, the political branch of Azov Battalion.

 Ihor Maliar, who led the first violent attack on police lines during the Maidan revolt, who trains recruits in the use of firearms.

 Serhii Sternenko, who, according to Sputnik, “headed the Odessa section of Right Sector when it torched the Trade Unions House on May 2, 2014, killing 42 people and injuring hundreds in the street violence before and after. Sternenko also helped found the People’s Lustration fascist gang, which harassed, beat up and humiliated former officials of the Ukrainian government in the months following the 2014 Euromaidan coup.”

The group are part of Gonor Group. The “Free Hong Kong Center” in Kiev, funded by the Liberal Democratic League (which is funded by the EU), issued a statement saying they interviewed the Gonor Group about who they are, who “assured us they are really against Nazism and another kind of alt-right ideology. Their views are close to the right and very pro-Ukrainian, but it does not mean something bad. A lot of people were disappointed by the tattoos of these guys. They explained that all symbols are from Slavic paganism, traditionally used in the times of Kyiv Rus…. These people are really activists of the Revolution of Dignity and as well as veterans of the defending war with Russia.” No one here except us chickens.

U.S. and Chinese Generals Emphasize the Necessity To Maintain Stable Military Ties

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley spoke by phone with the People’s Liberation Army Chief of the Joint Staff Department Gen. Li Zuocheng. “The two military leaders both agreed on the value of a productive dialogue, effectively managing differences, and cooperation on areas of common ground,” a U.S. military statement said, U.S. News & World Report wrote.  The two generals also promised to create “an opportunity to discuss building a constructive and results-oriented defense relationship,” it said. The conversation between Milley and Li was not their first. The pair met in Beijing in 2016 when they were both heads of their respective armies.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, an unnamed source close to the PLA’s Joint Staff Department said the conversation between the two “means military ties between the PLA and their American counterparts will remain stable even though [China] banned American warships and aircraft from making port visits in Hong Kong. … The ban on port calls is just a diplomatic and political gesture to pacify the Chinese public after Trump signed the Hong Kong bill. The PLA doesn’t really want to fight with the Americans,” the source said.

The telephone call was initiated on Dec. 3, a day after Beijing announced on Dec. 2 it was blocking visits to Hong Kong by U.S. warships and aircraft in response to President Donald Trump signing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law.


German Industry Meets Putin, Wants End to Anti-Russia Sanctions

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—On Nov. 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin will receive leading officials of about 20 leading German industrial companies in Sochi, for a relaxed and “pragmatic” discussion about the present state and future development of bilateral economic relations.

On the eve of that meeting, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce had published an opinion poll with 11 enterprises and 144,000 employees that are active in Russia. The poll shows that German entrepreneurs are looking with optimism into 2020, with one-third of firms planning to increase their investments in Russia. Direct German investments were €3.26 billion in 2018—the highest level since 2008. German exports to Russia increased by 2.5% during the first nine months of 2019, but are still below the record year of 2012.

Some 93% of entrepreneurs wish an end to the Russia sanctions, 69% believe that with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, an improvement of Russian-Ukrainian relations is possible, maybe already in 2020. A first positive step in that direction may be a good discussion between Putin and Zelensky in Paris on Dec. 9, on the sidelines of the Normandy Four session.

The sanctions against Russia have also had an accompanying effect regarding. the role of the Chinese industry, which has replaced Germany as exporter of machines last year, and Chinese-Russian trade has become twice as large as bilateral trade between Russia and Germany, reported Sputnik.


Macron Seeks End to ‘Frozen Conflicts,’ Argues for NATO Partnership with Russia

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—French President Emmanuel Macron made the case for the need for a partnership with Russia, at the NATO Summit in London.

“There are issues of ‘frozen conflicts,’ other disagreements that divide us,” Macron said. “However, Russia is a neighbor and partner in the resolution of several international issues.”

Macron called for “determining the spheres of mutual interest. This is needed in order to build what I describe as a new architecture of trust and security.”

Macron also called for progress in resolving the Ukrainian conflict. “I hope that we can make progress in the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.”

The French President also urged for Europe to take part in creating a new treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces and join the agreement. He told a press conference after talks with U.S. President Donald Trump in London, “After the INF [Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces] Treaty ended, we need to build a new foundation for security. We need to understand what our relations with Russia will be like. I want negotiations to continue. Europe hopes that its opinion will be taken into account when drafting a new treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces, and that Europe will become part of this treaty,” Macron said.

“We need to ensure Europe’s security, and I am thinking about those near the Russian borders—those who are not covered by the INF Treaty, so that they are not vulnerable in the face of Russian weapons,” Macron stated. He said that this situation will be discussed at a session with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Groundbreaking Inland Railway Project Geared To Boost Queensland’s Economy

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—The governments of Australia and Queensland signed a groundbreaking agreement to deliver the Inland Rail corridor, connecting Brisbane to Melbourne, New South Wales, without passing through Sydney and Canberra. “The bilateral agreement is backed by the Federal Government’s AU$9.3 billion commitment to deliver Inland Rail and is part of the broader AU$25 billion commitment we’ve made to road and rail projects across Queensland since coming to government in 2013,” said Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Railway Pro reported.

The agreement was immediately hailed by the Queenslanders. “Inland Rail will bring 7,200 jobs to Queensland and a boost of AU$7 billion [US$4.7 billion] to the state’s economy.  The delivery of Inland Rail in Queensland is a huge win for the state, providing jobs and opportunities to communities. This deal will see us work with the Federal Government on business cases for passenger rail services from Salisbury to Beaudesert, Brisbane to Toowoomba, and a dedicated rail freight line to the Port of Brisbane,” Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey said.

In Queensland, Inland Rail is implemented under five projects which envisage the construction of five double-track rail sections totaling 275 km and the upgrade of 125 km of existing tracks.


Parker Solar Probe’s New Discoveries

Dec. 4 (EIRNS)—The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) mission team presented exciting new discoveries today that the Probe has made, in its mission to “touch the Sun.” This was via a media teleconference, with additional articles and documentation to follow in coming days. The PSP is on a nearly seven-year mission, and has completed nearly 3 of its 24 planned orbits. This is the first such conference held by NASA to discuss these findings of this mission so far.

The discoveries include:

 New dynamics of the solar wind: As seen from Earth, the solar wind appears to be a somewhat smooth, steady stream of charged particles and magnetic fields, with occasional turbulence. However, what the PSP found is that the stream of particles sometimes makes quick reversals in the magnetic fields, and then suddenly releases faster-moving jets of particles, making the solar wind close to the Sun extremely turbulent. These reversals—rapid flips in the magnetic field, such that it makes an almost 180° rotation in a whip-like motion, have been dubbed “switchbacks.” Waves in the solar wind have been observed for decades, but the mission scientists were surprised that “we were not expecting to see them organize into these coherent structured velocity spikes,” in the words of one investigator.

 The solar wind rotates: Again, from our vantage point on Earth, the solar wind appears to emanate in straight lines out from the Sun. Although it’s been known for a long time that the corona rotates with the Sun, the PSP was able to detect the point at which the solar wind transitions from rotational action to begin streaming out radially; this transition point happens significantly farther out than expected. The Probe was able to orbit within the corona, and the strength of its circulation was greater than any scientist predicted.

A dust-free zone: Cosmic dust is pervasive throughout the universe, but mission investigators had predicted a dust-free zone near the Sun. For the first time in history, this zone was imaged by the instruments on the PSP. This dust cloud begins to thin at around 7 million miles from the Sun, and is expected to disappear altogether at around 4 million miles. The dust is vaporized and dispersed by the Sun’s heat; the PSP will dip to less than 4 million miles from the surface of the Sun in one of its last scheduled orbits.

 Mini-solar flares: In addition to the huge flares shot out from the Sun, the PSP was able to detect many “mini-flares” of high-energy charged particles. These are so small, that they disperse long before reaching Earth; this is the first time they’ve been observed.

Understanding the Sun and its dynamics are crucial for protecting astronauts in space, understanding how these dynamics affect Earth weather, and how to better protect our infrastructure. The PSP can be expected to reveal more startling discoveries as the mission progresses.

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