Action! Pelosi Supports Globalists Slave/Elite Unions!

Contact Congress About The USMCA
 We are less than four days away from the House of Representatives voting on the USMCA. The Senate may wait until after the impeachment trial for a vote, but even that can quickly change. So we should work as though our time is short!

Please continue to call, visit, email and tweet members of Congress (especially in their home district offices) and call, tweet, and email the DC congressional office. As we stated in this newsletter years ago, congressmen have told us that 50 phone calls to their office attracts their attention, which is something we can easily do for every Congressional district.

Calling and Twitter messages are very effective, so let’s crank up those efforts before the holidays overtake us! Click here for an easy way to look up their Twitter addresses.

The videos below are our most up-to-date material regarding the USMCA. JBS Research Project Manager Christian Gomez has also recently put together an updated USMCA article, a YouTube video, and an updated USMCA Issues Index.

Please share these and get others to take action, too. we must absolutely stop the next step toward the North American Union (NAU). 

Time is running out, so please contact Congress today! Contact Congress Today!
Nancy Pelosi. (NBC Screengrab)

Pelosi Exposes Herself as Apologist for Genocide, Unfit To Discuss Impeachment of President Trump

In a reversal of her earlier position against impeaching President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now insisting the House of Representatives file impeachment charges against the President for alleged abuse of power. She claims, in spite of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s assertion that there was no quid pro quo making military aid conditional on the investigation of Joe Biden (which aid has been delivered, without the investigation): “The facts are uncontested. The President abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national…READ MORE

Comment: When Pelosi opens her mouth it’s the Globalist Banksters speaking. She doesn’t have $100 million net worth on a less than $200,000 salary for nothing! Bribes under the table can be the only way she is so wealthy. Taxpayers were stupid for voting her in or else the voting process is so crooked in CA she could’ve been placed into position.


Democrats Announce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

infostormer – December 10, 20191The Jewish hoax continues.

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