2014 Maidan Was U.S .-British Fascist COUP

The World Must Finally Acknowledge That the 2014 Maidan Was a U.S.-British Controlled Fascist Coup

Ukraine 2014

November 20 – The continuing British coup attempt against the President of the United States, now in phase three — a fake impeachment investigation — can and must be crushed. To do so, it is not enough to show that there was no wrongdoing in President Donald Trump’s relations with Ukraine, nor even that the former government of Ukraine was involved in the desperate effort, led by the U.K.’s MI6, to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election to stop Trump from becoming President, and the subsequent effort to remove him. These are important steps, and some of the Republican members of Congress, especially Devin Nunes, are doing important work to expose that reality.

But to succeed, the far more important truth about the 2014 Maidan revolt in Kiev must be acknowledged, by the American political leadership and leaders around the world. That truth was fully exposed in the February 2017 report by EIR, “How Obama and Soros Put Actual Nazis in Power in Ukraine.”READ MORE

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