Forced Vaccinations For the Slaves

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Thanks to modern medical dependence and the lack of informed consent, the average person’s physical immunity to disease and sickness is not what it used to be, and not how you might think.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Del Bigtree, the Emmy-award winning producer and controversial anti-vaccination advocate. Del’s passion for health freedom is what led him down the anarchist “rabbit-hole” and I’m happy to have him on our side of the good fight.

For Anarchast episode 474, Bigtree and I tackled “forced injections by the government.”

While the topic of vaccinations can obviously be contentious, even within the anarchist movement itself, because of the science, health and related issues involved, I hope you have an open mind for what Del has to say, since he definitely backs up his points with legitimate research and facts.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Bigtree’s work, the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was actually recently banned from Amazon, as well as from Facebook, Vimeo and all mainstream social media platforms at the behest of one of the biggest enemies within the state, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Like many anarchists, Del found this censorship alarming, but also encouraging in a way. After all, when the establishment attempts to suppress information, it usually means plenty of folks are interested and the official narrative is losing — the people are seeking the truth and the truth will set us free.

As Bigtree points out, this could be one of the final death throes of the old order of power and the anti-vax movement is undoubtedly an important part of that pertinent fight.

My fascinating conversation with Del is certainly wide-ranging beyond just mandatory vaccines, but his ideas should hit home with most freethinkers — I mean, why in the world would we trust the government to hire big pharmaceutical companies to inject toxic foreign substances into our babies’ bodies?

As Del notes, the big pharma lobby has a record of outspending the fossil fuel companies by 2 to 1 in American politics and has been trying to control us (while also ripping us off) by means of centralized regulations for decades.

After all, why is big pharma the most influential industry in the world? Perhaps because their power begins with drugging everyone at birth!

Our interview covers everything from autism, asthma, and persecution of anti-vaxxers, to making medical television with The Doctors, and the absence of placebo trials in testing.

We also discussed questioning authority and trusting intuition, natural law, Bill Gates and depopulation, and the myth of lifelong and herd immunity.

Check out the full show HERE:

As a former self-described liberal and now a voluntarist, Del debates whether vaccines are healthy or harmful and asks if we should be alarmed about injections affecting the continuation of our species.

As usual, this pervasive scheme is all about keeping the masses dependent on the system.

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