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  • Once Again, The Purloined Letter
  • ‘Moderate’ Bloomberg Is the Climate Extremist Foe of Trump
  • Trump and Turkey’s Erdogan Have White House Meeting, Runs Overtime
  • Trump Rakes ‘Horrible, Horrible, Destructive’ Paris Accords
  • Ihor Kolomoisky Affirms, Impeachment Circus Is ‘War Against Russia, to the Last Ukrainian’
  • Russia To Put Hypersonic ‘Avangard’ on ‘Experimental’ Combat Duty
  • LaRouche Movement Hits Green Fascism Hard in South Africa and Europe
  • One, Two Space Powers Envision Earth-Moon Economic Zone: Three, Four?


Once Again, The Purloined Letter

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—While we could go into detail about the kabuki theater in the House impeachment farce Wednesday, it is better to invoke, once again, Edgar Allan Poe’s “Purloined Letter” principle. Both George Kent and William Taylor, who testified, are cold-blooded cold warriors whose views, attitudes, and incompetence threaten the peace of this world. We have posted their résumés on LaRouche PAC’s website along with the absolute evil for which they should be held accountable. But both “sides,” Republicans and Democrats, characterized these résumés as “sterling.” The Democrats, formerly saner on issues of war and peace, played up the Taylor and Kent résumés as if the witnesses were war heroes rather than pin-striped ideologues from a very foggy bottom.

In their opening statements, both presented a completely false picture of a Ukraine, united in battle against a Russian enemy with, they claimed, boots and tanks on the ground. These do not exist. George Kent, the far more characteristic of the two, snarling in his arrogant bow-tied wannabe elite demeanor, went so far as to repeatedly draw analogies between the American Revolution and the British/U.S. coup d’état in Ukraine which installed a government at neo-Nazi bayonet point, a government which then proceeded to conduct an anti-Russian ethnic cleansing in the East of the country, in Donbas.

Kent outrageously mischaracterized the OUN-B participants in the Ukraine coup and the instigators of ethnic cleansing in the Donbas as follows: “They formed volunteer battalions of citizens, including technology professionals and medics. They crowd-sourced funding for their own weapons, body armor, and supplies. They were the 21st century Ukrainian equivalent of our own Minutemen in 1776, buying time for the regular army to reconstitute…. [He is describing here the actual actions of Alexandra and Irena Chalupa and CrowdStrike’s Dmitri Alperovitch in the joint British-American operation known as Digital Maidan and the neo-Nazis they commandeered, such as the Azov Battalion. Rep. Adam Schiff has censored Alexandra Chalupa’s name along with that of the whistleblower out of all of the transcripts of witness testimony.]

“By analogy, the American colonies may not have prevailed against British imperial might without help from transatlantic friends after 1776. In an echo of Lafayette’s organized assistance to General George Washington’s army and Admiral John Paul Jones’ navy, Congress has generously appropriated over $1.5 billion over the past five years in desperately needed train and equip security assistance to Ukraine. These funds increase Ukraine’s strength and ability to fight Russian aggression. Ultimately, Ukraine is on a path to become a full security partner of the United States within NATO.”

Kent then went on to defend three of his colleagues who have testified against the President in Adam Schiff’s bunker, former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and Dr. Fiona Hill, against what he said were “personal attacks” directed at them. He stated: “They are the 21st-century heirs of two giants of 20th-century national security who were born abroad: my former professor Zbigniew Brzezinski and his fellow immigrant Henry Kissinger. Like the Brzezinskis and Kissingers, the Yovanovitches and Vindmans fled Nazi and communist oppression to contribute to a more secure America.”

This hyperbolic statement is true and false. Marie Yovanovitch grew up in Canada, her parents having fled the Soviet Union and the Nazis in the wake of World War II. Vindman grew up in Little Odessa, in Brooklyn, his father having immigrated from Soviet Ukraine after his mother’s death. The characterization of their views as echoing the two people who destroyed America’s honor in the world and slaughtered thousands, Brzezinski and Kissinger, is most apt. (Dr. Hill was born and grew up in Great Britain. Kent made no mention of her emigration.)

Finally, Kent said, the purpose of the $1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine proffered by the U.S. Congress over the past five years, Kent said, is meant “ultimately, [to put] Ukraine on a path to become a full security partner of the United States in NATO.” This is the British/State Department position on Ukraine and that of its former puppet Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Saner heads in Europe and elsewhere recognize that this provocation may be the final straw for Putin and Russia as NATO expansion puts into questions Russia’s ability to defend itself.

All of the above, critical in any sane assessment of these witnesses, went right past the Congressional interlocutors on the Republican side who stuck to the dumb, stupid partisan pragmatic point that Trump was tougher on Russia in terms of Ukraine than Obama who only provided “meals ready to eat” (MREs) and blankets.

Ambassador Taylor kept detailed notes of all of his interactions with what he referred to as “Trump’s irregular channel,” Giuliani, Ambassador Gordon Sondland, and Ambassador Kurt Volker. But somehow, it was only last Friday, Nov. 8, after this testimony had been on the agenda for months, that a member of Taylor’s staff informed him that he—the staff member with super Vulcan-like ears—had overheard a conversation on a cellphone being conducted between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Sondland. One day after the transcribed Trump-Zelensky call of July 25th, on July 26th, the President was allegedly talking loud enough to be overheard on a cell phone, a cell phone presumably being held to the ear of Ambassador Sondland, asking, if the Ukrainians were going to go forward with the “investigations.” Sondland responded, yes. The staff member with super ears then asked Sondland what the President wanted from Ukraine. Sondland allegedly responded that Trump was more concerned with the Bidens than Ukraine.

“Poof”—this is the creation out of whole cloth which the Democrats and the media are having an orgasm about in the wake of the testimony today. A Quo of sorts to finally answer the so-called Quid, since, as the Republicans repeatedly emphasized, the aid was delivered without any conditions or any investigations of the Bidens or Ukrainian interference in the election. It was also delivered without Ukrainian President Zelensky complaining of any pressure whatsoever. This fabricated piece of nonsense represents a change in legal theory for the Democrats who now are claiming that President Trump attempted but did not complete a bribe. Thought crimes are the province of totalitarian regimes, not our constitutional republic.

Otherwise, Taylor, who is supposed to be a Ukraine expert, confirmed that he did not know about: The January 2017 Politico article which detailed Alexandra Chalupa’s recruitment of Ukrainian intelligence officials, journalists, and private intelligence operatives in activities directed at the Trump campaign; the editorial written by Washington’s Ukrainian Ambassador against candidate Trump; the activities of the State Department-funded Ukrainian anti-corruption bureau, NABU, in the fake Paul Manafort black ledger affair; or the social media activities of several Ukrainian officials attacking candidate Trump. He said that since he appeared in Schiff’s bunker in the House for his Star Chamber initial testimony, he had researched it, and found out that candidate Trump had suggested that he would let Russia stay in Crimea. Taylor seemed largely absent mentally, inviting comparison by many to Robert Mueller’s disastrous July appearance before the same committee.

The Republicans continued to gingerly paint the Taylor and Kent testimony for what it was, the residue of a monumental policy fight as to who sets foreign policy—the President or the life-long unelected experts cultivated by British intelligence. But Rep. Devin Nunes provided a powerful opening statement. The late evening commentary shows that the needle did not apparently move in either direction based on Wednesday’s proceeding.


‘Moderate’ Bloomberg Is the Climate Extremist Foe of Trump

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—When President Donald Trump bluntly denounced the Paris Climate Accord on Tuesday in New York, he was standing up against his presidential challenger from London, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Having adverted himself as a “moderate” Democrat, Bloomberg is actually the most extreme climate-change fanatic candidate as well as the wealthiest, and the only British oligarch to run for the American Presidency since Aaron Burr. Though unelectable, he is running in order to boost his stated “Beyond Carbon” campaign to shut down all coal-fired and oil-fired power production in the United States—let alone nuclear reactors—leaving the country to freeze and starve in the dark when the finicky wind turbine gears and solar panels ice over.

Back when Bloomberg’s positions had him living in colonial New York City, the LaRouche Political Action Committee created a stir there by portraying him as “Mousolini”—he shares policies with the Italian Fascist dictator, but his chin is British.

In addition to residing now in London, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action Bloomberg this year became the top United Nations official in charge of preventing investment in fossil fuels worldwide. In January, he asked by UN Secretary General Guterres to form the private-sector Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI) to “facilitate the private financing objectives included in the landmark Paris Agreement.” That Paris Accord of 2015, and subsequent UN conferences on it, have demanded that every country cut its use of coal and oil for all purposes, by 50% or more by 2030. Bloomberg is more fanatic than that: As he boasted to the UN Climate Action Summit in September, his “Beyond Carbon” campaign has already closed half the coal-fired power plants in the United States, and will close the rest of them before 2030.

He doesn’t do this population-wrecking work alone. Just in this Climate Finance Initiative which he runs with his Bloomberg LP Vice Chair Mary Schapiro, Michael Bloomberg is joined by the CEO of the world’s biggest and historically most criminal bank, HSBC’s John Flint; as well as the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Macquarie Bank, Allianz Global Investors—a London crew right out of Charles Dickens. And Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is his partner in the central bank division of the global green new deal, the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TFCD). LaRouche PAC exposed TFCD in its mass-circulation pamphlet, “ ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy: Designed by Wall Street and the City of London.”

Bloomberg is mass murder’s candidate for President, far more radical than the likes of Sanders and Warren, far more determined to see Trump removed, and ready to spend $500 million on Democrats all over the country to see that happen.

Trump and Turkey’s Erdogan Have White House Meeting, Runs Overtime

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—The meeting at the White House between President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went about an hour longer than scheduled, but Trump stressed with reporters afterwards that Turkey is a vital ally of America, a vital part of NATO, and is key to U.S. military trade because it buys American equipment through the Foreign Military Sales program and contributes to U.S. defense programs. Trump called Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system a “serious challenge,” which the two Presidents discussed today. He reported that he and Erdogan have agreed that America and Turkish foreign ministers and national security advisers work on resolving the S-400 issue. The U.S.-Turkish alliance can be a force for peace and stability in the world, Trump said.

Erdogan, for his part, called their talks “comprehensive and sincere,” and said that Turkey is determined to open a new page in U.S.-Turkish relations. He said that he and Trump have a mutual understanding on countering terrorism, that Turkey is committed to the Oct. 17 U.S.-Turkish agreement on removing the once U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG militia from the Syrian border—he considers it allied to the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Turkey—but that certain parties are trying to “dynamite” the U.S.-Turkish relationship in this regard. On the F-35/S-400 issue, Erdogan said that “only dialogue can help us overcome this test.” In that context, he said that Turkey is willing to purchase the American Patriot air defense system as long as Turkish conditions are met.

Before turningto take reporters’ questions, Trump stated that five Republican Senators, Jim Risch of Idaho, Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rick Scott of Florida, and Joni Ernst of Iowa, attended the meeting with Erdogan by invitation. “We had a frank discussion,” Trump said.

Prior to Erdogan’s arrival at the White House, the Washington Post reported that Trump had sent a letter to the Turkish head of state, last week, proposing that with continued adherence to ceasefire along the Syrian border, sanctions over the S-400 purchase could be avoided and a trade deal between the countries could be agreed upon. This “infuriates” Congressional Democrats says the Post, quoting a particularly vituperative Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland saying that this was “absolutely shameful.”


Trump Rakes ‘Horrible, Horrible, Destructive’ Paris Accords

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump, addressing the Economic Club of New York yesterday, explained his decisions to not sign the 2015 Paris Climate Accords, and to repeal the Obama-era “Clean Waters of the United States” rule, as measures not in the interest of the American people.

The President told New York’s financial elite:

“We stopped the radical crusade to dismantle U.S. energy production and empower rogue regimes.  We withdrew from the one-sided, horrible, horrible, economically unfair, ‘close your businesses down within three years,’ ‘don’t frack, don’t drill, we don’t want any energy’—the horrible Paris Climate Accord that killed American jobs and shielded foreign polluters.  It was a disaster for this country.  Ask them, ‘How are they doing in Paris with your Paris Accord?’  Not too good.

“And I will tell you, when I signed—that was another one—Clean Waters of the United States—well, the Paris Accord, too—and I said, ‘This is going to take guts.’  I just closed my eyes and I signed it.  (Laughter.)  I got one day of a big hit from some of the radical-left newspapers.  And then after that, everybody thanks me.  They thank me so profusely.  You’re talking about trillions and trillions of dollars of destruction would have been done to our country with the Paris Climate Accord.”


Ihor Kolomoisky Affirms, Impeachment Circus Is ‘War against Russia, to the Last Ukrainian’

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—In an interview which may have made the New York Times very uncomfortable about their role in impeaching President Donald Trump, Ukrainian “oligarch” Ihor Kolomoisky said that the impeachment attempt is “a last straw,” pushing Ukraine toward resuming its traditional alliance with Russia. Kolomoisky is viewed internationally as President Volodymyr Zelensky’s primary political backer. Six years ago, he became governor of Dnipropetrovsk and funded and armed his own militia to fight pro-Russian activists in the Donbas region. But by now “He has had a change of heart,” the Times admits.

Kolomoisky named prominent State Department witnesses against Trump in the impeachment circus, each as having demanded his removal from influence in Zelensky’s Ukraine as a quid pro quo for U.S. aid. These included former senior Russia NSC director Fiona Hill; Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, who threatened Zelensky that Kolomoisky’s influence “could cause you to fail”; and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ambassador George D. Kent, who told Zelensky that breaking with Kolomoisky was “a litmus test.” The Times observed that the IMF is holding up loans to Ukraine until Kolomoisky is at least hit with very large fines over his previous ownership of Privatbank—which would force him back out of the country, a second time.

And the objective of all this, if it were U.S. policy? “War against Russia, to the last Ukrainian,” Kolomoisky said.

Rather, the “oligarch” now wants to improve relations with Russia, possibly even to the extent of a military alliance. “They’re stronger anyway. We have to improve our relations,” he said. “People want peace, a good life, they don’t want to be at war. And you are forcing us to be at war, and not even giving us the money for it.”

As for the investigations of corruption in Ukraine wanted by President Donald Trump, including of the Bidens, Kolomoisky told the Times that if he were Ukraine’s President, he would proceed with such probes. And if a Democrat then became U.S. President? “If they get smart with us, we’ll go to Russia.”

Russia To Put Hypersonic ‘Avangard’ on ‘Experimental’ Combat Duty

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—The Russian Strategic Missile Forces are reportedly moving ahead with the deployment of the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle. A source in the Russian defense industry told TASS yesterday that two UR-100N UTTKh ICBMs (NATO designation SS-19) will soon go on “experimental” combat duty equipped with Avangard vehicles.

“In late November—early December, two UR-100N UTTKh missiles equipped with the hypersonic glide vehicles from the first regiment of Avangard systems will assume experimental combat duty in the Dombarovsky division of the Strategic Missile Force,” the source said.

TASS observes that in October 2018 another source reported that the plan was that two Avangard regiments with six silo-based missiles each were due to assume combat duty in Russia.


LaRouche Movement Hits Green Fascism Hard in South Africa and Europe

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—With the fate of South Africa’s economy and people in the balance, LaRouche South Africa leader Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane struck hard yesterday for the future of nuclear and fusion power, and against British Malthusian plans for that country in a statement, headlined “Nuclear Energy Now and Fusion Later, or It’s Genocide.” Tsokolibane hits them with the “Four Laws” of Lyndon LaRouche, which require advanced nuclear fission and fusion, and space exploration “crash programs” as well as Glass-Steagall bank separation and Hamiltonian national banking for productive credit.

Tsokolibane and LaRouche South Africa there are working to defeat a British scheme, which would throw away tens of billions of dollars on shutting down coal-fired electric power to millions of people, while dooming nuclear power. Africa’s most technologically advanced country—one of the few with a national electricity distribution grid—would be completely impoverished by such a folly.

That British scheme has been rejected in South Africa’s government consideration so far, in a victory for sanity and human survival. South Africa’s Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe told his fellow African energy ministers the Nov. 4-8 “Africa Oil Week” in Cape Town: “Energy is the catalyst for growth. They even want to tell us to switch off all the coal-generated power stations…. You tell them, ‘You know we can do that, but you’ll breathe fresh air in the darkness.’ ”

Fully 600 people in Africa along have no access to electricity, whatsoever, and coal makes up 80% of the energy the continent does have. Tsokolibane wants not only to stop the crazy British-inspired anti-coal scheme—which was supposed to be South Africa’s genuflection to the global depopulation plan known as the Paris Climate Accord. He is also committed to the full development of nuclear power and advanced reactors, which South Africa is uniquely capable of doing, and to its contribution to breakthroughs to fusion power and plasma technologies for the future.

The LaRouche South Africa leader’s statement on this fight will appear in the Nov. 22 issue EIR.

At the same time the Schiller Institute in Europe, under Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s leadership, is organizing among farmer and industrial circles who are threatened with being smashed by the Paris Climate Accord mafia and the EU’s ban on economic cooperation with Russia and with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

European farmer demonstrations, showing outrage at low farm prices, environmentalist taxes and “anti-meat” campaigns, for instance by universities, are continuing later this week and through a Nov. 26 mass tractor protest in Berlin. The Schiller Institute’s leaflet in the demonstrations is “Defend the Common Good against Green EU Dictatorship and Financial Cartels!”


One, Two Space Powers Envision Earth-Moon Economic Zone: Three, Four?

Nov. 13 (EIRNS)—In its Nov. 5 issue, EIR Daily Alert reported that director of the Science and Technology Commission of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Bao Weimin, had proposed creation of an “Earth-Moon Space Economic Zone” which China could create by 2050, with a $10 trillion annual economic product by that time. One can only imagine the frontier scientific economic studies and observations, research and development, production of new materials and chemicals, mineral mining, fusion fuel mining and fusion power development, and other new technologies, production techniques and devices which will be developed in such a vast new “economic zone.”

Bao told an Oct. 29 seminar that he pledged to complete basic research and make a breakthrough on key technologies before 2030 and establish the transportation system by 2040.  By 2050, China could successfully establish an Earth-Moon space economic zone, he said.

But we have learned that the idea may have come as much as a decade or more ago from India, where the Indian Space Research Organization runs the most dynamic space program other than China’s. On Nov. 11 the Space Review, writing in “China’s Earth-Moon Economic Zone Venture,” reported that “More than a decade ago, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a scientist also known as the ‘Missile Man of India’ who was also the 11th President of India, articulated the concept of an Earth-Moon-Mars economy. His broad argument was that the Earth, Moon and Mars should be considered as single economic entity. At the 97th Indian Science Congress, which was hosted by the Indian Space Research Organization in January 2010. he said, ‘Scientists should start considering Earth, Moon and Mars as an economic complex for future habitat expansion of human beings.’ He made similar arguments at a seminar held at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in New Delhi in November 2007.”

The article, by IDSA’s Ajay Lele also expands about China’s idea. “From the Chinese side, this idea of economic zone was first announced during 2016, by Zhang Yulin, then deputy commander-in-chief of China’s human spaceflight program. Now, after three years, China has come out with a timeline for implementation of this project and it appears that those experts believe that it could become a reality.” Lele continues, “The idea appears to be brilliant on three counts: It would eventually make possible the settlement of the Moon, a dream of many; the technology innovation required for creating that economy could lead to an Industry 5.0; it would expand the concept of the space economy in a big way.”

As with great missions at scientific and industrial frontiers, creating the new infrastructure required is the key. Rapid and easy transportation, provision of new levels and qualities of power and of communications, will have to fill the entire Earth-Moon or Earth-Moon-Mars space. Here is the greatest of “great projects” mission for the United States and Russia—which has already been in discussions with China according to the Space Review—to join in taking up.

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