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It is now more important than ever that you are subscribed to this email list!YouTube is ratcheting up soft censorship — now under the guise of “taking pressure off creators.”I explain exactly what YouTube is doing in today’s video.Also in this latest news show, you learn about a Spanish company spying on Julian Assange 24/7 and then sending info on him to the CIA!! And the info on Assange also went to a man who happens to be Trump’s top donor!Likewise, I reveal a flashpoint coming up in the Hong Kong protests that is surely to anger China. And in France, the Yellow Vests protests are coming up on an anniversary. I plan to be reporting to you live on the ground in Paris for that!Lastly, we unpack some bizarre and concerning news related to China. Tainted bootleg vaping cartridges from China have been sickening Americans, and China has unveiled a new surveillance state cameraThis camera can identify every face in crowds of tens of thousands!!So do you think I should return to Hong Kong or is it too risky?
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