LaRouchePAC: Shut Down the Coup!

This is an urgent appeal to you to join LaRouchePAC in shutting down the coup against the President and the assault on the nation.

Over the next week, Members of Congress are in their districts and many of them are holding Town Hall meetings. 

We are calling on you to print the statement which we have just released, attend the Town Halls, leaflet your fellow constituents and challenge your Congressman to stop the coup against the President or face defeat in 2020.  Our leaflet, Joe Biden and Ukraine: A Corrupt, Dim-Witting Agent of British Intelligence, documents the full “Ukraine dossier” which not only implicates Joe Biden, but exposes the entire “coup apparatus.”

Click here for leaflet and to find Town Halls.

In October 1988, Lyndon LaRouche was subjected to a “rocket docket” which put him jail four months later. The same “rocket impeachment” is being deployed against the President by exactly the same forces, for exactly the same reason: to eliminate any person or policy who will challenge and defeat the British imperial system.

This has reached fever pitch because the financial system which serves that empire is about to blow. Trump must be eliminated before that happens because the banksters fear he will not save them, and instead will save you.

This is not about partisan politics, this is about the future of the nation and the planet.ACT NOW


LaRouchePAC Washington DC

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