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NY Times (Op-Ed): Making Companies Act When Government Won’t Investors and customers can make corporate America do more than the law requires on gun violence and global warming.  By The Editorial Board

REBUTTAL BYFrom high atop Marxist Manhattan’s Mendacity Factory often referred to as the “The Gray Lady,” the self-important “Editorial Board” of Sulzberger’s Slimes, headed by Andrew Rosenthal — that miserable little rodent behind the curtain who thinks he can shape the planet nearer to his dark heart — farts out a piece of totalitarian fecal matter with extremely dangerous implications for the future. Having been stymied and frustrated by a president and Congress which have “failed to act” on several cherished Globalist initiatives, the demonic serpents of the Left are advancing their relentless attack on liberty and sanity on a new front  — through the SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors)deluded females and gutless cowards of who now populate, and in a growing number of cases, dominate much of “Corporate America.”Sadly, Rosenthal, in summarizing the effectiveness and potential of this fiendishly clever scheme to essentially deputize the corporations as unelected / unaccountable / untouchable hitmen for the Leftist Mafia, is not exaggerating. Let’s review and analyze a few excerpts:   Manhattan’s Wizard of OZ is actually a pathetic little word-smith typing out from behind the curtain. Rosenrat: Investors and customers can make corporate America do more than the law requires on gun violence and global warming.Analysis: “Can make?” To “make” a company “do more” directly implies the use of force – albeit, in this case, financial and social force.Rosenfeces: After recent mass shootings, including one in a Walmart in El Paso, Walmart’s chief executive, Doug McMillon, announced that his company would stop selling ammunition for military-style assault rifles, remove handguns from stores in Alaska — the only Walmarts still carrying them — and ask armed people in open-carry states to stay out of its stores.Analysis: The intimidation of Walmart (now we know what the true purpose of that recent hoax shooting in Walmart was!) amounts to a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment – without technically violating the 2nd Amendment because it is a “private” entity that is restricting freedom, not the government. This same back-door totalitarian approach is what got so many books banned (including four from your favorite author here) from Amazon in 2017 and videos banned from Google / YouTube – outrageous assaults on freedom which, technically speaking, do not violate the 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech.Rosenvermin: “It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable,” Mr. McMillon said in a statement.Analysis: Mr. McMillon, you are a gutless pussy. Your $20 million annual compensation affords you unlimited armed protection which you would deny to your law-abiding customers in order to get a few vocal Communists like the obsessive Walmart-basher Bernie Sanders off your back.Rosenrectum: The leaders of 145 other big American companies, including Levi Strauss, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Bain Capital, published an open letter to the Senate last week pressing for new gun laws.Analysis: This is a truly disturbing development – and one that will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop by government action. How long will it be before banks stop lending or accepting deposits from gun manufacturers or “hate groups?” PayPal too has dumped yours truly.The Left will praise their new corporate partners-in-slime, while short-sighted “conservatives” and rigid losertarians will defend the rights of “private companies.”  How is it, all of a sudden, that Sulzberger’s Slimes is in now favor of corporate participation in the realm of culture and politics?   1. McMillon of Walmart. One can smell the scent of urinated underwear just by looking at this empty suit of a man. // 2. If McMillon actually believes that scum like Bolshevik Bernie will leave Walmart alone now, he is sadly mistaken. // 3. Brainwashed during youth, the rising crop of Corporate Commies are becoming an unelected branch of the Federal government..
Rosenpoop: “Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis,” they said, “is simply unacceptable.”Analysis: Idiotic platitude. Ya wanna drop the murder rate and curb the mayhem? How about reintroducing daily prayer and moral instruction in the schools? How about publicly executing some of the worst of the worst as a “Sicilian Message” to the criminal element of society? How about censoring the soul-rotting filth gushing out of the sewer pipes of Hollyweird and the “music” industry? Guns don’t kill people. Cultural Marxism / liberalism kills people.Rosencommie: On a wide range of issues, including gun safety, environmental sustainability and the treatment of workers, corporations have lately been making a point of doing more than they are required to do by law.Analysis: Unfortunately, ‘The Editorial Board” is right. This trend is spreading like a cancer – partially because brainwashed and libtarded Generation X and Millennial morons are reaching upper tiers of management now, and partly because so many mushy-minded females and money-minded beta males haven’t got the stuff to to tell the vocal Left to go blank themselves.Rosenpiss: In some cases …. companies are under pressure from customers and shareholders …Analysis: “Under pressure” is a euphemism for organized harassment. And the more that these corporate clowns and cowards give in, the more aggressive the gun-grabbbing, homosexual, environmentalist Left will become. I think it was Lenin who once quipped: “The capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them with.”*The rest of the editorial talks about how many companies, anticipating that a future president will start regulating again, are implementing useless and expensive (our adjectives) environmental and social regs on their own. An astonishing 1,200 American companies have already signed up with an international “non-profit” called “B Lab.” Modeled after the prestigious UL (Underwriters Laboratories) seal of approval, the “B” stamp stands for “Beneficial.” B-Lab’s shakedown operation consists of auditing and certifying companies based on “social and environmental policies.”And here’s the kicker — B-Lab boasts of its “partnership” with the United Nations!     Is your company B-Lab / UN certified, comrade? The Marxist European Union, meanwhile, now requires investment funds to disclose environmental risks in investments.Rosenskunk closes out his thinly veiled mobster threat against business: “The best surety for corporate conduct is for investors and customers to keep their eyes on the long run, aligning market incentives with public welfare.”Translation: Trump is temporary. Do what the Left demands, or we’ll hit you in the bottom line when he’s gone.   Typical Corporate Board: 1950’s /// Typical Corporate Board of today. *  Some of the child eco-warriors spawned by Ted Turner’s “Captain Planet” cartoon during the 1990’s are all grown up now — and sitting in board rooms of major ‘B Lab Approved” corporations! * Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that many socially woke corporations are, independent of government, taking bold actions on gun control and global warming. Boobus Americanus 2: Guns, bad. … CO2, bad. 
St. Sugar: Boobuss 1, sstupid…. Boobuss 2, even sstupider. Editor: Yet they think they are smart.
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